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    Vert revision KB-AN-SS

    So here is the skinny on my e30. Title comes from the manner in which I became the lucky new owner of the car of my dreams. As a kid, I had the pleasure of caring for a neighbors 1989 white auto vert. That is a long story that I will save for another thread. Later in life I bought a 2dr auto that I later found out was in a BAD rear end accident. SOLD and forgotten! Onto my now Zino 5spd vert. I was riding my bike around one day and came across the car at a local yard sale. Long story short, I went back 3-4 times, and two test drives later, behold, I was the proud owner of a 1987, advertised as an 88 5spd vert. At the time I was more nervous, but I felt the deal was to good to pass. 175k, tons of receipts (that I read after the buy), and a good feeling after long talks with the PO, I drove the car home. EVERY thing works, down to the ODO! Progress will likely be slow, but consistent. On to some pics, which include some progress. I work out of my fathers garage, you will see his 65 chevelle in a pic. He has been gracious enough to allow me to store the car in his driveway, so first purchase was an all weather car cover.

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    Craiglist haul

    2nd buy after the volt meter since some PO fubared my antenna

    A spot in NJ my grandmother took me to for years....

    First cold day in NJ


      Here are some previous projects...

      ^current DD
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        So far I did a dash volt meter, antenna delete, oil change with synt oil, clean adj seats, and replace some misc parts that were missing. Did a good interior cleaning, plastidiped the grill, kidneys, and sealed trim. Elips on deck, as well as a clean 2nd half of the console. For me this is a tribute car, and a driver. Plans include to do a full suspension rebuild, vert top, interior, and way down the line, bags. comments suggestions, resources welcome.


          Plymouth Horizon yesss! tell me you did some crazy shit to that turd


            wish I had done dirty shit to that horizon. 1 owner with like 35k on it. Owner died, and wife never looked at it, she died, and the daughter never knew about it until I opened the garage door. Had to sell it to fund other projects. It was a time capsule.
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              I have some plans I am now working on in hopes to keep me moving forward. Working out new top plans as well as others. I will post pics as soon as I know how it will all play out!


                working ot the details this week on new "housing" for the car, as well as a possible parts car. Cross my fingers things go my way. I will post Pics as things play out.


                  So a small update, the car is now garaged, which is awesome, and I have done some minor crap, just mostly drive it every chance I get. Right now it is on jack stands :(. BUT it is because I have 5 new tires coming and I will be refurbishing the wheels. I will post proof pics soon. I am considering skinning the drop top cover since it is so bubbled, but here is proof it is garaged!

                  So right now its on jacks facing the other way, awaiting tires.
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                    Todays update, besides it being so dam hot in NJ, I started re-finishing the wheels. Here are a few pics, so far I just did a good cleaning of them with scrub pads and wire brushes. I was suprised how well the 25yr old paint held up to all the scrubbing. On with the pics!

                    Car on jacks in my garage with various other crap i own.

                    Before cleaning:

                    After cleaning:

                    They look decent in pics, but are in bad shape. Now I need to pick a color......Suggestions?
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                      Can't go wrong with almond bcaps :)

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                        Originally posted by E30_Pare View Post
                        Can't go wrong with almond bcaps :)
                        what wing is that?
                        Originally Posted by scaraveos
                        Are saying about welding the head to the block? and if yes how is it seperated if required?

                        (possibly a stupid post)


                          Center caps on deck for clear!

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                            Not my ideal, some orange peal, but I had to clear to sand because there was no clear to start soooo this is a start


                              Some pics of the sanding process. 1st is of a curb rash spot:

                              Next is after some sanding to get rid of the rash:

                              Now some before sanding wheel pics:


                              Side by side, left prior, right sanded:
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