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My Update! (cable/dsl only)

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    My Update! (cable/dsl only)

    Ok, some of you may remember my E30 from about a year ago or so:

    I have some more pictures, but they are on my hard drive in my dead laptop. I also have some pics on, but the site appears to be down at the moment and I can't log in to my account to post them here.

    Well, back in February I got in a wreck and sadly totaled it (radiator support was pushed over and the shock tower was pushed into the firewall) when a lady pulled in front of me. This is how it sits now, sorry for the crappy pic:

    Yes, the car is on top of another, I put it there with a forklift! I yanked all of the goodies off of it to transfer it over to this car:

    Here are some pictures of what I have done, and what is going in. At this point of this thread, it is officially a TEASER!!!!

    The bitch:

    OK, I hope the pictures aren't too big for everyone, if they are oh well!
    My block doesn't look as rusty/bad as it did when I took that picture, it has since been turned over to the machine shop for some cleaning, freeze plug replacement, honing, checking the deck, etc, the usual. My S50 crank will be arriving on Tuesday from SoCal via FedEx. I am also going to be ordering a set of SuperTech valve springs/retainers/seats, a Schrick camshaft for the intake side, a clutch, a few odds and ends, and my ECU (some of you have an idea of what the ECU is and others will have to wait to find out.). I bought all NEW valves and hydraulic lifters. Even though I am paying list prices for everything, well most of everything, it all is adding up, but don't ask me for a total because I don't want to know until I am done, and because it scares me.

    I am getting my block back, hopefully, by Wednesday and I will begin assembling the short block. I am going to paint the block silver. This build is getting out of hand.

    My 2.9L Build!

    Originally posted by Ernest Hemingway
    There are only three sports: bullfighting, motor racing, and mountaineering; all the rest are merely games.

    There's something creamy in my pants.


      Omg I Want

      edit: more pics!!!

      "It's like a koala bear crapped a rainbow in my brain."
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        What's that pink dye looking stuff?


          machinists dye so you see what you have done/cut.
          My 2.9L Build!

          Originally posted by Ernest Hemingway
          There are only three sports: bullfighting, motor racing, and mountaineering; all the rest are merely games.


            that's amazing, i love the german engine block


              That's not an m20.


                It's a super rare DOHC m20 ;)

                Looking good !
                Mtech1 v8 build thread -

                OEM v8 manual chip or dme -


                  If only it was the super rare dohc M20

                  DOHC E30's make me happy in pants

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                    I've painted an M50 valve cover. All those nooks and crannies are a bitch.

                    "If I were filthy rich I'd still drive my E30."


                      Ive been waiting to see your car. Thats going to be one bad non vanos.
                      Keep us updated.

                      We're out there in here.


                        Originally posted by PiercedE30 View Post
                        This build is getting out of hand.

                        Lol, every properly done build gets way out of hand. lol

                        looks beautiful. have fun. and keep us posted.


                          I like what you've done to the place.

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                          Let's drive fast and have fun.


                            Nothing but love for the alpine whites! :)
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                            Feedback Thread

                            Originally posted by Mr. Anderson
                   of the most hardcore E30's around. :D


                              i guess there will be 2 dohc alpine e30's coming alive soon ;)