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    vht niteshades. it works great.
    AWD > RWD


      3m red tint film, tinted the whole taillight, I don't really care for reverse lights, but might cut them out. Still thinking about it.


        I used testors paint. Candy apple red. Mine turned out okay I think. I did two coats.

        Photos in my sig.


          Use the VHT Niteshades. Its much better than testors, and a few notches better than metalcast red.

          All-Red/MHW style Professional Tinted Tail lights
          PnP EMS, fuel injectors, wideband o2 systems


            This with red reverse light. (whole light red) would look amazing!

            Originally posted by ///schwartzman View Post
            I got a demo on mine... I'm sold!

            What's the p/n on the euro tails?
            Originally posted by fronton
            He must have been staring right the pole, all the way into it. Happens to me playing mariokart every time.
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              Just did my extra set of tail lights in all red. First time doing it, but I used the VHT nightshades. Sanded the tail lights with 1000, sprayed 3 coats of red, sanded with 2000, cleared twice. Came out darker than I was hoping, but that could be due to the overcast weather.

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              Build Thread:


                Originally posted by Uber E30 View Post
                Mine with Model Masters transparent black:

                holy shit that looks sexy. did you paint them red then the clear black or did you just go with the clear black?
                Originally posted by dvck
                I'm going to say this nicely; go fuck yourself.


                  Originally posted by Voyd View Post
                  Schwarz3 makes some excellent points. Here are some pics of the process I have been using to tint tails for my customers. I used products that can be found by any DIY'er.

                  Products used. Disregard the Rustoleum clear and use the SprayMax 2k clear. I will snap a pic if anyone wants.

                  OEM amber tail:

                  Wax and grease remover:

                  600 grit:

                  Wetsand everything:

                  Final product after sanding. Everything should be dull:

                  Tape off:

                  Wax and grease remover again:

                  Tack the tail:

                  1st coat:

                  2nd coat:

                  Final coat of color. You can see the blended area. I don't tape off the amber as it leaves a hard line and I will be clearing so the blend wont be visible.

                  Wetsanded again w/ 2000 grit and ready for clear:

                  Clear applied:

                  Wetsanded w/ 2000 grit and buffed:

                  great write up
                  Originally posted by dvck
                  I'm going to say this nicely; go fuck yourself.


                    I will be tackling this tonight with a 6 pack of Summer Ale and some patience! Thanks guys. I hope it will be a success!
                    If looks could kill:::


                      Just did mine

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                        VHT Nite-Shade >>> Testors Candy Red.
                        Tried both and VHT won hands down. Deeper cherry red and blended better.
                        Used Voyd method

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