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  • Chilezen
    What? Noo!!! Damn that was my go-to yard.
    I wonder if the '97 Z3 still has its 2.8 engine. I might want t grab that.
    Thanks for the tip & the story Simon, I wish there was a fuller story though.

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  • majdomo
    Originally posted by Motheye99 View Post
    So the Wilmington LKQ yard is shutting down. 70% of this weekend. Fortunately the second yard will remain open. I recently got to talking with some guy who grew up in the 70's going to that yard. They used to gut old hemi challengers and Big block camaro's. He said the yard was full of them and no one gave it a second thought. The guy who started it came from mexico and somehow convinced the police department to give him the cars from the impound yard with out knowing English... or so the story goes.
    wow, and that's one of the bigger ones too. it's in a shitty area but i bet the land is worth $$.

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  • e30crazie
    Click image for larger version

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Name:	2DC275D7-1782-49C9-BD86-9F873D2D3AFB.jpeg
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ID:	9865660 Thinking of selling my car, I just turned 51 and as much as I love my e30 I don’t have the energy to work on the squeaks and whines anymore. My car has its attributes and it’s its issues as well. I have Konig 16x7 mesh wheels, recaros LS seats, Euro HVAC panel, pristine OEM E30 M-Tech 1 spoiler, 3k miles on the top end. Bilstein shocks/struts/springs, Husco arm rest, euro plate filler. Tranny has to warm up before it shifts out of 1st gear, body is straight with dings on the driver fender and hood. I can’t seam to make up my mind on the price. I don’t want to over price it because of the tranny issues but it’s got a lot more to offer than that. I’ve driven it 4 hours straight with ZERO issues. Any ideas based on the description? Any feedback is appreciated.

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  • efficient
    damn was looking at the inventory of the yard online and seen what looks like a actual early model euro e30 with bumpers. judging by the date it was set in the yard its probably gone

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  • Motheye99
    Originally posted by LowR3V'in View Post
    how packed is that place going to be.
    A dressed V8 is going to cost about 70$. I'd say very packed

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