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    My ThunderPumpkin...
    It started life as an simple 883 sporty
    and Now lives life as a 1425cc Cafe
    I'm just finishing up my cafe tail section and seat pan!
    Click image for larger version

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      Two hundy:

      2002 KTM 200EXC. Lots of guards and whatnot. Fresh top end ~10 hours ago

      Probably for sale soon but shes been an awesome ride!


        Originally posted by Supadave View Post

        09 Buell Firebolt XB12R. This thing is a Torque Monster. My third bike, went from a Kawa 750 to a 750 GSXR. The Buell is the better hands down. Not as fast as the GSXR on the top end, but pulls like a train down low... I dont need to do 150+ anymore. Maybe I'm getting old
        Those brake rotors look SPENDY


          Originally posted by 5Toes View Post
          Those brake rotors look SPENDY
          The rotors are stock. It even comes with an 8 piston caliper stock! This think will fling you like a bull if you grap a hand full of brake... now that I'm thinking about it. My bike has bigger calipers then my car!

 5.3 LSA build in progress :devil:


            I'll keep you in mind (and in line). To me the K75S is pretty much the e30 of motorcycles. Built from '87-93, light, timeless styling, simple electronics, terribly fun handling. 0-60 in 4.5 though, so little quicker than e30 but comparable in its day to other premium three cylinder bikes at the time.

            Originally posted by u3b3rg33k View Post
            If you ever decide to sell that, please let me know. I would gladly ditch my KZ1000 for that bike.


              Originally posted by Dj Buttchug View Post
              hello m

              looks like mckain valley.
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                '92 zx6
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                  heres my 02 R1 (with my old honda twin cafe in the back, thats gone tho), fucking love this bike. sadly selling it in the spring, moving out to phoenix AZ and wanna sell it to pay off the e46/dont want to deal with towing it across the country, risk of damage etc

                  when i get out there, im either going to get myself one of my all time fav sport bike, 05 Repsol

                  OR, b/c i absolutely fell in love with my R1, a newer R1 with a fiat kit on it.

                  i love race clone bikes, i dont care what others think, they get me all giddy


                    1994 Honda Magna VF750C that I traded for my 86 325es. I was a nice, quick and light weight cruiser. I looked almost brand new and had less than
                    9K miles on it when I got rid of it. I may get another one day.
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                    1986 BMW 325es
                    2006 BMW 325i
                    2003 GMC Envoy


                      rode the new r1 at bike week in daytona, wasn't too crazy about it. zx10r took my vote.

                      though over winter I'm looking for another 05-06 636, I miss my last one

                      had a few bikes this past summer (was repairing/flipping bikes)

                      cant find pics of the rest

                      bike week pt 2 (pt 1 went there and got an 06 zx6r and 05 gixxer 750 at auction)

                      Originally posted by blunt
                      can you get me a deal on cases of their (fiji) bottled water? i wash my 02 in that shit


                        That black ninja with the green wheels, i want it.
                        Originally posted by ak-
                        Support is where it's at. Like a bra. This guy has his bra off though. He lives dangerous and shameless; i like him.


                          This was my first bike, 1990 FZR400

                          Then i got this, 1991 ZXR 400

                          My third bike, 1997 (if i remember correctly) ZX6R Ninja

                          My current bike, 2008 ZX6R Ninja

                          On a track day at a local RAF base


                            Originally posted by VasFinest View Post
                            That black ninja with the green wheels, i want it.

                            My fuel pump was crappy so I haven't ridden in a few months, finally fixed it and it feels oh so good
                            Up on the mountain (almost 10k elevation)

                            On the way back home


                              Originally posted by 808BMW View Post

                              great picture. makes me want to go out and ride.


                                Just picked up my first bike earlier today, for $250!

                                Early 1983 Kawasaki GPZ 750.

                                Needs carbs done, a battery, a seat, and a mirror. Pretty excited! I will take some better pics of it soon, I have the missing fairings in a box aswell.