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    Originally posted by DEV0 E30 View Post
    I guess it was about 390. Thought it was lighter. Thought a spec sheet referenced 356, but looking now it appears that was off. Even my 250R was 375 wet.

    There is good news for the BMW G310R though, as it is 349 wet. That's good stuff. Could shave off some more too I think...
    I just with all the bike manufacturers didn't play all these games with weight.

    Dry weight, wet* weight, actual weight.

    Saying it weighs X amount, with no brake or clutch fluid, gas, oil, battery, is really pretty stupid. I can't ride it without any of those.
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      Everyone outside of aviation plays fast and loose with weight specs. Motorcycle manufacturers advertise meaningless dry weights, automotive manufacturers give a weight with no details, dressed engine weights are as rare as hen's teeth... If one of the mags didn't weigh it during the review cycle a lot of times we're just out of luck when it comes to knowing how much something weighs.
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        I read somewhere that there was a push for real *wet* weights a few years ago, which is far more real than dry weight, so hopefully they all use the same numbers moving forward.