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How do I set base timing/trigger angle

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    How do I set base timing/trigger angle

    I could use some help verifying my trigger settings are correct. I've attached my current settings in the attachments below.

    I have a basic timing light and when i attach it I dont see any markings where the front timing cover sits. I've timed my 13b megasquirt and it was dead nuts simple as the pulley is marked for 15* of advance. You set that and line the marks up. boom done...But this doesnt appear that easy!

    the O|T mark is TDC on the first tooth when the engine is off correct? I lined that up with the timing cover mark when it was off so I had a visual reference. When I started the car it was nowhere to be found. I was attached to spark plug wire #1.

    i am using a DIYAutotune MSPNP ecu, with their basemap. This link wasnt much use because it doesnt mention what I am looking for on the crank.

    p.s the car drives great, but I find that anything leaner than a 14.0 bucks so I think its probably advanced too far...I'm afraid to boost anymore without making sure timing is right!

    So with that said can someone give me a spoon-fed step by step guide? Thanks :)
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    I believe on the M20s you need an adjustable tinning light to check the timing as you describe. Not exactly sure how it works but there is a knob on it that delays the light and there is a single mark on the pulley/engine to line up.

    I am about to embark on a similar mission and my plan was to put some additional marks on the pulley to aid in setting the base timing using a normal timing light.

    This link suggests 84deg for tooth angle #1. I used 84 on my old haltech install on an M20 though i never did check it with a light. It seemed to idle very nice though (thats as far as i got) so i assume it was correct...

    But then some other google results suggest the 97 deg as you specified.

    maybe it would be best if you measured your actual wheel to see what degrees it is. you should be able to count the teeth and do some maths.

    I would think (based on theory) that if you set the timing to say 10deg at idle you should stll see the marks relatively close to each other.....hmmm....hopefully someone more knowledgeable chimes in.

    If it is indeed supposed to be 84 and you have 97 that means you are potentially 13degrees more advanced than you think you are, which could account for your issues.
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      I worked it out when I got my M20, counting teeth on the reluctor wheel when the engine is set to TDC is the easiest way to do it. It should be set to 84, this is the correct figure. The O|T mark is for TDC, you can also crank with ignition fixed at 0 advance and alter the tooth angle until the O|T lines up with the reference mark on the timing cover.
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        Hey here is my procedure. Set tuner studio to fixed timing of 10* set your timing light to 10* of advance. Play with the tooth #1 angle untill the marks lines up on the timing cover. Dont forget to turn tuner studio back to use timing table. Mine was 86* iirc.


          I believe it should be 84 degrees for the m20. That is this link but I have seen 86 degrees also.

          Here is a link showing how to set fixed timing for verification with timing light


            You can't see the timing mark because your tooth #1 angle is very far off. Set it to 84* and see if you can see it then. Make sure to lock the timing and set your timing light to the same as what you locked it at (as mentioned in the thread already). It's easiest to set it to 0*, or 10* if your car won't idle at 0 (you'll need an adjustable timing light).

            [this is all based on an M20]


              Did you figure it out?
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                tbh i have not verified it. its been driving decently enough.
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                  Originally posted by driftxsequence View Post
                  tbh i have not verified it. its been driving decently enough.
                  If this is an M20 your timing is probably off by ~13 degrees. You should verify it with a timing light. It would still run, but all of your timing values from the ignition table would be wrong by ~13 degrees.