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Roundie Revival 2.0 - A 1973 BMW 2002 Build Thread in 35mm Film

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    Originally posted by Powling View Post
    A lot of places out there specialize in developing your film and scanning it for you. My girl is a wedding photographer and she sends out HUNDREDS of film rolls to developers and they just email her a download link for the scans.

    They also keep you negatives on file incase they need to rescan them at all.
    That's really cool. I'll have a look for local places.
    Might be time to get the pentax back out after a 20 year hibernation

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      Originally posted by econti View Post
      Might be time to get the pentax back out after a 20 year hibernation
      Doooo itttttt 8-)

      --Roundie Revival 2.0 - 1973 BMW 2002 Build Thread--
      --Golden Boy E30 Build Thread-- (sold)


        Even though I'm already breaking my 35mm theme, I wanted to include this. Here's a short video I made of the car right after I finished stripping it down to the bone and building the dollies for it:

        --Roundie Revival 2.0 - 1973 BMW 2002 Build Thread--
        --Golden Boy E30 Build Thread-- (sold)


          oh man this is gonna be fun
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            Originally posted by CubbyChowder View Post

            Haha dude right back at you, I always enjoyed your build/updates. I miss the forum days before Instagram/Facebook groups. Stoked that this forum is still super active though.

            It's a backlit sign that I built to use in the video series. I had the logo plasma cut out of some stainless steel I had laying around and layered the back with a white acrylic sheeting and painted the tail light parts. Then built a "box" out of maple which houses the LEDs and built some tiny little midcentury modern looking legs for it. I'm actually pretty stoked on how it all turned out! It's battery powered and uses a remote to turn on/off. It was a lot of work building the wooden rear box to match the curves of the sign.

            I miss it too, man. Feels a lot more engaging on here compared to facebook or IG.

            The sign really is awesome. Definitely got midcentury modern vibes from it.

            Video looked great as well. Really getting the best of both worlds here with a build thread along with video.
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              Time for an update!

              I set a week aside at the end of April to make progress on the '02 and got a decent amount of work done. I finally got some rolls developed today so it's time to get this thread up to speed!

              My goal was to get the M20B25 w/ Getrag G260 mounted properly and then fabricate a new transmission tunnel to seal off the gaping hole inside the car.

              I started with the M20 motor mounts that came with the car. Upon further inspection I discovered that they placed the M20 pretty crooked in the engine bay and I wanted it centered. When looking straight down from the top on the crankshaft bolt at the front of the engine, it sat about 2-3 inches towards the driver's side and the output flange on the trans sat towards the passenger's side. It was just visibly crooked and I didn't like it, so I ended up having to modify the subframe by cutting the original mount off and rebuilding a new one from scratch, and then had to cut up and modify the driver's side motor mount as well. It was a lot of work. The engine came on and off the subframe and in and out of the car several times. Don't really have pics of that whole process but here's one right after I finished! Engine properly mounted to subframe ready for the last test fit:

              You can see the M20 has been freshened up quite a bit as well. It's still a work in progress:

              Lots of cutting and grinding later, I had the tunnel area cleanly prepped for new metal:

              I built a metal brake so that I could put a radius bend into some sheet metal to resemble the original tunnel, you can see it on the edge of my table. Here's the tunnel right after bending it to it's initial rough size:

              Some pics of the patch work. This was a time consuming and honestly confusing process as I kept trying to figure out the best approach to making sure everything was centered, square, equal, even, etc etc. I overthink everything. In the end it all worked out. I had to rebuild part of the pedal box area too and patch that in. Anywhere you see clean metal, it's new metal:

              I applied a nice coat of seam sealer to everything on top and bottom and laid down some epoxy primer to seal it all in:

              Big milestone for the car! I haven't drilled out the shifter hole yet because I'm still not 100% sure what setup I will be running. That will come in the future. I also need to build the trans mount now but that will be easy.

              As a bonus, here's a shot of another fun little project that's been keeping me busy lately. Picked up this 1990 Yamaha TW200 in April and have been changing some things here and there and taking it out to the mountains (mainly the Sierra Nevada) every chance I get. Lil' Chunk!

              --Roundie Revival 2.0 - 1973 BMW 2002 Build Thread--
              --Golden Boy E30 Build Thread-- (sold)


                That's some nice tidy work.
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                  Was just thinking about this thread the other day, glad to have some updates! Really nice work
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                    Was talking about your old build with a few friends the other day! Nice to see you come back with a new approach.
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                      CubbyChowder Did you run out of film?
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