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$300,000 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Destroyed

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    $300,000 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Destroyed

    This marks the 2nd time the next-generation supercar has been totalled on public roads - and it's not even available on the market yet!

    [IMG] 8.jpg[/IMG

    After reading that article. the comment made at the end about manufactuers being held responsible is a bunch of crap. how can you blame a manufactuer because their car has been crash tested and given a good rating then you go off racing and you lose control of your car and crash it then get injured. People buying these cars need to know that the car they are driving is a high performance car and handles and reacts differently then a normal car.

    as for the lambo....the two tone looks pretty good. :D lol
    i think they need more testing in extreme conditions like what porsche does.


      What's the story with this car? Is it a second gen Murcielago?


      Let's drive fast and have fun.


        Originally posted by Digitalwave
        What's the story with this car? Is it a second gen Murcielago?
        pretty much its called the lp640
        HDE30 <3


          I think its pretty BS also that people can even think that its the manufacturers fault. Plenty of people get in enough trouble in an e30, let alone a Carrera GT or Lambo.
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            You could buff that out.


              I heard that some manufacturers may require buyers to go to a driving school before they will be allowed to purchase an exotic.


                The way to conflict resolution in America: blame the other guy!!!

                It sickens me when people do stuff like this then go point the finger at someone else for their actions. If you strap yourself into a car capable of insane performance with a driver whose skills are more/less novice by high performance standards, then you are putting yourself into a situation where the likelihood of something happening to you is pretty good if the driver chooses to be negligent with his/her actions.

                People need to take more responsibility for what they choose to do in their lives. Blaming the other guy and threatening legal action because of something you did is simply spineless.

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                  Calling Earl Scheib.

                  The one in the weeds looks like it was painted at Earl Scheib andthey left the door jambs yellow! And another thing. Do not let these cars go out by themselves.
                  "There is at least one case of an owner who claims the car simply veered off the road by itself, causing a terrible rollover accident."


                    Read down to the bottom where they talk about a lawsuit being pressed against porshe for the Carrera GT. Apparently the fastest production car around Nurrenburging is a "poor handling" car, which is why some "internet marketing superstar" died while driving it. Whoa, a mid engined 600hp supercar is difficult to handle at high speeds? WHA!?

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                      welcome to Litigous States of America


                        those things must be the next generation of pintos or something. the driver hit a goddamn curb, and it apparently burst into flames.

                        "The suit also claims that the car is too difficult to handle at high speeds for the average driver without instruction."

                        IDIOTS >.<

                        slight thread jack, more idiots
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                          Hahaha he crashed at speed on a closed racetrack and subsequently died... His WIFE is suing? Um, how is Porsche in any way shape or form responsible?

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                            These cars are built to certain standards. It is the drivers f'in fault if they die just like any other car. If your not experienced enough to drive one, simply dont buy one, or even take lessons. Or even HEY DRIVE SAFELY and not like a f'in tard on public roads. People who are stupid, are too stupid to realize that their stupid and will subsequently blame others for their stupidity.:stupid:


                              I suppose that chances are I will never have the means to buy a car such as the Carrera GT, but i would still like to rant. It is lawsuits such as the one by this crazy widow that will cause the car makers to cease sales of these kind of cars in the US and to make it even harder to have them imported.

                              When the costs and risks of a lawsuit become higher than the profit generated by the high perfomance cars the companies will simply cease to make them available in any way to american drivers. If you cant handle the damn car then dont drive it!

                              Whats next? drivers suing car makers because the car is too hard to handle when they have just slammed back a fifth of shitty vodka?

                              so yeah, take responsibility people, your the god damn moron who decided to keep on the throttle when you were already looking backwards through a cloud of tire smoke!!!!

                              "I JUST GET PISSED GODDAAAMNIT!!!" <---bonus points if you can name the comedian.