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June 2020 Car of the Month - paynemw

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    June 2020 Car of the Month - paynemw

    ***Editors Note: Ive been following this thread for a while and was excited to jump at the chance to showcase his car with the new wheels. Timing worked out and great and now he's Car of the Month for June. Congrats to paynemw for being R3vlimiteds June 2020 Car of the Month***

    March 1987 BMW 325is

    Build Thread :

    Factory options:
    LSD, Premium Sound (everything else deleted)

    Schwarz I with red pin stripes

    Interior color:
    Bison & Black but PO spray painted everything black :(

    Engine modifications:
    SPECE30 M20b25 internals, OEM Fuel Management, 19lb Injectors. Crank Scrapper, Baffled Oil Pan, rebuilt AFM and 173 ECU

    Ireland Engineering Shorty Headers, and who cares exhaust set up. I don't like anything after the headers.

    Originally an Auto. Manual swapped, 17lb lightened M20b25 flywheel, AKG Motorsport Stage II shifter, DTM Selector Rod

    Stock 3.73 LSD

    H&R Sport Springs, Koni Shocks. Powerflex bushings, drop hats.

    Reinforced front subframe, H&R Adjustable Sway bars front & rear, Z3 Short Ratio Steering Column with power steering intact, Alumninum & Dehlrin Steering Column bushings, Garagistic Strut Bars front & rear, revshift trans & engine mounts.

    Track/AutoCross set up: Rota Grid Classics 15x8 ET10 with Falken Azenis RT615K RF in 205/50ZR15. Street Setup are E34 Style 5's filled and drilled with 205/50R15 Hankooks. I shortened the Bimmerworld wheel studs and some tuner lugs to run the Style 5's and still work on the Rota Grid Classics.

    Exterior modifications:
    Euro Bumper conversion, Hella Headlight conversion, Z3 Antenna Conversion, LED lightbulb conversion. Additional Trunk with adjustable duck bill style spoiler for track days. Additional Hood with heat extraction vents for track days.

    Interior modifications:
    Manual Window Conversion, LD Corbeau recliners, 13-button delete, Full Cruise Control Delete, Full Door Harness Delete, MKAH Powder Coated Aluminum panels, Central Locking Harness & Computer delete, rebuilt Cluster with Service light delete, LED lightbulb conversion, dual trunk light setup, USB power ports in place of cigarette lighter, Z3 net storage passenger side trans tunnel, Alpine CD Player, Momo Steering Wheel, e28 tool bin, griptape on the pedals, clutch pedal stop.

    Story behind the car:
    I bought what I thought was a decent 1988 535is to track. I autocrossed it once, and some guy noticed I had bad wheel hop. After further inspection, we found the subframe mounting locations were rusted through and there was no way to save it. I was distraught, and decided to part the car out. That was the first car I parted out, and thankfully made a killing; netting $4K. I wanted to get into another e28, but couldn't find any for a decent price, so I decided to look into the e30.

    After looking for two months, I found this e30 being sold by a guy who "rebuilds" old BMWs for fun. He had a ton of receipts for new parts, and had put a M20b27 bottom end and trans in with a 885 and b25 intake & fuel management stuff. It has no rust and tons of new parts, so a win in my eyes. I immediately prepared it for an autocross event.

    I eventually set up a date to do some TT style runs and autocross the next day at the old Lotus Test Track north of Raleigh. I ran the car hard, and started to experience fuel starvation and oil starvation. I spun a bearing and boom went the bottom end. I tore the car apart and found so many problems. That was the start of a lot of work.

    I could NOT find a solid M20b25 for sale, and ended up buying a 1991 325i Auto Sedan just for the engine. I pulled that engine, sold some quality parts and sold the chassis for more than I paid for the car. I had that engine built by a race shop in VA Beach, with nothing special other than full machine work, balancing with the lightened flywheel and full head rebuild. While I had the engine out, I did a bunch of work like putting in a Z3 rack, reinforcing the subframe, used IE exhaust, yada yada yada.

    I moved to Europe for 2 years right after putting the new engine in. While there, I came home a few times and focused on getting the car to run reliably, which has been expensive. I replaced almost every sensor, replaced fuel lines, etc, and repaired a ton of the PO's wire harness hacks. I've sense moved back to the US and treated myself to a euro bumper swap and some Style 5's. Now that the car looks somewhat decent, I can save money to do something stupid.

    Something stupid looks like a distributor-less setup with a tune-able ECU and AFM delete. I would love to go to a 3" oval exhaust with v-bands and flex joints. I also really need to do a proper coilover suspension with adjustable camber plates, reinforce the rear subframe, trailing arms and sway bar mounting locations on the chassis and subframes. Sunroof delete, a paintjob and all new keys/cylinders would be great.

    Unfortunately I am still in situation where I can't drive it regularly, so my brothers and Dad drive it. I'm hoping to move into a house with a garage so I can work on it and track it properly. Otherwise, I mess with it once every couple of months. Oh yea, I have no clue what I'm doing with a camera, but here are some clean shots.

    You can barely see it, but since I'm rocking a cheap facelift iS lip, it doesn't go far enough down to interlock with the stock air duct work. High five to the person who guess what that building is in the background.

    You can see the e28 tool bin here and the dual LED trunk lights. I just merged the harness together since I'm running LEDs pulling a fraction of the Watts. You can also see the Plastidip from the PO that I'm slowing peeling off the window chrome.

    Clutch Pedal Stop & Grip Tape on the pedals #bcracecar
    You can also see the door harness has been removed. I removed the harness properly, not just cut.

    Trunk Light Quick Disconnect for Dual LED light setup.

    A full size spare, thank you Style 5. You can also see my legit battery tie down.

    This is an old HMMWV tool bag full of additional tools for the car. The other bag is from a set of MSA Peltors I rocked in AFG, which is full of random tie down stuff. The Shock mounts are an delhrin upgrade.

    I picked up these e34 Style 5's for 60 bucks. I had Ehrlich Wheel Works rebuild them, but it set me back TOO much. Don't get me wrong, amazing work by Paul, but financially I could have bought two sets of Ronals or one set of Euro Weaves.

    These Hellas are amazing for the 80 bucks I spent, and look perfect.

    I waxed the car for the first time for these pictures, and I realized that the hood was painted with what looks like a paint can. Whatever, it looks good 10 feet away.

    Another view of the door harness delete. You can see the manual window crank hole and fit. Don't forget the Z3 storage on the trans tunnel.
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    Congrats! I've been stuck in traffic on the highway in Richmond next to that train station more times than I'd like to count. Crazy how close to the overpass it is. Glad to see you building the car to be something you can take out and enjoy
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      Interesting you did multiple things to lighten the car but left the rear tar.


        Originally posted by amcp View Post
        Interesting you did multiple things to lighten the car but left the rear tar.
        Easiest 50# to drop ever
        Current Car:
        -2000 330i Estate, the dad-mobile
        -1975 Alfa Romeo Giulia Nuova Super 1300, the never-ending name & project

        Make R3V Great Again -2020


          For realz, first thing I did when I bought the bronzit. :)


            Great looking car!
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              Very nice!

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                Congrats! The photos turned out well. I like the locations you chose. Also very cool that you've kept the car and continued to work on it despite being overseas.


                  Thanks for the compliments guys. I think not removing the tar has been a blend of me being lazy (or choosy on what I spend my time on) and trying to keep the car as balanced as possible. I do have an update, I got the sunroof working after deleting the door harnesses, and am actively sourcing AN parts for an oil cooler so I can also run the aftermarket AC system.
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                    The car looks great on those wheels- esp with the addition of the hex caps.

                    also, I really dig the red pin stripe, it gives the car the right vibe
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