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June 2021 Car of the Month WestCoastETA

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    June 2021 Car of the Month WestCoastETA

    ***Editors Note: I've known Max for a few years now and the cars been slowly evolving... quite slowly. The fact that he has stayed the course though and continued on is what I love. This is another long-term owner car, slow evolution and a car with a bright future... Maybe one day the paint will match and the engine build will be done. Maybe... Anyways, congrats Max, you're the June 2021 Car of the Month!***

    Color: Alpine White

    Interior Color: Pacific Blue vinyl with lots of patina

    Engine/Transmission: Stock for now. I’m in the process of gathering parts for an inevitable head swap/refresh

    Suspension/Chassis: GC coilover conversion (2” shortened housings, Koni Yellows, Eibach springs), IE street/track camber plates, E46 purple tag rack swap, Chasebays power steering kit, delrin steering coupler, Garagistic adjustable rear subframe, Garagistic front strut brace, HIK severe duty skid plate

    Wheels: 15x7 ET42 OZ Ruote Wheels painted Subaru Gold, 12mm spacers front, 10mm spacers rear, Federal 595 RS-RR 205/50, rolled fenders, fresh brakes with steel braided lines

    Exterior Mods: Euro bumpers, Euro grills, Hella smileys, Hella air dam (allegedly 1 of 20), BBS side skirts, Zender rear apron, E21 Zender spoiler, E21 louvers, Bubble-car “Alpina” heckblende, Yakima roof rack, Motorsport roundels, antenna delete

    Interior Mods: Renown 100 steering wheel + MOMO hub, Z3 1.9 shift lever, ZHP shift knob, Stitch Boots Mtech boot, Continental Bluetooth head unit, e82 floor mats, cupholders from R3v, trunk tar delete, multi-pattern duct tape seat mod (highly recommended)

    Plans: 2.7i conversion, turbo, diff rebuild, new seats, clean up bodywork & paint, drive it

    Story: I bought this thing in 2010 for $250 and daily drove it for several years. I didn’t know anything about working on cars when I first started wrenching on it, but through the years I’ve been slowly taking on more advanced projects, building it into what you see now. It’s far from finished, but it’s come a long way since I got it.

    I initially planned to fix up the engine before moving onto the aesthetic mods, but I have a tendency to buy stuff when I see it for sale and it just kind of happened this way. Maybe one day I’ll finish addressing its many, many flaws, but for now I’m taking it one project at a time.

    If you're curious to see the the earlier stages of the car, check out my build thread here.

    It’s not the cleanest car on r3v, but I’m honored that Simon considered me for COTM and I appreciate all the support this site has offered over the years!

    Current Cars:
    -1999 996.1 911 4/98 3.8L 6-Speed, 21st Century Beetle

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    Congrats Max! Love the license plate mod!
    sigpic84 325e


      Originally posted by 808ETA View Post
      Congrats Max! Love the license plate mod!
      Thank you still in the process of figuring out a permanent solution, but it gets the job done for now!


        I love it! Congrats on COTM!


          This thing is so rad! It's been a while since I've checked out the build thread, it's a come a longgg way. Stoked to continue watching it evolve



            I can really appreciate this.

            Looks like some E30s from my past.

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              Nice one! My original e21 that got me started in BMWs looked a bit like this too. Was a blast to drive and got me hooked I have to admit.
              My e30: OEM+ with M30B35


                I like it. 👍
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                DSC04926 by Raul Salinas, on FlickrDSC03413 by Raul Salinas, on Flickr


                  Thanks for the love guys! Really appreciate the feature, and the car is long from finished.


                    I dig it. I feel like this is a rare representation of the build many enthusiasts crave but never actually accomplish. Functional, drive as you go, cool mods, but not so polished that you stop yourself from fully enjoying the car for what it is.

                    As E30 values continue to climb, me thinks we will see less and less of cars like this, which is a shame.
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                      I am stoked at how much love this is getting
                      1984 Delphin 318i 2 door