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Oil Cooler thermostat Stuck?

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    Oil Cooler thermostat Stuck?

    Hi Everyone, I was able to get my engine started last weekend and overall things went great. One of the few issues I had was that oil cooler does not seem to be getting warm. Even after the car has been driven for a while.
    I have heard mentions about a thermostat that may be the issue but I can’t seem to find it on real OEM or any other site.

    Until you stick a temperature gauge in the oil pan, you're not going to know for sure.

    Driving around town, or even on the freeway at 90, you're probably not going to get the oil
    hot enough to need the cooler. The radiator and water in an M20 do 90% of the work
    90% of the time.

    I wouldn't sweat it. Even on track, I don't see 220f unless I've got my nose stuck up someone's butt
    for at least a lap.

    The thermostat is in the housing attached to the side of the block- it has the 2 metal pipes that
    feed the oil cooler.

    now, sometimes I just mess with people. It's more entertaining that way. george graves


      I deleted mine because the hoses were leaking and too expensive to replace.
      My son has the 1987 325e, 2 door, 5speed
      I daily the 1989 325i, 4 door, 5speed


        Toby was right, I took it to the track this weekend and nearly burned my hand checking the oil cooler. It certainly works!