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My E30 Rehabilitation! ft. Boost Noises

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    Quick update to keep the R3v world alive.

    I made it to the dyno! Roman over at Boostlogic in ATX humbled himself in this beat up chariot and got it running better than ever.

    However, we ran into three major hiccups.
    • Fuel leak
    • Car is burning a healthy amount of oil, particularly after a hard pull
    • Fuel pump ran out of steam
    While strapping the car down Roman noticed the car was weeping fuel from the return line at the gas tank. He was nice enough to let me replace the fuel line then and there, but I completely soaked myself in fuel in the process. Now I'm the proud owner of a Boostlogic T-shirt at least

    With that sorted he started doing some pulls, that's when we noticed a good amount of smoke coming out of the exhaust. We checked the oil cap to check for blow by and fortunately didn't see anything, at the moment valve stem seals or a turbo related issue are the probable causes. Valve stem seals have been replaced (Though 5 years and 40k miles ago) so I'm leaning toward the turbo having a draining issue. I'm all ears if anyone has input here, I performed a compression check on the motor over the weekend and received 175-180 psi on all cylinders except cylinder 3 which reported 160 psi. These cylinder pressures line up with the values I recorded 5 years ago so I believe my motor is pretty healthy.

    We decided to press on despite the smoke and ran into the final issue that killed the session - the fuel pump. Roman wasn't able to get enough fuel to the motor to get past 7 psi of boost pressure. I am currently using a Walboro 255l unit which should be sufficient, but there is some suspicion that my stock wiring isn't supplying enough power to the pump. I am in the process of wiring the pump up with power directly from the battery and replacing the fuel filter to try and sort this issue. If that's not it a new pump will be on the way!

    No dyno sheet since Roman would like me to come back after sorting the fueling issue out, but the car peaked at 265whp / 235tq @ 7 psi.


    P.S. I'll post a dyno sheet once I get these issues sorted so the world will have a good idea how the S257 performs on a stock M20B25.


      Solid numbers for 7 pound

      (clicky on piccy to get to thread)


        Very cool build!!

        BMW E30 M3 - S50B32


          Originally posted by econti View Post
          Solid numbers for 7 pound
          Originally posted by Mazi! View Post
          Very cool build!!
          Thanks guys!

          I finished hardwiring the fuel pump directly to the battery last night with a relay and the car is still leaning out during a long pull. I'm replacing the fuel filter and checking out the pump pick-up sock to see if anything is amiss. I don't really expect those items to be the issue but I'll press on with troubleshooting before replacing the pump.

          Roman is recommending I install a fuel pressure sensor for diagnosis and setting up a fail safe so I don't lose an engine over this issue. I have everything I need for that, but I'm getting hung up on the Megasquirt installation. I believe I need to open up the box and forgo knock sensing or barometric correction - at the moment I'm planning to remove barometric correction. I need to give DIYAutotune a ring to solidify my understanding of what needs to be changed and how the sensor pins need to be setup for the 5V input / output signals.

          The saga continues...


            Howdy R3v, I have some good news followed by (hopefully) some more good news next week.

            The great fueling debacle of 2021:

            Pulled my fuel pump for the first time in 5 or so years and I was not impressed with my rookie wrenching Walboro retrofit. I was able to pull the electrical connections apart by hand and the filter sock was filthy. While I had it out I checked the authenticity of the pump with an online guide, fortunately the pump checked out as genuine.

            Despite the dirty sock, the pick up was still looking good.

            Reassembled with proper electrical crimps, fuel hose rated clamps, replaced the sock, and wire wheeled the fuel pump mounting bracket.

            Slapping myself on the wrist some more, I was equally unimpressed with my choices of fuel lines to replace. About half the lines in this photo are presumably original and hard as rock. Not sure what my reasoning was for not replacing all the lines way back when, fear of screwing up? lol

            Replaced all the fuel lines (and fuel filter) along with my creative fuel pump electrical connection.

            Looking better, also note the external pump wiring.

            Moving on, I modified the megasquirt to accept the fuel pressure sensor. I did this by pulling the pin for the barometric correction and replaced it with a jumper going from ADC1 -> EXT. Setting up the pin out for my fuel pressure sensor then, I used Pin 19 for the 5V Signal In, Pin 23 for 5V Out, and Pin 22 for Ground on the 26 pin options port.

            If anyone else is curious in doing something similar with the PNP I used this article as a guide:

            Checked the sensor accuracy using a bike pump, it works!!

            Installing the fuel pressure sensor was my ticket, upon start up and driving around I was seeing 40 psi-ish for the fuel feed to the rail which would then ramp up to 45 - 50psi under WOT. Checking the bently, these values are right about what I should be expecting, which pointed me down stream to the fuel pressure regulator.

            After replacing the regulator the car ran pig-rich on initial start up, but once it reached operating temperature the afrs went back to normal. Driving it around and getting into even a lick of boost would peg the afr gauge to 10. Back when we stopped the tuning session, Roman said I should expect the car to run very rich once the issue is fixed since my injector duty was pretty much maxed out at 7psi. I figure the car runs so rich on initial start up now due to the fuel enrichment settings.

            With that sorted, the car went back to the dyno... and it's been sitting strapped to the dyno at Boostlogic for almost a month :P. The tuner dealing with his own covid crisis at home followed by snowmageddon in Texas has put the tuning session on the back burner. The good news is we're back on schedule to get the tune finalized next week barring no more problems pop up... we shall see.

            The car's new home ft. wide body S2K:

            Before all the snow hit I made another trip to West Texas with my gf. Had the pleasure of meeting Keller in Marfa who has owned this super clean '87 325is since it was new. I secretly wanted to snag that (oxblood?) interior when he wasn't looking :)

            Wicked FJ60 had me drooling...

            And finally, proof of the Texas snow where many donuts and slides were had. We were very fortunate to have power the whole time, I believe because our apartment is on the nearby hospital grid. Nearly everyone else I know down here was out of power and some are still dealing with the fallout. Blech, at least I got to drive GoldE in the snow for the first time.

            Hoping for some dyno figures and happy days next week, cheer y'all!


              Awesome thread and transformation of this beast!
              -Brad, AlphaTeam Motorwerks, LLC
              91' 318i Slicktop Touring - M54 Swapped
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              Alpha Team: running through e30s, gringo icebergs, and 19 yr olds.

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                Originally posted by spiDmang View Post
                Awesome thread and transformation of this beast!
                Thanks dude!! If only I had it back to enjoy :P

                Still waiting for news on it, hopefully news doesn't come with any new inspection holes and or a tow truck


                  Would you happen to have the core measurements or part number of that intercooler? One of the deferred upgrades I want to do to my car now is getting rid of the 24x12x3 intercooler and replace it with something thinner so I can put a decent condenser fan on the car. As it sits there has been absolutely no chance of one fitting.
                  '91 318is, M20B25, T3/T04E 60 trim (18psi), megasquirt, coilovers, Z3 rack, cold AC
                  [b u i l d]
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                    Originally posted by varg View Post
                    Would you happen to have the core measurements or part number of that intercooler? One of the deferred upgrades I want to do to my car now is getting rid of the 24x12x3 intercooler and replace it with something thinner so I can put a decent condenser fan on the car. As it sits there has been absolutely no chance of one fitting.
                    Core is 17.5"x11.75"x2.76", I'm pretty happy with the fitment and the AC components fit pretty well with some careful packaging and a spal slim fan.

                    The intercooler itself is just a Mischimoto G-line intercooler:


                      Well, not the update I was hoping for y'all. I have the car back, but unfortunately I didn't receive a tune and was refunded my money. I may work with the tuner again in the future, but looks like I'm on my own for now.

                      I was able to drive it home from Boostlogic, but it was running pretty poorly and the wideband seemed to be acting up. I've since re-calibrated the wide-band and took a datalog, it's boosting at about 6lbs currently and I was seeing AFRs of 13+ in boost, which is obviously very bad. I've manually added a bunch of fuel and have been letting auto-tune run wild. Noticeable improvements, but still a long way off.

                      My plan of attack is to get my fuel table as close as I can to my AFR target table and then try cleaning up the idle. 6lbs of boost doesn't strike me as very detrimental, so I don't think it would hurt to give it a shot myself. I appreciate any advice for a novice tuner, not trying to blow this car up but getting a tune has also proved more challenging than I anticipated.

                      Here is my current AFR target table (which I believe is ballpark) if any tuning gurus want to chime in:

                      Click image for larger version  Name:	Screen Shot 2021-04-14 at 10.01.24 AM.png Views:	0 Size:	204.9 KB ID:	10002725


                        This whole street tuning thing has been going pretty well so far (famous last words). Running about 6-7lbs of boost and it definitely gets out of its own way. I have the fueling pretty on par with the AFR target table above and spent a bunch of time on researching and adjusting settings as I've been learning the in and outs of megasquirt. The idle mostly stays solid and the acceleration enrichment settings feel decent, though still a tad sluggish r3vmatching. But overall, it's been good enough to put 3000 boosted miles on it! That's feeling like a feat in and of itself :).

                        Thinking about shooting for another professional tune soon though, looking like my best options are a tuner in northern Louisiana with M20 turbo experience or our R3v resident ForcedFireBird in Florida. Seems like either option would be quite the adventure (and drive)!


                        Did some intercooler pipe - valence clearancing with a BFH:

                        Got the AC working! Though my cooling system seems to have a hard time maintaining temp while sitting, not sure if this is a engine bay heat issue from the turbo, Compressor putting too much strain on the engine issue (it ran hot N/A with AC too), or just a general cooling system problem some where (everything is new or replaced at some point in my ownership).

                        Driving around is feeling pretty sweet:

                        Got to be a the caretaker for a friend's LS swapped landie for a few weeks, wicked machine:

                        That's all I got for now! Hopefully this machine holds together a while longer


                          Sad to hear about the tuner and the time spent without the car, but it sounds like your tuning adventure is going well.

                          I think one of my favorite sources of info (besides just googling things) has been Youtube videos by Andy Whittle, as well as the "MLVHD" Facebook page (the Megalog Viewer HD group, started by the same guy).
                          He made a few informative posts in May in that group about Accel Enrichment/Tip In Enrichment that might help with sorting out the rev matching
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                          Usually it's best not to know how much money you have into your e30