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Understanding E30 speaker and amp wiring

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    yeah, I wondered. I think I left it attached to the radio that I ended up selling for probably $5. Doh! I see it's still available new, I should order one before it goes NLA.

    I'd pat myself on the back, but I feel like I dodged a bullet. When I first looked at it again, I had no recollection of how I'd wired it originally and feared the worst (it was almost 20 years ago, lol). But earlier when I was even younger and especially dumber, I cut a huge hole in the hood of my '67 Dodge Dart to put in an ugly hood scoop. Ugh. I regretted it instantly, and ever since then I've had an aversion for permanent, irreversible mods.

    It's funny because of course when I originally did this, I didn't listen to tapes - I wanted a CD player, and later MP3s were the thing. The stock stereo I didn't assign any value to. Now I mostly listen to the radio, and I don't exactly blast the tunes. I've had the blank plate for nearly 10 years now, and honestly I'd be pretty happy with a stock, unmolested sound system vs nothing at all. Now I kind of want to make a mix tape of some 1990's music, lol.
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