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    Originally posted by Aleman View Post
    Love me a '93 vert. Properly written ad. See? Not everyone on CL is a fucktard.

    This BMW is one of the last 500th or so that was ever sold in North America.

    -New original OEM Master Break Cylinder
    -New all four rotors and break pads
    -There had been an issue with leaking Rack and Pinon witch has been addressed and rebuild.
    -Resent Valve Adjustment

    -The one and only damage is on the driver side fender, see picture.
    -The transmission shifts and feels as it should, clutch is excellent, however, my mechanic has told me that at some point the throw back bearing will be in need of replacement. This is a maintance issue


      Be a Radwood hero:

      1985 Toyota Tercel SR5 4WD - $7,000 (Camas)

      Click image for larger version

Name:	00R0R_5dOpc6bDu9U_0CI0t2_600x450.jpg
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      Click image for larger version

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      Thank you for checking out my 1985 Toyota Tercel SR5 4WD (AL25)

      This vehicle has been my daily driver for the last two years. It has carried my family up and over the Cascade mountains, to the beach, and through the woods. It has been reliable, economical, and amazingly capable in inclement weather. There is an avid community of owners online with helpful resources and encouragement.

      Purchased in 2018 with 123,000 miles from its prior owner on craigslist. The car has lived on the west coast for its whole life and is free of any serious rust. Finding missing pieces and incrementally improving this car has been my hobby. Few come up for sale in this shape; please ask any questions you have.

      The car has broken down on me once in my 15,000 miles of commuting; I lost compression on my way home from work. I had always intended to get a more powerful engine swapped into the vehicle and used this failure as an excuse to do so. The 4WD system engages and works well, lacking an additional differential the Tercel puts equal power to all four wheels. The transmission features a 6th extra-low gear that can only be engaged when in 4WD and brings the gear down to a 'try and stop me' 17.6:1 final drive ratio.

      I was attracted to this car for its boxy 1980’s style. The argyle seat ('85 only) and geometric headliner patterns give it some unironic uniqueness. Any modifications that I have made can be undone in an afternoon or two.

      Decals: I worked with Upper Left Coast Wraps to design and install the decals. They are quality automotive vinyl and look as good today as they did when installed. The decals are one of the things people have most commented on and enjoyed, and personally they make me smile. I removed the round sticker from the roof rack; the P/N/W decal from the rear hatch; and the club sticker from the rear window.

      LED Lighting: Philips Ultinon LED light bulbs were installed in the dome lights, turn signals, running lights, brakes lights, reverse light, and side marker light indicators in 2018.Yellow LED Fog lights have mounted on the front bumper. On/Off button located near center console.

      Cline-o-meter: Also called an “Inclinometer” was scavenged and installed from a 1983. Mounted on the center of the dash, this auxiliary instrument was standard in SR5’s for the 83 and 84 production years but found itself removed from the 1985 SR5. Cluster informs the driver of both the side-to-side and front-to-back angle of the vehicle; additionally there is an indicator light for when 4WD is engaged.

      Roof Rack: Gutter mount towers includes keys. Cheap cargo basket has been useful for my kids bikes.

      All season wheels: 14” alloy ‘Triangles’ 4x100 bolt pattern from a 1980s Toyota MR2 (AW11). Kumho Solus 195/70R14 tires that were installed new in Spring 2020. Due to their size there is minor inner fender rubbing at full lock turn; I just don't (could be hammered out).

      Winter/snow wheels: 13” alloy ‘Waffles’ 4x100 bolt pattern. These are the optional factory alloy for the car. Mounted new in Fall 2019 are Nokian Nordman 175/70R13 studdable (un-studded at this time).

      Backup/Dirt wheels: Stock factory 13” steel wheels with unmatched tires that hold air but should be replaced.

      Current Swapped Engine: Toyota 4AC, 71HP; from a mid-80’s Toyota Corolla. Intended to rebuild this engine, however I needed it back on the road so in it went. The engines mileage is unknown. The HP gain was VERY noticeable in the performance of the car. Direct swap with 3AC, oil pan/pickup and everything from original block.

      Original Engine: Factory Toyota 3AC, 63HP: Original to car; lost compression at 132k miles. Block is complete and has not been diagnosed or rebuilt; included in sale.

      Carburation: Authentic Weber 32/36 electronic choke carburetor installed new 2020. Several non-essential emissions related components were removed/bypassed at this time. The original carburetor and air cleaner are included with the sale.

      Front spacer lift: Machined 1” aluminum strut spacers from a fellow Tercel owner in Canada provide 1". Spacers require no modification and can easily be removed if you would like to return to factory height.

      Rear shock lift: Monroe MA700 air shocks in rear of the vehicle. With no cargo or rear seat passengers I keep it the shocks at 20-25 pounds and have observed a lift of 1 ½” from stock. No modifications were required; return to factory is equally easy.

      Air Shock Control: The air shocks are kept at pressure and adjusted as needed by an Airlift 25804 on-board compressor. Compressor is located in jack storage; controller mounted under glove box.

      Roof rack – Winter 2018
      Roof basket – Winter 2018
      New hatch hydraulic lifters – Winter 2018
      Inclinometer – Winter 2018
      LED exterior lights – Winter 2018
      Fog lights – Spring 2020
      Detailed 2018 & 2020 (ceramic coating)
      New rear wheel bearings – Fall 2018
      New muffler – Winter 2018
      New catalytic converter – Winter 2018
      4AC engine – Installed Spring 2020
      Shifter seat/boot/bushing – Winter 2019
      Weber 32/36 carburetor – Spring 2020
      New radiator – Spring 2020
      New water pump – Spring 2020
      New clutch – Spring 2020
      New plugs/wires – Spring 2020
      Front wheel bearings/seals – Spring 2020
      New CV drive axles/seals – Spring 2020
      New battery – Spring 2020
      New lower ball joints – Spring 2020
      New KYB front struts – Fall 2018
      Aluminum strut spacers – Spring 2020
      MA700 air shocks – Summer 2020
      Airlift compressor – Summer 2020
      New front brake pads – Spring 2020
      New front brake rotors – Spring 2020
      New rear brake shoes – Spring 2020
      Rear brake wheel cylinders – Spring 2020
      Front brake hydraulic hoses – Spring 2020
      Alignment – Spring 2020
      New power Steering Pump - Summer 2020
      Transmission main output seal - Summer 2020


      Interior: 9/10 All trim and parts accounted for, clean, serviceable
      Split/crack down center of inclinometer hood vinyl and both sun visors have their vinyl loosening and sagging

      Exterior: 7/10 Paint hazing with sun damage on the hood and roof 35 years of small dings, dents and discolorations .

      Paint pock marks on front driver’s fender and driver’s door sill; fender not original.

      2 chips in front windshield center; near inclinometer

      Mechanical: After having driven a few thousand miles on the 4AC that hasn't been rebuilt, it appears to consume some oil. Vehicle will sometimes diesel (run/sputter out) for a 1-3 seconds after being turned off. There is a leak at the rear diff pinion seal and the 4wd selector seal (have seal)

      Air Conditioning equipped; non-operational. Leak test revealed leaks at both the evaporator and compressor.
      Back-up light – non-operational
      Trip odometer – non-operational

      No warranties expressed or implied. This Tercel is sold as-is / where-is. Available to see/drive in Portland OR area

      This is a 35-year-old daily driver economy car; I have attempted to be very thorough in my description and encourage you to ask any questions that you have. I am a hobbyist first and foremost not a mechanic, I made no attempt to complete work I was unsure of. I worked with an off-duty mechanic and Toyota enthusiast whom I have befriended or need be took the vehicle to an area shop.I have enjoyed building this car out, and I hope you like it.

      It is currently registered and insured in the state of Washington; Includes a clean Washington State Vehicle title with no lien/loans and Bill of Sale.
      R135 /// 1990 Alpinweiß II 325is
      └┼┼┘ /// 1993 Black/Black Convertible (sold)


        Originally posted by roguetoaster View Post
        OK so grammatically not so great. I meant 'proper' in that he took decent pictures and gave the maintenance history.
        R135 /// 1990 Alpinweiß II 325is
        └┼┼┘ /// 1993 Black/Black Convertible (sold)


          1981 Honda Accord custom pickup $2500.0bo (Quakertown)

          This is a 1981 Honda Accord hatchback 4cyl/auto that was being converted into a pickup truck it has 72,000 original miles, solid clean 99% rust free Honda, the bed is pieces from a Ford F250 pickup bed were corporated into the body, everything was professionally done so far, it just needs alittle minor finishing touches then paint,not a lot to do, this car is an automatic, runs and drives great, I do have Original window sticker, manuals, etc, Clean PA title. TRY TO FIND A HONDA FROM THE EARLY 80's Thats not all rusted out,, Asking $2500.0bo,,Call or Text 2six7-970-2726,LOWBALL OFFERS WILL BE IGNORED N BLOCKED, ONLY TRADES WOULD BE FOR 72 OR OLDER AMERICAN/ CLASSIC CAR


            Originally posted by Aleman View Post

            OK so grammatically not so great. I meant 'proper' in that he took decent pictures and gave the maintenance history.
            I know, but I am a pedant, I cannot help myself.


              1991 BMW 325IX AWD Coupe Alpine White E30 - $7,000

              Click image for larger version

Name:	00909_5JDJRyl7XXW_0CI0pO_600x450.jpg
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ID:	9954258

              I am open to reasonable trades and offers. This car has a lot of work into it and is definitely not you’re everyday e30. The IX was BMW’s retaliation to Audi’s Quattro. It was the first consumer car BMW ever made with AWD. Last time I checked 91 coupes were sold world wide in 1991.
              The car has working A/C and heat.
              Heated seats both work.
              Power windows and sunroof work.
              Fair warning there is a copy of the Sponge Bob Yellow Album stuck in the head unit. Call it a bonus if you’d like.
              Car runs strong and handles well.
              Parts list is attached below.
              Refreshed head
              272 cam
              Heavy duty rocker arms
              Radiator and all hoses
              Water pump
              Fuel pressure regulator
              Head gasket
              Fan clutch
              All accessory belts
              Timing belt and tensioner
              Fuel pump (less than 500 miles)
              Bilstein struts/shocks
              H&R springs
              CV boots
              Sway bar link
              Intake boot
              Full magnaflow exhaust
              M50 17lb injectors (just cleaned less than 500 miles ago)
              Steering wheel (1 of 50 from a limited run done by USPL) and quick release
              Refurbished gauge cluster (all function)
              AC has fresh r134a refrigerant and has been converted from r12 (have a spare compressor if you want a second I can throw it in for another 250)
              New wiper blades

              What it needs:
              I’m pretty sure it could go for some power steering fluid but that isn’t too big of a job and it needs new hoses for the washer fluid nozzles.
              The car is 29 so it does have its flaws. Light dings and scrapes are present as well as cracking on the interior. Headliner needs to be reglued in the back.

              R135 /// 1990 Alpinweiß II 325is
              └┼┼┘ /// 1993 Black/Black Convertible (sold)


                1981 BMW e21 320iS- with AC - $5,400

                Click image for larger version

Name:	00g0g_8LHeONAkXHr_0jm0ew_600x450.jpg
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ID:	9954753

                Selling my 1981 BMW e21 320iS. This is the luxury model which has recaro seats and LSD. I am the third owner and have done a lot of work and purchased a lot of parts, will try to get as detailed as possible below. The car does have some body rust but manageable.

                A list of items recently completed:
                * Oil pan gasket (by Excluservice - European Automotive Specialist)
                * Replaced the valve cover gasket (by Excluservice - European Automotive Specialist)
                * Adjusted valves (by Excluservice - European Automotive Specialist)
                * Oil change (by Excluservice - European Automotive Specialist)
                * Reupholstered all seats (pure leather from Lseat and work done by a local shop -- very expensive)
                * Replaced a lot of sensors and readers from the engine (temperature, oil, etc)
                * Rebuilt front brakes and new pads with rotors. It stops really well!
                * Replaced transmission cylinder
                ** And a lot more i can discuss via phone or in person

                A few things i plan to complete in the near future:
                * Replace fluids in rear diff and transmission
                * Rebuild transmission links

                To the new owner I can sell about $500-800 of parts, can negotiate, as well as a complete set of wheels.
                * Complete front and rear brakes repair kit
                * Full clutch replacement
                * Full set of interior bolts and nuts

                R135 /// 1990 Alpinweiß II 325is
                └┼┼┘ /// 1993 Black/Black Convertible (sold)


                  DEV0 E30 Found these

                  Not BAT but Craigslist:

                  Original owner in LA, $120,000


                  SF Bay, $63,900

                  Current Cars:
                  -1999 996.1 911 4/98 3.8L 6-Speed, 21st Century Beetle

                  Make R3V Great Again -2020


                    Originally posted by 2mAn View Post
                    DEV0 E30 Found these

                    Not BAT but Craigslist:

                    Original owner in LA, $120,000


                    SF Bay, $63,900

                    That guy at $120k clearly knows what he has! LOL
                    R135 /// 1990 Alpinweiß II 325is
                    └┼┼┘ /// 1993 Black/Black Convertible (sold)


                      1991 BMW 318 - $3,995 (Duluth)

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	00S0S_9vKJxUTdPxt_0CI0t2_600x450.jpg
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ID:	9955772

                      Manual, convertible in very good cosmetic shape. Runs and drives fine but hasn’t been driven much in the last few years. Ac not working, temp gauge doesn’t work. Dash, interior seats and body in great shape. 114k miles.
                      R135 /// 1990 Alpinweiß II 325is
                      └┼┼┘ /// 1993 Black/Black Convertible (sold)


                        Sweet Baby Jesus! How bad is the stink inside THIS E30?!?!?! The crack is potent in North Plainfield! $550 might be a more realistic price.

                        1990 BMW 325i E30 - $6,600 (North Plainfield)

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	00q0q_8FZQUxuFyVd_0CI0pO_600x450.jpg
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                        Click image for larger version

Name:	00M0M_9cUD5lhgouD_0CI0pO_600x450.jpg
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ID:	9956528
                        Price is negotiable
                        Hello, I am selling my 1990 BMW 325i 5 speed transmission with 195,xxx miles.. I've driven this car daily since March 2017 and now I have decided to part ways with my E30. This car is 100% stock and matching numbers. Since March 2017, I have replaced a few things on the car to keep it maintained. I have replaced the following:
                        -All belts including Timing Belt
                        -Radiator and Fan
                        -Water Pump
                        -Spark Plugs
                        -Brakes & Rotors all around (June 2020)

                        -Desperately needs an exterior paint job on verticals on car (Original 30 year old paint)
                        -Sunroof sometimes doesn't sit right and small drips of water could get in if not careful
                        -Front side upper and lower tie rods and lower control should be replaced soon
                        -Rear driver side door doesn't lock when the other doors lock
                        -Rear driver side window doesn't go down when you press the button (I have the new window motor and old window motor in trunk)
                        -Fuel indicator is stuck on E. Once I am low on fuel the low gas light works. (Cluster works except fuel indicator. Could be a problem with sending unit)
                        -Blower Motor has failed. When blower motor was working, I did have working AC and Heat.

                        Despite cons listed above, this car drives super well and it stands by the Ultimate Driving Experience that BMW states. This car is 30 years old but by no means its not perfect. I simply do not have the time to fix it and keep the beautiful car going further and further. This is a perfect car for someone who wants to keep the E30 tradition and experience going or someone who's looking on making it a project car. Please call me for more information on the car or to meet up to take a look at the car. I am only available on weekends or sometimes during weekdays at night. CASH ONLY.

                        R135 /// 1990 Alpinweiß II 325is
                        └┼┼┘ /// 1993 Black/Black Convertible (sold)


                          Click image for larger version

Name:	78438076a57b41ec926e1e2a4dfdc615.jpg
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ID:	9956535

                          PRICE IS FIRM
                          DO NOT MESSAGE UNLESS U HAVE 7500 CASH
                          I am not accepting offers
                          Selling my bmw e30 325i coupe
                          No Trades
                          Clean title ‘auto trans
                          Runs perfect
                          Ac blows cold /new blower motor
                          Tags and smog are good
                          No issues , turn key car
                          Last year of hard top coupe
                          Electric sunroof
                          Power windows
                          15’ Ronal LS wheels 15x7
                          Matching 205/50/15s
                          Euro smileys w HID KIT 5500K
                          Red46 sump armour m20 skid plate
                          H&R sport springs
                          Powder coated valve cover/strut brace
                          Mtech1 wheel
                          Recaro sport seats
                          Stop tech SS brake lines
                          Magnaflow SS muffler
                          Chrome tips
                          E36 window switches
                          ALL DONE IN 2017>
                          Timing belt/water pump
                          Valve cover gasket
                          Valve adjustment >2018
                          Sunroof one piece gasket > 2020
                          My car is clean and well maintained ( keep in mind it’s 30 years old )
                          Serious Buyers Only
                          Test drive only if you have cash in hand
                          One person only
                          I'm looking for an e30 for my bro and came across this..

                          Seller is such a bitch, I offered 5k and she told me to kill myself LOL

                          I told here that those are not recaros, just stock sport seats, she then told me the ODO is from another car and the mileage she claims is lower than what the cluster installed says loooool, vinyl seats are fucked, its auto, weird fade on the paint and the dash is cracked...
                          Current Collection: 1990 325is // 1987 325i Vert // 2003 525i 5spd // 1985 380SL // 1992 Ranger 5spd // 2005 Avalanche // 2024 Honda Grom SP


                            1988 BMW Wide Body 325 ic $10,500 (Chesterbrook)

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	00c0c_lq9q7xPB3Lm_0CI0t2_600x450.jpg
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ID:	9956546
                            Selling my 1988 BMW e30 Wide Body 325ic, 5 SPD, 149,600, original engine, BC lowered adj coilover suspension, rocket bunny, euro bumpers, new XXR bigger wheel and tire combination, sorted interior, stainless exhaust, fresh lights, front strut bar, lower k support, plus skid plate.

                            Just power washed the underside. Super solid with no corrosion.

                            Feel free to call or text me. I will not send info to your email, nor will I run a car report, nor will I send you a verification code. Please don't waste my time.

                            Reminds me of the LEGO M3:
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	gallery-1445614808-m1.jpg?resize=480:*.jpg
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ID:	9956547
                            R135 /// 1990 Alpinweiß II 325is
                            └┼┼┘ /// 1993 Black/Black Convertible (sold)


                              2012 CHEVY SONIC (no interior!) - $3,000 (Alexandria)

                              2012 Chevrolet Sonic LT 1.8 ***Interior not installed, but available***. 88,000 miles. Manual trans. New Hankook Kynergy tires. Nearly perfect body, paint, and glass. I just clay barred and waxed the whole car. Trailer hitch!

                              High MPG (40 mpg) commuter. High volume cargo capacity (fits as much cargo as a small pickup truck and more than most SUVs). -or- Great candidate for off-road rally car or SCCA B SPEC track/race car.

                              History- In 2012, General Motors donated this Chevy Sonic along with a 2012 Chevy Camaro SS to a non-profit organization in Washington, D.C. that taught kids to build race cars. In the first month, the car was prepped as a SCCA B SPEC race car. All interior parts were removed for weight savings and speed. All fluids were replaced with redline fluids. Sponsor stickers and racing stripes were put all over the car. Before they ever even put the Sonic on the track for racing, the owners of the non-profit divorced and the husband got this Chevy Sonic. He used it a few times for trips to move his household to Florida and then listed it on Craigslist in Florida. I bought it in 2014 at around 12,000 miles to replace my commuter, a 250,000-mile Hyundai Accent. I removed most of the sponsor stickers and racing stripes. It was getting way too many looks for me!

                              I used the Sonic to commute on I-10 in Florida until 2018 (70,000 miles), then moved to NOVA and used it for my 15-minute commute daily. It is a pleasure to drive and I baby it, trying to get the best MPG and smooth shifting/clutch work. The clutch feels great.

                              Maintenance- regular 5000-mile oil changes using Mobil 1 10w30 and AC Delco filter every time. Cabin air filter and engine air filter just changed. Oil changed at 85,000.

                              ***There is a Check Engine Light for one code associated with the thermostat. The thermostats have an electronic heater controlled by the computer and the heating element is bad. I have a new one and will be replacing the thermostat this weekend and flushing and refilling the coolant. I will then delete the code and there are no other codes.

                              At one time I bought an entire interior from a donor car. So, I have a full interior, but would rather sell it separately. Negotiable.

                              It has amazing cargo area, great for camping, big dogs (I used to put a large dog bed in the back for two big dogs.) Great for hunting and fishing. Does well on dirt and gravel roads. Rides great in snow and ice. It is much lighter than stock weight of 2600#s. Likely around 2,350# without interior and handles curves and accelerates very well.

                              NADA value $5,710.00 minus interior = asking price of 3,000 negotiable.

                              Carfax available for serious buyers.


                                Originally posted by MrBurgundy View Post

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	78438076a57b41ec926e1e2a4dfdc615.jpg
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Size:	62.8 KB
ID:	9956535

                                I'm looking for an e30 for my bro and came across this..

                                Seller is such a bitch, I offered 5k and she told me to kill myself LOL

                                I told here that those are not recaros, just stock sport seats, she then told me the ODO is from another car and the mileage she claims is lower than what the cluster installed says loooool, vinyl seats are fucked, its auto, weird fade on the paint and the dash is cracked...
                                Lily Munster knows what she has
                                90 Bronzit 325is
                                16 Black Sapphire 340i M Sport