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    December 2023 Sitrep

    Managed to squeeze way too much into the garage for the winter season. Two cars, three motorcycles, and two spare engines.
    Just enough room to walk sideways between the two cars.

    I finally got the larger clutch slave cyl in the mail this week, had to order from schmiedmann. Would have been expensive either way.
    The local BMW dealer wanted proof of ownership for an E39 M5 RHD to order the 21522282056 slave.
    Excited that this should give me a better clutch pedal then the on/off that I've had for the past two years.

    Also, got my hands on some interior bits like the front tweeters, seatbelt bolt cover, and door handle trim from a local gent.

    Other jobs on the E30 To-Do list:
    • Move wideband grounds & 0.1uF 50v ceramic cap between wideband signal wire & ground (close to ECU)
    • Verify EVAP purge valve operation RPM<4000 and TPS<1
    • BOV spring to be properly sized.
    • Intake manifold removed, additional vacuum/boost sources to be installed, various tee's removed.
    • Doors:
      • Tighten key lock (Driver's side)
      • Replace vapor barrier
      • Sound deadening
      • Tweeter install
    • Radio install under dash?
    • Move exhaust hanger from rear subframe (necessary?)
    • Finish front airdam support fabrication
    • Install front airdam foglight delete panels
    • Remove turbo and trim corner for clearance to wheel well.
    • Install replacement sunroof motor
    • Change fuel rail fittings on front, install longer hose for strain relief to FPR.

    But first, Miata needs a gas tank, and you have to drop the rear subframe to get it down. Might as well refresh while I'm there.
    Still waiting on surgery, so I'm going to try a slow & steady approach all winter long and test my luck.

    In other news (you may have seen on my other thread) I finally bought one of my realistic dream cars!
    1999 E36 M3
    It's in decent shape, but obviously isn't perfect.
    Not sure how far from stock I want to go with this one, but that's To Be Continued in the spring time.

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