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    This is Harley. He was the greatest friend, he died in April 2004 of intestinal cancer. in May we got Charley she is a sweet pita.

    Here is Charley when we got her

    Now her head is bigger than she was then.

    This is Fred

    His hobbies include pissing all over the house. My wife saw me posting my dogs and said I am ashamed of him. I take the fifth.
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    [IMG] 8.jpg[/IMG


      fred owns all your other dogs.

      little dogs are better

      Mike Fritz


        Originally posted by DEV0 E30
        Yeah I did Sean, I don't own henna anymore. Btw, do you still owe me money?
        Why yes, yes I do. Just $20.
        91 m3


          Buster - Big playbaby. Likes to eat cheese.

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            Above Is that a labradoodle or the rarer curly haired labrador?

            Here is Bjorn a badass Norwegian Elkhound, 40lbs and all sweetness to us and all business against the Coyotes, he is the best dog breed on the face of the earth, as long as you don't mind vaccuming everyday.

            Topper he love car rides, went to Utah with us on spring break and loved it.
            2yrs old.

            Da Bjornicus.
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              Fred ownz all.
              '88 325ic


                I lack any sort of pet.... ever in my life


                  How about this? We could call it's r3v's mascot.

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                  Feedback Thread

                  Originally posted by Mr. Anderson
         of the most hardcore E30's around. :D



                    [IMG] 8.jpg[/IMG


                      i hate stupid small dogs.

                      Ive had nothing but Irish Setters, and Golden Retrievers(THE SHIT!) also have a black lab. i love that dog.

                      Big dogs FTW. stupid small dogs are gay.

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                        Originally posted by rwdrift
                        How about this? We could call it's r3v's mascot.

                        Fuck that.

                        One of those did this to my old car.

                        "See, we're adding a little something to this month's sales contest. As you all know, first prize is a Cadillac Eldorado. Anyone wanna see second prize? Second prize is a set of steak knives. Third prize is you're fired."


                          fuck hitting a deer thats all I got to say
                          HDE30 <3


                            Deer jerky rocks the house!
                            E30 325ix 62k


                              here is my pup. 2yr old Rottie named Roxy. Keeping her nice and trim (but she still weighs 90lbs).

                              Trevor you remember seeing her in the back of the Jeep right?

                              Alert mode

                              Not so Alert mode

                              Playing in the snow


                                This is Sascha. Runt of the litter. Bitch. Still my favorite fuzzball.

                                And this is Bimmer. Kinda pudgy. Not so bright. Funniest cat ever.