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1970 BMW Gruppe 2 2002 (M20B29 Turbo) Build

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    This is great project and very satisfying to watch. Keep it up.


      Originally posted by pandaboo911 View Post
      Are you gonna make the stock gas filler work?

      Nope. Gonna shave it. Holidays, the 56 and snowboarding have kept me from progress on the 02. But here’s some updates.

      Got some headlights...with hella’s.

      Installed. They need some adjusting. I have a rebuild kit I believe.

      Got a hard pipe to get the coolant flipped to the passenger side radiator inlet.

      Found a guy that sketches toon like cars. Had him do a colored render of what my plan for the car is.

      Got the turbo supply line and a adapter for the oil pressure sensor.

      Made up the supply line.

      Made a cardboard template to size a box I can fit with still clearing all brake master cylinder stuff and have a clear path to route the coolant too

      Installed the supply line.

      Had the car pushed out to get Xmas decorations out of rafters of garage. I really liked this pic. My car glowing from the garage light. With the 56 aired out next to it :)

      Started with some brake lines from Adams Motorsport aka Andrew that used to work at Ireland engineering.

      They fit great! Pre bent!

      Fronts done. I gotta do the rears next.

      Marked the downpipe and pulled it out to tie in the external wastegate. I’d like to make another down pipe down the road with a screamer pipe for fun :) but let’s get this thing running first haha.

      Turbo manifold assembly off.

      Put back the downpipe and realized something is gonna give me trouble.

      Basically the downpipe tube was too long to allow the waste-gate to have enough room for a v-band.

      So I had to cut it shorter and reweld. Really didn’t wanna cut up a 500$ manifold, but hey. Sh** happens.

      Welded Back up.

      Put it back on the car. But has to come off for oxygen sensor bungs and weld a v band on the other end of DP. Also got 5 ft of 3” 304SS. Gonna try to find a 3”
      Mandrel locally. If not I’ll be doing pie cuts and getting more practice with the TIG :)

      Will update sooner this time. I promise ;)

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        Chugging away,

        Finally hung the differential. Still not done I guess...

        Grabbed this secondary ear. Figured this was less of a pain then switching to e36 diff and messing with the speed sensor...

        Ghetto hung! It worked while I bounced around with different stuff.

        Getting ready to chop the other 2002 diff mount off.

        Cut...and time to make new ones :)

        Used the brackets that came with the garagistic mount.

        Got them both made, I traced these onto other metal I still need to cut out and weld in. But have to get the car way higher to weld or take the diff/subframe out of the way.

        Welded them in. And was pleased to see it hanging proper and my axles straightened out.

        Then admired the meaty booty.

        Now that it’s hanging where it is supposed to. I test fit the driveshaft with no luck :(

        Had it shortened and re-balanced.

        Now it fits!!!

        Tightened everything up and it spins nicely.

        Now that that’s connected. Workin on the fuel supply so I can start it!

        Some 6061 sheet. 1/8” thick.

        Made a template of the trunk...and cut it out!

        Almost nailed it. Had to do some touch up to make it come in and out easily without binding.

        Fuel cell will be mounted in this location...just need to figure how I’m gonna secure the tank yet make it easy to remove if necessary.

        View from the bottom!

        Any ideas for fuel cell mounting are welcome. I’m thinking some aluminum tabs welded onto the floor and then have metal straps or something to lock it down in case of a flip over or bouncing around.

        Next on the list:
        -Secure tank
        -run fuel lines
        -run brake lines to rear

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        1970 Gruppe 2 2902 M20 Turbo Build:


          Coming along quite nicely! Can't wait for a vid of some pulls :) haha
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            Can't wait for the first start vid!!!
            Move with a purpose.
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              1970 BMW Gruppe 2 2002 (M20B29 Turbo) Build

              Been working on my other project but rolled the BMW out and finally sat in my car for the first time! Let me catch you up...

              So of course the shocks wouldn’t just install...

              The angle was off so I had to get creative...

              Then got these bad boys...

              Welded em on! And stuck a bearing in!

              And voila!

              I didn’t like my welds on my first ever box so welded them for a second try. Better, not great.

              Gonna put the expansion tank above the booster

              Also not sure if you guys ever have to take this off. I ported this coolant return on the head out. Silly casting...but hey? Everything counts right!


              Made vent lines and started some SS braided hoses

              Rolled the car out of the garage the other day, and put a seat in temporarily for shipping the car. Got a windshield, waiting for my seals from Steve @ Blunttech.

              Put some more screws in the fender flares. Starting to look like a car [emoji4] and got to sit in it for the first time. Was great!

              Booty shot.

              I rolled it back in after failing thinking a e30 parking brake cable would be the right length in an 02.

              Also the dang sleeve portion doesn’t fit the 2002 parking brake tube...not sure what to do here. Anyone ever shortened a e3” parking brake cable???

              Tips/suggestions welcomed.

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              1970 Gruppe 2 2902 M20 Turbo Build:


                Looks an awesome project!'

                Could you flare the end of the parking brake tube to fit?
                My e30: OEM+ with M30B35


                  Originally posted by lukeADE335i View Post
                  Looks an awesome project!'

                  Could you flare the end of the parking brake tube to fit?

                  I think that’s an option if my routing will allow it. I think I need to put a spacer there between the tube on the 2002 and the sleeve on the cable...

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                  1970 Gruppe 2 2902 M20 Turbo Build:


                    Love this build!

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                      So a lot has I’ll catch ya up. I moved to Austin, Texas. That was a drive....

                      Transferred within my company. Bought my first house in April, and moved in May. Been enjoying Austin so haven’t been working on the 02 much. But there’s been some progress. On with the pics :)

                      Had to prep the car for needed the hood!

                      Ireland engineering fiberglass hood.

                      Dad helped me put the windshield in. Used weed whacker refill spool to put in seal. Made install a breeze.

                      I had him help make sure I cut these holes right...laid it out with tape...

                      Drilled holes where the pins went thru then traced the aerocatch systems.

                      Talk about nerve racking...trimming it out with the dremel.

                      And the fronts pinned!

                      Love the intercooler peeking :) looks a little more sleeper :)


                      Now the car is sealed it can go outside!

                      First natural shower in years lol.

                      Then a rainbow came!!!

                      This pedal box was a royal pain in the ass!
                      Putting it in after the fact the motor was in, stupid idea.

                      And it so sexy with its black gloss powdercoat.

                      Shows a good view of the clearances I’m dealing with....

                      And that’s pretty much where it left off in California....cuz I was driving my
                      Girlfriends civic to Austin shortly after this and left the 02 behind :(
                      But this will be its new home!

                      Dad prepped the 02 for transport...first
                      Time it’s been in the street for a long while.

                      And she’s off to Texas...have a lot more to catch up, but need to go to bed...

                      To be continued...

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                      1970 Gruppe 2 2902 M20 Turbo Build:


                        Great stuff man! The more and more i'm seeing these Garagistic diff mounts, the more I'm wanting one for my e30.


                          It arrived but stood neglected since I was unpacking and enjoying living in a new city.

                          Turned her around after getting some garage stuff situated.

                          Noticed just from the trailer ride my radiator was getting some rubbing with the intercooler so decided to pull it out to start on mounting the FMIC to the radiator.

                          Setting up shop in the garage! So much room compared to my previous situations. Getting use of the drill press. Got a mill/drill/lathe as well that I’ve yet to build a table for.

                          Hung cabinets on both sides and Built myself a workbench. trying to clean up the garage to do more work in it. And be efficient with the space.

                          Radiator/fmic combo fits way better this way.
                          Just need to make new mounts top and bottom for it.

                          Got the car up in the air to see what I was working with for fuel line running space from the trunk to the motor.

                          Dat ass tho.

                          The pan sits higher up in the 2002 than it does in an e30 ;)

                          Went to Japan for work and did go-karts thru Tokyo on the weekend. Was epic. Totally recommend if you’re ever in Japan.

                          Decided to try paint scratch paint matching in a spray can...well, total least I took the fender off and cleaned up the cut for the flare. But you can see how bad the match was.

                          Installed a new cps and scoping everything out from down below!

                          Here’s the oil drain and supply for the turbo...

                          And I found that I get to pull the turbo and manifold again!!! To modify the damn wastegate tube for a second time!! It’s hitting the frame rail ever so gently. I figured under g’s this may cause an issue.

                          So better safe that sorry.

                          Figured I’d make more room for radiator to mount lower too and get rid of some cancer...cut it out!!! Will replace a x-member with a tube from rail to rail and make the bottom radiator mounts from that and the top radiator mounts to the support.

                          Pulled charge pipes and stuff out since the turbo/manifold has to come back out...

                          But before that I wanted to get the trunk fuel set up plumbed to under the car so I can scope out where the fuel lines should go.

                          Running ptfe lined SS hoses thru the trunk floor with male to male an fitting/bulkhead

                          And while under the car I measured and ordered a 3” in/out borla race muffler.

                          And that’s pretty much where I’ve left off because I got a free crashed 04 gsxr750.

                          Had to swap the front cuz front wheel was damaged and didn’t know condition of forks so I did a gsxr1000 front end swap for bigger brakes and wheel :)

                          Here’s the current status of the bike now...and I swear. Just a few more
                          Things then I’ll get back to the 2002! I swear! I’ve just been busy with the Audi daily and a truck my dad gave me. Audi needed waterpump/timing belt and wheel bearing. And truck needed new brakes and exhaust tail pipe was rusted out.

                          So now the truck is good and Audi just needs one more wheel bearing done and then I can focus on the 02 again after thanksgiving since I’ll be heading back to Cali for the holiday.

                          Will be better about updates going forward :).

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                            What happened to the Vette?
                            How to remove, install or convert to pop out windows

                            Could be better, could be worse.


                              I have a 2002 gathering dust. This is giving me wonderful ideas :coolphoto:


                                Originally posted by rzerob View Post
                                What happened to the Vette?
                                Sold it cuz I was planning to buy the house...I’ll be getting another LS corvette powered car once I recoupe from moving/furnishing the house.

                                Originally posted by ArtFoodBMW View Post
                                I have a 2002 gathering dust. This is giving me wonderful ideas :coolphoto:
                                Just do it :).
                                (SOLD) 1988 327i Build Thread:
                                1970 Gruppe 2 2902 M20 Turbo Build: