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Understanding E30 speaker and amp wiring

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    Ducky11 this is really the speaker and amp wiring thread, but really curious about the Mbus adapter. Sweet piece of kit there.
    the CM5908 and KE83ZBM were both CD changer enabled but incompatible with each other.

    This is the best info I've ever found on the original CD changer setups. There are multiple cable types depending on the changer used.

    As to the radio connector, they look the same but the pinouts are different. quoting the link above

    When the a early CD ready radios came out in the E30s you could only use the Alpine with the Alpine changer and Pioneer with Pioneer. BMW's bulletin said:
    "These components are only compatible with each other, the use of other components is not possible and may cause damage to either unit." The original CD for the Alpine was the drop down door 12 disc unit, later the shoe-box sliding door 6 disc unit, from Alpine. My info from AAMP says "aftermarket Alpine CD changers do not use the same command protocol as BMW's Alpine built changer. Consequently they will not work on any BMW system."‚Äč

    I don't have the 5908 pinout, but I do have the KE83:

    It's possible the radio end of these cables is the same, in which case the radio connector pinout in the 2nd table MIGHT apply to the 5908. TEST AT YOUR OWN RISK though.
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