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    So the rear adjusters were fine, but I took a little camber out to be 2-2.25. That seemed to help, Unfortunately, I also hooked up the stock rear bar, which I did not like. Was surprised at the difference. So I am going to take the rear bar off, and bump up the spring rates. Any opinion on rates. I see 700/900 is common, but I need to drive this car to the track, so I'm a bit worried the usual roads will shake the car apart.


      The sway bar isn't going to make any difference in a straight line. Less camber and less toe would help. I think a stiffer rear spring is actually going to make it worse (less weight transfer, same reason you didn't like the rear bar attached).

      I don't know how much your car is lowered, but you may benefit from subframe riser bushings, which help correct the rear roll center on lowered cars. This will put you back into the proper camber and toe sweep curves. I think it may also increase pro-squat effects from the trailing arms being less parallel to the ground, but I am not sure on that. It would definitely have the natural effect of reducing your rear negative camber and negative toe, two things that are increased aggressively as you lower the rear of an E30.

      Condor Speed Shop makes 12mm riser bushings.

      Are your stated tire pressures "hot" or "cold" pressures? Are you actually tracking the car? Autocross is a whole 'nother beast. Cold tires, usually unprepped and sloppy surfaces, low speed and low gears make it tough for even stock power level E30's to put power down.

      700/900lb springs would still be streetable as long as they are damped properly. Damper tends to matter more than the spring rate when it comes to ride quality.

      In the end, putting a lot power down will always be a problem in an E30 for many reasons.
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        It seems that if you can get 1/8 toe in with eccentric welded centered then the subframe is risen up.


        AKG is also an option.


          So I am already running the riser bushings. I only autocross this car, and I think you are right, with low gear, tight turns and lots of power, traction will be tough to find. Interestingly, I found the addition of the rear bar made the rear more unstable when putting down the power in turns, but added stability on the high speed straight. Things happen so quickly in autocross, so its hard to sometimes quantify what's going on, but my times were decent, and driver improvement will put me on the podium....the car is currently capable.


            Where are you on shock clicks?


              Have you ever balanced the car ?? That would be the first step before playing with springs and sway bar . A softer bar will increase understeer , but will put power down . A stiffer bar will slow rotation down and create oversteer .

              Also can run a full tank of fuel which will add weight where its needed