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CAlifornia BAR/SMOG/engine swap thread.

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    Originally posted by mtech325 View Post

    An exhaust shop can modify the downpipes of the e36 midsection for better clearance (I did this with my first m50 swap and it passed BAR), but I'd check with the referee station you're planning on using first. Some referees are more lenient where a full custom exhaust that matches the stock e36 configuration is acceptable, while others are more strict and require a completely unmodified midsection.

    If you want to make the unmodified midsection work, you'll have to use the offset "eyeball" arm control arm brackets and clearance the subframe as shown here.
    Thanks for the quick reply. I went ahead and ordered the offset condor solid mount lollipops and will clearance the subframe. Not a huge fan of having to run solid mounts since the car is more of a road car than track car, but I'd rather not take any chances with the BAR process. plus I figure I can get the car legal, then take it to an exhaust shop to be clearanced afterwards.


      Originally posted by Sean S. View Post
      Well, technically, I passed ... But even after supplying the title to the donor car and showing the inspector that the VINs all match, I still have to go get a letter from a BMW dealership stating that the ECU has not been altered.

      So close, but no BAR sticker!

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      im getting my M50 stroker parts ready.. well Im pretty much got everything, but the ref needs the VIN number from the donor car now? I got the motor at Pick N Pull.... ?


        They don't need the VIN from the donor car, I was just hopeful that they would be able to run the donor car vin and see that it was originally sold in CA and thus was originally compliant with CA emissions. No such luck so I had to go to a dealership and have them write how the ECU was not modified and was a California compliant car. $200 later, I had this: Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk