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325is, Track Ready, Street Drivable, Show Quality

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    325is, Track Ready, Street Drivable, Show Quality

    Hello all this is my first post other than in the for sale sections, My name is Perry Wilson, Im 23 years old and I have been a metal sculptor and bike builder since I was 15. Grew up around circle track racing and road racing(e46 m3, and e46 M3 M52 turbo GT3 cars) my whole life, and this is my first BMW build, and even car build from the ground up that Ive ever done... but its gonna be big. Just Had a baby girl so the build is going slow, but sure

    Project list:
    S50 5 speed swap (have it)
    BC racing full coilover (done)
    ps delete (condor speedshop)
    shaved bay (ready for duraglas)
    full wire strip and tuck(bay and in car)
    100% weight reduction
    Slick Top (done)
    BBS Style 5 Redrilled 17x8 et20 (gold center, polished lip, black bolts)(refinishing)
    18mm space front 25mm rear (have)
    Full undercarage cover to reduce drag
    Hill climb sized splitter front and rear (and monster wing)
    removed rear wheel well
    full cage 10+ point
    2 low max seats(have)
    abs relocate to in car and re plumb brakes
    massive bbk (future)
    22/25 sway bars(future)

    Bought this 88k mile 325is In clearwater end of august. Rust free (exceot floor pan on driver side), garage kept, non smoler, crack free dash. Car had the ugly honda spec +35et 17x7.5 wheels on it when I bought it. they are now my paint wheels... It has a 3.73 LSD and was destined to be my new track car. Now for pics and progress.

    Great starter car

    First Night She Got Home


    The harness is now completely pulled and stripped of everything that isnt racecar and brake and headlights. 116lbs of tar and sound deadning was removed

    gutted doors, and quick release doors

    Gas tank and engine/trans were removed so the fun could begin(doing this on the ground solo is a pita)

    Haloween break, my pumpkin

    shaving and boxing the bay

    as it sits, ready for duraglas (boxed in behind the strut towers too)

    Slick Top

    ABS relocate and lowered the column 2 inches

    Bought these

    fixed the floor pan, cut out the spare tire well and tack in the cover for now

    well more to come :)

    I'm excited.

    Go here be happy!

    Ratchet Garage e30 V8 build.


      OOO in for this. Should be a good one.
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      24V swap thread


        My dreams.


          I like where this is headed
          - Josh
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          Looking to buy shift boot frames, PM if you have one to sell

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            thanks guys, im very excited for the car to be finished up, it has a little ways to go but I will keep updating the thread. BTW im keeping diving boards, why because no one does and I think they are sexy as fuh, and I will be polishing them too just so people see them more lol


              Wow... Serious racecar here....can't wait to see more progress!
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                well some pretty big things have happened/changed for the better, in the area of MORE POWWWAAAA that is all for now


                  sub'd great work!

                  MY BUILD THREAD

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                    Nice! Sub'd

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                    --Golden Boy E30 Build Thread-- (sold)


                      I really like that ABS relocate.


                        Great start man! I see several very nice details so far. I hope to meet you sometime at some local driving events!

               puts on a pretty sweet autocross every month in your neighborhood.
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                        What is this faggy shit I have happened upon?
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                        I can always live in a M3. Can't M3 a house.


                          I like where this is going. Subbed.
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                            I like dis.
                            E30 buildy things


                              @Lof8 Ive run out their a LONG time ago when I was 16 in my S2k lol, I would love to bring out our E46 M3 turbo track car maybe after the new turbo is in