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    Nice work so far especially on that sunroof.

    Originally posted by Roysneon
    $5 shipped?
    Originally posted by MarkD
    You are a strange dude, I'n not answering any more posts from you.


      Ditto on the sunroof that is superb work. One day.


        how much were the new calipers?
        91' MtechII AW/SW BAR'd S52/SC


          Originally posted by FunfGan View Post
          Awesome so far! also just gave me an idea for a cleaner looking sunroof delete... I assume that compound can be bought for noncommercial use?
          Yeah, I got mine from single source but any paint/bodyshop supplier can get it for you.

          Originally posted by KoKoSe7eN View Post
          how much were the new calipers?
          If I remember right, I think the rears were $37 dollars with a $20 core and the fronts were $40 with a $15 core.

          1987 PRO-3 car /1990 325is (2.7i Concours)


            Front suspension

            reassembled and up on the lift

            before shot

            Front goodies


            Clean and freshly undercoated

            Cut for the camber plate

            Girlfriend filling down the sharp edges

            Strut assemblies installed

            Sway in, control arms in.

            AKG adjustable caster CAB

            Getting it done, my Dad looking at the progress

            Bearing and hub installed

            Brakes in, Sway hooked up

            Tie-rods in

            Fronts done.

            Rear suspension

            getting some of the parts ready


            Subframe out

            Chassis before

            bye bye diff, it went to James' car

            Pulled apart subframe and pulled hubs from bearings

            Damn. Well one inner race stuck on is better than two.

            Pressure washed the subframe and tacked on the toe adjustment plates

            Tacked up the camber plates

            Welded, painted, and ground out camber plate

            Toe plates done.

            This was my work bench for welding and painting

            Trailing arms clean painted and ready for reassembly

            Re-enforced sway bar mount.

            Wheel bearing time

            Bearings in

            Hubs pressed back in

            Got the sway fitted in, then took it out to undercoat.

            Reid welding up the diff mounts to re-enforce them.


            Diff mount toughened up

            Fitting the subframe, I had to see how much of the bushings to shave off. It need to be done to get to the nuts on the outside of the toe adjustment plates.

            Assembled and ready to go in.

            In, and sway hooked up.

            Shocks and springs installed

            Assembled, time to do the brakes

            Brakes! Hooray!

            Stance be damned! this car does real work!
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            1987 PRO-3 car /1990 325is (2.7i Concours)


              So proper!


                Can't wait to see this complete!
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                  Looking nice! I would be concerned about cutting the strut towers. I guess you don't see it as a source of more flex/weakness?

                  Originally posted by TDE30
                  What is this faggy shit I have happened upon?
                  Originally posted by slammin.e28
                  I can always live in a M3. Can't M3 a house.


                    Originally posted by Lof8 View Post
                    Looking nice! I would be concerned about cutting the strut towers. I guess you don't see it as a source of more flex/weakness?
                    No, It may be a tad bit weaker when broke down on paper, but it is unnoticeable and completely safe. I have a sparco front strut bar to install as well.

                    1987 PRO-3 car /1990 325is (2.7i Concours)


                      do you think you'll be running this year? so many PRO3 builds happening this year. i hope to be out on the track, but Im building a Club Rabbit car. It fits in my budget and i have a shit-ton of spare vw parts so it made more sense than a PRO3. hope to see the BBQ2U out there
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                        Parker... when can I come down and help out? I feel like I've missed far too much already!
                        Need a part? PM me.

                        Get your Bass on. Luke's r3v Boxes are here:


                          Nice job Parker, looking great!
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                            Wow. That looks like a ton of fun man! That cage is beautiful!!

                            I've never really delved into the differences between PRO3 and SpecE30 but boy oh boy, seeing this I can definitely see that you guys can run nicer suspension setups.
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                              Originally posted by Jparkr View Post
                              Yeah, I got mine from single source but any paint/bodyshop supplier can get it for you.
                              Awesome, thanks for the info. Good luck!

                              Go here be happy!

                              Ratchet Garage e30 V8 build.


                                I like The Color of the cage Too