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Another Street/AutoX Pads for Stock Calipers Thread

I'm one of the suckers currently running Hawk HPS on my car, and while they don't dust and seem to last damn near forever, I'm sick of the terrible braking confidence.
I previously ran Hawk HP+ and they were just a hair too aggressive for the street for me - the constant squealing at anything less than hard braking was too embarrassing while driving through more crowded areas.

Now I'm once again looking for relatively aggressive pads for stock calipers for primarily street duty, with weekly autox and maybe an HPDE/lapping day or two. From other threads (circa 5 years ago) I've found the following recommendations:

Porterfield R4-S
PFC Z-Rated
Hawk HP+ (will they be significantly quieter with some ant-squeal paste?)
Hawk DTC-30 (supposedly nearly the same as HP+?)
Carbotech AX6
Various OEM pads: Pagid/Textar/etc.

Some of these I can't even find for an e30, and other threads are peppered with RX7 caliper and other BBK pads that seem to work their way in.
I'm also very worried about the "HPS effect" of biased opinions from running only one pad and having no reference point to compare it with other than the burned out pads they replaced.

So, stock caliper autox people: What are you running, how do/don't you like it, and what other pads have you run that you can compare the experience against? Bonus points if you link me to where you purchased them
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For autocross, just run stock pads--Jurid is my favorite, you can really see the quality. I'm a PFC fanboi for track, but they're loud and dusty just like any other track pad.

HP+ just suck.

If you're having problems with "braking confidence" it may or may not be the pads.
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