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August 2019 Car of the Month: rjmcdermott81

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    August 2019 Car of the Month: rjmcdermott81

    ***Editors Note: If you havent seen this build you get to see the full "snow-ball" effect of wanting to do it right. His build certainly resulted with an E30 we all would be jealous of. Even though Im not a huge S54 fan, Im a huge fan of this car. It all works together perfectly. Congrats RJ, you're our August 2019 Car of the Month!***

    Factory options:
    318is (USA)
    Production Date: 1990-07-04
    Engine: M42
    Transmission: Manual
    Upholstery (0166) (Black leatherette)

    S400A Slidetilt sunroof manual
    S410A Window lifts electric front
    S481A Sports seat
    S530A Air conditioning
    S556A Outdoor temperature indicator
    S242A Steering wheel airbag
    S281A BMW LA wheel chromeplatedround spoke
    S300A Emergency spare wheel


    Diamantschwarz Metallic

    Interior color:
    Original Black Leatherette

    Engine modifications:

    ~60k miles s54
    Refreshed rod and main bearings
    New oil pump, thermostat, waterpump
    K&N typhoon intake
    Mishimoto oil cooler
    Arc Asylum oil pan / front-subframe
    Mishimoto radiator

    Stock s54 headers modified by Arc Asylum

    2.5” from merge back with catalytic converter, resonator, muffler, and tips done locally

    1976 BMW 2002 booster

    1985 318i master cylinder
    UUC BBK upfront / stock rear

    420g 6-speed out of an e46m3

    Stock 4.10 LSD small case

    Ground control coilovers setup for aggressive street driving

    Apex Arc 8 17” wheels with 235/40/17 s-drive tires

    Exterior modifications:

    Color change! Hennarot – glass out repaint in mah garage
    OEM M-tech 2 kit with all new mounting hardware
    -Rear valence modified to allow for the exhaust tips to run straight.
    -Custom made sidemarker insets because....apparently those are unobtanium
    Sunroof delete
    Antennae delete plug

    Interior modifications:
    Crackfree dash

    OEM carpet cleaned and dyed black
    Back parcel shelf cleaned and dyed black
    Custom headliner for the sunroof delete
    Seats redone using NineStitch upholstery - installed locally
    New stereo with subwoofer mounted on the parcel shelf (previous owner cut a hole in it so I took advantage of the spot)

    Story behind the car:

    So...3 years ago I got a wild hair that I wanted to do an s54 swap but I didn’t have a car for it. I started my hunt for a chassis. Fortunately for Kid8’s desire to see me spend my money he continued to pass me ridiculous craigslist ads. Finally, a 318is that was in rough shape on craigslist was passed along and I headed down to Houston the next day to pick it up.

    At that point the most difficult car project I’d ever taken on was a clutch change. I also didn’t have a garage at my house at that time either. Not sure what I was thinking. So I took it one step at a time. Spending money on big commitments so I had to follow through. I picked up the engine/transmission from Joey in NJ after he decided to stop his swap project. At that point, in my front driveway, I had the drivetrain on a pallet and the car with the drivetrain out. Class act.

    The big shift in my project occurred when we moved houses and I now had a 1-1/2 car garage. This allowed me to get more ambitious. I moved much faster to get the swap, brakes, and suspension in.

    Once I had the swap up and running I think I drove it for a few weeks before I became disgusted with how it looked and decided I would paint it. That started a long journey of bodywork and paint. I learned everything from and spent far more in equipment than I should have.

    The goal was a daily driver – power brakes, power steering, A/C, and reliable. Overall, I love how the car drives and I’m beyond happy with how it looks. It’s been a fun journey and I owe many thanks to all my friends who have either helped by lending their hands or advice – Ben, Chris, Ken, Andy, Zach, Nathan, Dane, and of course the whole r3v community.

    Build thread is here

    Current Car:
    -2017 i3 REx, 21st Century E30
    -1975 Alfa Romeo Giulia Nuova Super 1300, the never-ending name & project

    Make R3V Great Again -2020

    Gorgeous! Excellent choice.
    My previous build (currently E30-less)

    A 2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD 4x4 Offroad in Inferno is my newest obsession


      Oh shit!!! Congrats Ryan!!

      It looks just as good in person


        Congrats! Super cool build, a fantastic result, and I really like that you got the kids involved!


          Those rear seats look incredible. If I was a midget I'd wanna sleep there for sure.

          Not much of an s54 fan either but I love this car.
          1984 Delphin 318i 2 door


            Wow. Amazing car and truly inspirational work. Incredible.

            Somehow I had missed this thread in my initial deep drive into the forum; just finished reading the whole thing, including bookmarks for the way you painted trim and the leather shop in Austin. Awesome.


              Thanks 2mAn and everyone. It was a fun project and it will be hard to top.
              Build Thread: Ryan's Hennarot 318is
              COTM Aug 2019


                Awesome car - well deserved!
                Originally posted by kronus
                would be in depending on tip slant and tube size


                  Woot, congrats Ryan!! I know how much time and effort was put into this. It still astonishes me how quickly you got it done.


                    Crikey Moses. That is great.


                      This car is BEAUTIFUL !!!!!! Great job.


                        Amazing car! I don't know how I missed your build thread, but I just cruised through it and man you did a great job! Kudos on COTM!


                          Gonna have to add that build thread to my to-read list. Looks great!

                          Instagram: Reichart12


                            Wow I love this e30! Nice work!

                            Looks like you have a custom speaker box in your rear package tray. I have something similar.
                            90 Bronzit 325is
                            16 Black Sapphire 340i M Sport


                              How'd I miss this one? It's one hell of a build. Looks great too, and I'm not a fan of red in general. Bravo for doing a 24V swap and keeping AC and PS, nice wheels too.

                              Nice work on the the slicktop conversion. That's something I hope to tackle in the future when I restore my car, but the level of disassembly required to do it really sucks. My roof doesn't show as much rust as yours did, but I have no doubts that it looks terrible with the headliner out.
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