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Text a girl & ask "Can I tap it?"

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    this seems like a whole lot less fun than you guys make it out to be


      indeed, i am *somewhat* disappointed by the lack of opposite sex familiarity in this thread, you guys should be rolling in the poon. all day every day.

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      Originally posted by scabzzzz
      I've had blunts cock in my mouth, but I'm not gay.


        boredom has proven this to become my entertainment....results later.


          "Can I tap that" text to current GF--FTL.


            This thread delivers, mostly.


              sent a bunch of them out lol

              I found this thread very entertaining and funny so I had to contribute. They are pretty lame but worth a shot.

              Me: Can I tap that?
              Her: Lmao, for suree!
              Me: Alright when?
              Her: Lmao, next week!
              Me: So I can tap it then?
              Her: Forshuree

              Me: Can I tap that?
              Her: Loll either this isn't you or you had a bit to drink? lmao
              Me: So can I tap that?
              Her: Lmao no and i'm going to bed. I would suggest ya do the same loser
              Me: Sad face.

              Me: Can I tap that?
              Her: What?
              Me: Can I tap that?
              Her: Haha depending on what exactly your trying to tap
              Me: That ass!
              Her: Haha. I don't know what ass your talking about.
              Me: Yours!
              Her: Whats my favorite food? Unless you know that you cant tap that. haha
              Me: But I can tap that if I get it right?
              Her: Haha, no.
              Me: Shit.
              Me: Don't be selfish give me some a dat ass.

              Me: Can I tap that?
              Her: wtf?
              Me: Can I tap that?
              Her: wtf travis?
              Me: So can I tap that?
              No reply

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                Been meaning to do this, just did it to the G/F (who I only see once a week due to school/work and 65 miles apart)

                Me: Can I tap that?
                Her: Lol i wish

                Keep it slideways!!


                  Originally posted by Sailor37 View Post
                  "Can I tap that" text to current GF--FTL.
                  Seriously, when people do this it's lame as hell. :down:


                  Originally posted by slammin.e28guy
                  I pack my CD player with asbestos. Those mother fuckers pay dearly for stealing my shit.
                  Originally posted by kronus
                  try whacking parts of the motor with a wrench while yelling "YOU WANT SUMMA DIS? HUH?"
                  Originally posted by chadthestampede
                  This is like a reverse build thread; it starts out nice and gets shitty.


                    been contemplating doing this to my friends most likely batshit crazy roommate ... but I'm scurred of getting caught up with baby daddy drama and whatnot~!


                      Me: hey i got a question 2:56 AM
                      girl: Who is this? 2:57 AM
                      Me: ricky 3:00 AM
                      girl: Ricky who? 3:01 AM
                      Me: ricky your ex bf ricky 3:01 AM
                      girl: Oh um hi 3:03 AM
                      Me: hi.. so i have a quick question.... 3:03 AM
                      girl: Yea 3:04 AM
                      Me: so when you gonna let me tap dat? 3:05 AM
                      girl: Wtf? 3:14 AM
                      Me: i was just wondering... in the back of my e30?? 3:15 AM




                          wtf? that's one interesting way to bump a dead thread!


                            just told my gf i can't wait to tap dat next time i see her.
                            she just lolled and called me a dork haah.


                              Usually I get texts asking if they can tap dis.

                              3/5 are from guys.

                              1/2 not from guys are from girls who should be guys.

                              The other 1/2 are from myself.
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                                Originally posted by TexasTerp View Post
                                wtf? that's one interesting way to bump a dead thread!
                                I wanted to share, but didn't want to make a new thread and didn't know where to put it, so I resurrected this awesome thread with it.