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Barn Built Turbo M42 drift car

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    Barn Built Turbo M42 drift car

    So recently I just got myself two 318is' both for $1700 :) ...One has a salvage title (unfortunately the one that is drivable) and the other is a parts car that has almost zero rust/rot and a clean title. So my goal is to build the clean title car and have it as a DD/Drift missile!

    So here it is (sorry shitty cellphone pics)-

    This is the car with the clean title and little rust. The door is banged up but hey whatever I have the other cars door for that!

    This is the car with the salvage title (now my parts car!)

    So I also forgot to bring up the dude I got my cars from was really cool, he worked at Ferrari for like 8 years, own like 4 e36's one with over 500K miles on the original motor and tranny!! ...He's actually building a turbocharged 2002 at the moment that he let me check out, and well honestly it's pretty sweet, I've never seen a carburetor turbo motor. But while he was working at Ferrari he got one of the valve covers painted and he gave that to me, a third head, and a tone of other parts!

    All and all I'm super excited to get started on my turbo project and keep everything posted up on this thread on what I do :):):):):)

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    5-lugged turbo 318is Barn car
    IG: @deebelmont

    I forgot to mention some stuff lol, the reason the thread is called Barn Built Turbo 318is project, is because my buddies take car of a barn and in exchange they can use it as a garage! So the on going joke about all the cars in there are they were barn built & broken hahaha!

    Here's my friends 240sx that started the barn built joke-

    Also thanks bmwm42 for selling my the turbo manifold! I hope you keep an eye out on this thread to see my car when I finish!
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    5-lugged turbo 318is Barn car
    IG: @deebelmont


      Looking forward to progress. The Ferrari red VC is neat! Can't wait to see it under the hood!

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      Originally posted by roguetoaster
      Be sure to remind them that the M42 is one of the best engines ever made, but be sure to not mention where it actually falls on that list.




          Looks awesome good luck dude can't wait to see the progress

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            also subd

            Turbo M42 Build Thread :Here
            I like the tuna here.
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              Thanks for the sub's guys!!

              So basically not much has been getting done. (I'm pretty lazy). Also I'm toggling work/school/more work while I'm building this car lol. Tonight I started taking the hood and fenders off the car. I want to check out rust and all an all pretty damn good!! The front metal bumper is being a bitch though, the torx bolts are either stripped or rusted out, so I'm going to have to drill those suckers out

              I have set a few goals for myself which include:

              - Figuring out what I want to do as far as rebuilding this motor
              - Pulling the motor by the beginning of October
              - Getting the motor to a machine shop by hopefully end of October
              - Ordering parts

              I mean this is really a rough idea of stuff. I'm sure I'll be doing some of this and a little bit of that while too. I'm doing my research on suspension stuff and motor options now so any input would be awesome!
              5-lugged turbo 318is Barn car
              IG: @deebelmont


                Duuude... I have the same deal going on with someone. Pretty much clean his ranch and fix his cars, in exchange I get to use his barn/garage. He randomly shows up at my door asking if I work on cars and if I want space. I was all over it. Cant beat free rent, well almost.... Good luck on your project, looks like a good start.


                  Okay so Last night I went over to the barn and started doing some more work. I told myself I was just going to take the exhaust off and drain the coolant then go home because I had a long day at school. Well turns out I didn't even remove the exhaust because the bolts are rotted to the point that I need to bring the saws-all and cut it =/

                  Here's all the stuff I did wind up doing:
                  - Drain coolant / Remove radiator and all the hoses.
                  - Finish unplugging the engine harness and move it out of the way
                  - Unbolt the motor mounts, Tranny mounts
                  - Unbolt the drive shaft
                  - Remove all the A/C stuff that's probably never going to go back in LOL
                  - Goof around and take a ride around the property in the almost finished 240

                  I took the radiator out and leaned it against one of the tires, It fell down and left this mess on the floor LOL goes to show how often this car was driven....

                  Here's the worlds shittest picture of the engine basically ready to pull the motor :D:D:D:D

                  Also we write on the tables there because why not, they are going to get repainted in like a month or so. As you can see I have a very serious bolt management system.

                  That joke about the "DEEZ NUTZ" is a somewhat long story. My actual name is Dominick but ever since I was born my nickname was always Dee, everyone calls me it still, my parents, friends, ect. When I went to look at an 1988 325IX in March the dude had a DEEZ NUTZ euro plate on it. So I had to buy the car after that hahah. This IX was a total nightmare to me though, I bought it was driving it not even a week and cracked the oil pan and cross member. So before these 318is' I replaced the oil pan and cross member and rebuilt all the suspension, Interior and gave the car a complete tune up! Other than the paint and a light body damage the car is awesome and I use it to drive to and from school everyday lol.

                  Here's a picture of it on the lift with the plate in case anyone wanted to see.

                  Okay no more off topic-ness about my DD IX HAHAH, Hopefully I'll have the motor completely out by this weekend and to a machine shop soonish(hopefully before October ends). Now I need to figure out what I want to do as far as building the motor and what not! So heads up those of you who have already done a M42 turbo build I might be shooting you guys a PM to ask a few questions :)
                  5-lugged turbo 318is Barn car
                  IG: @deebelmont


                    Okay, so no motor out yet I've been sick so I have been doing lots of research and stuff on building my motor once finally out hahaha.
                    I'm looking to the the following:
                    -85mm overbore
                    -Arrow precision forged H-Beam connecting rods
                    -CP 8:5:1 forged pistons
                    -MLS head gasket (.70)
                    -ARP Head stud kit
                    -One piece forged stainless steel valves (7mm)
                    -Steel alloy retainers
                    -Dual interference springs
                    -Spring seats
                    -Polished and balanced OEM crank
                    -Ported and polished head

                    Now my questions arise since I haven't ever fully build a engine...
                    -Am I able to use the same camshafts? If so, what would need to be done to them?
                    -What type of main crank bearings and rod bearings should I use?

                    I'll post the links to all the items I'm looking at so you guys have a better idea of what I'm working with. Any suggestions and input would be greatly appreciated too, because I'm new to this building an engine thing lol.

                    The M42 turbo kit which includes
                    -H-Beam connecting rods
                    -MLS gasket
                    -ARP head stud kit

                    The valve kit I'm looking at.

                    The valve spring and retainer kit which has
                    -valve retainers
                    -spring seats

                    Thanks for taking a look and helping me out with my build guys! :D
                    5-lugged turbo 318is Barn car
                    IG: @deebelmont


                      Ah my dream is to get VAC stuff for my M20 turbo build, it looks so top-notch. I believe they also have turbo grind cams available for the M42, just a smaller exhaust cam to spool up a turbo better. Might be useful when you only have 1.8L to spool the turbo, just a thought! Excited to see this pan out!
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                        I was looking at those as well, my issue is I'm already going to be spending like $3000.00 plus on this motor and I'm at the point that I don't know if I want to keep going lol. I do plan on using a Garrett GT28RS (disco potato) because it is a relatively small turbo that will spool up faster and I'll be able to hit boost sooner. which puts me between a rock and a hard place when it comes to wanting to spend the extra money on the turbo camshafts from VAC. good luck with your M20 tubro build though!!
                        5-lugged turbo 318is Barn car
                        IG: @deebelmont


                          So I haven't updated this recently probably because I haven't been focusing on the car right now due to the fact mid-terms are already here at my school! But there was more done to the car that I haven't posted so this is just my lol house keeping so I'm fully up to date.

                          Last week I was able to finally get my motor out of the car, basically I was extremely lazy and procrastinated endlessly about doing this lol

                          All aircraft cabled up and ready to go.

                          Well I was stupid since I had everything prepped and ready to go it took all of 5 minutes to get it out of the car...

                          Yes I cut the exhaust since the bolts were so rusty I couldn't get a wrench around them and when I did they turned into dust.

                          As the car sits right now..

                          My next step is to finish taking the drive shafts out and entire rear sub frame of the car to wire brush/repaint/install new bushings. Plus while I'm at it I'm going to go ahead and fix the only bad rust spot under the drivers side wheel well, and re undercoat the back half of the car. I mean it is a super clean chassis and I wanna try and keep it that way even though I live in NY lol
                          5-lugged turbo 318is Barn car
                          IG: @deebelmont


                            ...But wait there is more!

                            I pulled some of my interior out last week too. I only got to this point due to it being late and I was freezing without a sweatshirt.

                            To my surprise it seems like I might have brought a guest back to the barn with me from NJ! ..Or somebodies just playing a cruel joke on me.

                            NUTS SO MANY GODDAMN NUTS!!!

                            I feel like this car is going to be the endless DEEZ NUTZ joke in my life. Hell my friend even gave my car a tattoo of it...

                            I need to finish cleaning this up too. The smell is ruthless in there at the moment.
                            5-lugged turbo 318is Barn car
                            IG: @deebelmont


                              Looking good man. Youre doing a lot of work! Keep it up! This car is gonna be nuts when it's done...

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