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    24V Swap Build Thread


    Long time lurker and getting ready to do my 24V swap. I'll be following the S54 swap that classic daily did a little while ago that retains use of the AWD but swapping a S50 3.0 instead. I'll post pictures as I go and which parts I used to make it all work. I aim to start pulling my engine in the first couple weeks of September if the AZ heat isn't too bad.

    The car is a 91 ix 5 speed coupe in alpine white II
    Click image for larger version

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    Looking forward to seeing another iX with an S54!!
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      Get it! Can’t wait for this thread. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
      1989 325ix Alpinweiss sedan. Auto to manual conversion. Mostly stock.


        Cool, this will be good/interesting topic


          Still waiting on my oil pan to be finished, so I haven't been able to start the tear-down but I'll post up a bit about the parts I'm using for the swap and some areas I'm concerned about.

          I am using some of the same parts from the regular 24V swap like the E34 Oil pan (mated to a spare ix pan), and the e34 pickup/dipstick. I also decided to go with the M50 intake/TB off the E34. All were sourced over local BMW fb groups and ebay.

          I decided to go with a S50 being sold by a local race shop so I didn't have to deal with converting OBDII back to OBDI, but the engine came with hardly any peripherals, so I found a DME, harness, ac compressor, and 95 m3 power steering pump on ebay. I had to get the compressor mounting plate from a pull-n-save, and I grabbed a few E36 AC hoses that I'll splice with the E30 hoses to get a working AC system. I will also be swapping over to a parallel flow AC condenser.

          The swap will coincide with some other upgrades like a replacement steering rack, finally getting the front coilovers welded, and some other front suspension upgrades like M3 CABs.

          I'm going with 24lb injectors and using a stage 1 sssquid chip. I also decided to go with a crappy ebay header for m5x/s5x and so far the manifold bolt holes don't line up super well so I'll drill them out a bit to fit. I plan to run open header to the exhaust shop to have the header mated to the existing exhaust system installed by a prior owner.

          I'll be using a mishimoto radiator from CATuned with their hose kit and an electric pusher fan. I'm not sure though if the fan is supposed to sit on the condenser or the radiator though since there's not a whole lot of space between the condenser and the radiator. If anyone has some knowledge about running a pusher fan instead of the regular fan please lmk.

          I'm using racegerman to get a bunch of the adaptation parts like the harness adapter, ECU swap bracket, and the re-threaded brown coolant temp sensor. The engine came with a 70* tstat, and I have one of the EZ-bleed tstat housings also from race german.

          For engine mounts I got a set of stock IX mounts and aluminum sleeves 10mm OD 8mm ID that I'll have welded up so I can use the stock engine position. I'll have to get some M8 bolts from a hw store to mount to the engine. The OEM IX bolts that secure the mounts to the engine are 55mm & 80mm for the short and long end of the mounts.

          I will use an M20 flywheel since I need to re-use the stock transmission and starter. I found a lightweight flywheel on ebay that I need to get shaved down 4-6mm to not interfere with the bolts at the rear of the engine, but I'm not entirely sure where exactly I need to shave down - so if anyone knows please lmk.

          Big shout out to TCEuropean for all the help and being there to bounce questions off of, and all of the other kind folks that have helped answer questions.

          If anyone wants the parts list lmk and I'll send it over.