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Playing with Caster Adjustment - Clocking Camber Plates

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    Playing with Caster Adjustment - Clocking Camber Plates


    Looking for some feedback, either positive or negative on clocking my top plates by about 20 degrees.
    In the winter downtime I've been playing around with my front end setup. The car serves many purposes, from daily driver, Autocross and drifting.

    My front end looks like as follows:
    • Spindle sleeves to allow for e46 325i brakes (so as to keep 16" wheels)
    • From the above, the track width is increased by approximately 14-15mm each side.
    • E46 330i Steering Rack
    • Inner Tie Rod Spacers so allow for some additional lock
    • BC Racing front camber plates "notched" to allow for upwards of 4.5degress negative camber when needed. I generally keep it around 3.5-4 for autocross.
    • Treehouse style offset FCABs. With this, caster was gained in at the hub, having moved the wheel forward in the arch
    • Not of any consequence, but the car has 470hp so is naturally tail happy
    The car is a dream to drive, but I've been playing with caster ahead of the Spring to see what feel/feedback I get in different conditions.

    Before "notching" the camber plate


    Given that the elongation of the slots in the top plates provided more camber than I arguably need, I started looking at clocking the plates to result in a "sweep" that proportionately adjusts caster and caber progressively. Why? I was bored.
    I don't see an issue with this, but I'm wondering if there are any negative consequences?



    At max camber/caster, this results in an additional 20mm positive caster with camber sitting at -4.
    As the slider is moved into the central position, stock caster is achieved (granted there are offset FCABs), which camber is around -1.5.

    To me this seems like a fair compromise for satisfying the Sunday morning adjustments needed to go from daily driver to Autocross/backroads ripper.

    I have a roll center correction kit ready to go in, but want to play with this before adding any more variables.

    Sessy shots as a reward for reading the post

    Full compression camber up front on 225/50s

    Same setting, but when "light"

    Bit of everything

    Looks like E46 arms also?

    Usually more caster is a good thing! Any chance you measured your increase?

    Ground Control makes a camber caster plate, so you can index each where you want it.

    I was up above it, Now I'm down in it ~ Entropy - A Build thread.


      It is on stock e30 arms.

      To me it was more of a DIY challenge vs buying rather expensive caster plates. Granted my solution has less adjustability, but it only cost me a bag of 40mm stainless steel bolts. I've drilled and tapped for various degrees of clocking, so it is only a 5 minutes job if any larger adjustments are required.


        Have to watch stainless hardware into aluminum, it’ll galvanic corrode and never get out.

        the camber looks so much more in the photos.

        I was up above it, Now I'm down in it ~ Entropy - A Build thread.


          Originally posted by moatilliatta View Post
          Have to watch stainless hardware into aluminum, it’ll galvanic corrode and never get out.

          Whoa, I never knew this.


            Some initial impressions following the first drive of the season.

            At max camber & caster there is a noticeable difference in steering input with the 20mm increase in caster.
            Unfortunately it was pi55ing rain all day, so I couldn't push the car too hard. However, when hitting the ole 1-2-3 wheel spins the car seems to require less frantic steering correction.

            Overall, no regrets in case anyone feels like doing the same. It seems like a cost effective, albeit less adjustable, alternate to a caster plate alternative.