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The Official 'Craigslist find' thread - awesome & awful (eBay, Kijiji, etc.)

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    Originally posted by E30 Wagen View Post
    99 Mercedes ML430

    Ticking time bomb? Hard to find any sort of good SUV around here for <$4k that isn't a rusted pos.
    Old MLs suck, hard. Don't even consider it, especially at that price.

    Find a decent Yukon/Tahoe from elsewhere and drive it home.


      I didn't know these things existed and I'm not sure how I feel about it either:


        Originally posted by twiggletwaggle View Post
        I didn't know these things existed and I'm not sure how I feel about it either:
        That is one of the coolest things I've ever seen imo. That Countach wing though.
        "Leafeon" '92 Lagunengrun 325i Vert (Daily Driver/Project)
        The stickers make it go faster. :nice:


          It keeps growing on me everytime I look at it. It's one of those cars I wish a good friend would own so I could appreciate it in person, but I don't think I'd like to own one. A lot of other cars I'd buy for $20K-ish.

          I feel that owners of these get asked "is it a kit car" constantly.

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            Who wants a V8 Volvo wagon?



              Hot hatch anyone? Might fun to kick around for only $2k.

              '87 Chevrolet Turbo Sprint for Sale - $2500


              I've decided to sell my '87 Chevy Sprint Turbo due to relocating.

              Here's a little about the car:

              This car was owned by an older couple who towed it with their motorhome. Although the odometer showed about 90,000 miles, I could tell actual "driven" miles were much less.

              You could just tell by the crispness of the switches and the overall tightness of everything. I hope this makes sense.

              My previous Chevy Turbo cars were well broke in and they didn't feel or drive anything like this car does.

              But now it has about 150,000 miles showing on the odometer, all driven by me since 90,000.

              The car is white and it has rare factory graphics that look really cool. I haven't seen another car just like this one. The body overall is in great shape with only a minor ding or two. The interior red/gray cloth seats are perfect. Factory wheels and wheel covers are installed.

              The car is currently located on the in Pike Creek, Delaware. But soon I will be towing it to Arkansas.

              I'll try to get some pics posted soon.

              Accepting the best offer over 2000.00 on the price.
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                Then there's this interesting find. Seller also has this up for grabs.

                1967 BMW Glas 1600GT - $65000


                Selling the Terry Sayther Vintage BMW Collection!

                I always wanted a 1600GT. And not a Glas 1700GT, a real BMW 1600GT. I found this one on ebay in Chicage and I could see that it had some rust, but it didn't look too bad. I should have just run away. We shipped it to Texas and only then realized how bad it was. I had seen a rust free 1700GT body at Jeff Ireland's shop in LA not long before so I contacted them, only to find that they had sold it to somebody on the east coast. That person had since died, but his heirs were happy to sell it. Years later all the non-rusty panels were switched over to the BMW, and the beautiful Colorado paint was applied [2 years in the paint shop!]. And it was all worth it.
                More pics at

                Very Rare BMW Glas 1600GT

                This car is one of only a few hundred remaining Glas bodied BMW GTs. Originally a 4-speed 1.6 liter engined car, we have upgraded this one with a 2 liter engine and 5-speed overdrive trans with new 40DCOE Weber carbs. The differential was originally the rare long neck diff and we have upgraded that with a 2002 subframe, rear brakes and differential. The Scheel seats are wider than stock to fit my wider than stock ass. They have been recovered to match rear seat and door panels.

                The paint is just a few years old--colorado in color and gorgeous.

                We have driven this car thousands of miles with great pleasure. It gets attention wherever it goes.

                This rare car will sell for $65k or near offer.
                R135 /// 1990 Alpinweiß II 325is
                └┼┼┘ /// 1993 Black/Black Convertible (sold)


                  well, i can't say whether it is or is not worth 65k. i can say that i really like the body style on this one though. such a rare car with that much modification might be difficult to sell for that kind of money?

                  i know the following opinion is blasphemy, but i actually much prefer this one over a 2002.

                  it looks a hell of a lot better than that rusty silver square headlight car that was in houston a couple years ago.

                  here is that other thread:

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                  Gigitty Gigitty!!!!

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                  92 Mtech 2 cabrio alpinweiss 770 code
                  88 325ix coupe manual lachsilber/cardinal
                  88 325ix coupe manual diamondschwartz/natur
                  87 e30 m3 for parts lachsilber/cardinal(serial number 7)
                  12 135i M sport cabrio grey/black


                    Anyone looking for a 325is sedan? Well here is your chance to do so, its even comes with the moon roof option. He is also selling some beach front property in Montana if anyone is interested.

                    I am not sick, I am twisted. Sick makes it sound like there is a cure.

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                    1989 325i Alpine White


                      Originally posted by twiggletwaggle View Post
                      I didn't know these things existed and I'm not sure how I feel about it either:

                      That is super cool. I wouldnt buy it but I would love to drive it. I wish they posted pics of the interior.
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                        Originally posted by Staszek View Post
                        That is super cool. I wouldnt buy it but I would love to drive it. I wish they posted pics of the interior.
                        Probably looks a lot like the inside of this car:

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                        R135 /// 1990 Alpinweiß II 325is
                        └┼┼┘ /// 1993 Black/Black Convertible (sold)


                          Get a load of this.


                          "For sale I have a beautiful; low miles, super clean, gray 325i 2003 BMW with a Need For Speed paint scheme on the outside and a Jackson Pollock individual interior paint scheme on the inside along with black leather interior. The car has been meticulously maintained and needs nothing as far as I know. No accidents, no maintenance issues, has been kept in the garage since I have owned the vehicle and everything in the car works as its intended too. This BMW comes with professionally installed, premier KONI's adjustable Sport/Race shocks and precisely tuned Eibach sport springs, which were designed for Maximum Street and Track Performance. Along with the springs there has been a short shifter installed, Euro race diff, as well as new racing exhaust. This BMW comes equipped with the sports package, MANAUL 6 speed transmission, dual climate control, lower driving lights, AC, power windows, power locks, power mirrors, with alarm, cruise control, onboard trip computer info, the Steering wheel Tilts and is telescopic; ABS, traction and stability control, driver and passenger air bags, panoramic sunroof and brand new Pirelli 205/50R17 93H all weather tires. This car drives amazingly well and does so in style. The only reason I am selling this car is my girlfriend just bought a new BMW and we don't have enough room to keep it. The car has had no issues, doesn't have any leaks and has been maintained properly through Co's BMW Center since we have owned the car. It has a clean Colorado title that I have in hand.

                          If you have any questions at all just let me know. You can send me a text or email. I look forward to giving this car a new home and to someone who will love and take care of it as well as I have."
                          "Leafeon" '92 Lagunengrun 325i Vert (Daily Driver/Project)
                          The stickers make it go faster. :nice:


                            This guy's ad is pretty funny He calls out all the posers and then tells them not drop this M5 on 20's. LOL I'd give him $12k for it.

                            2002 BMW M5 - $12500


                            Hey, BMW owner who debadges his 328 because he's trying to pass it off for something better...stop it. My man, we all know it's a 328. It's fine. You're no less "In the club".

                            But here's your chance to buy something you won't have to debadge.

                            E39 2002 BMW M5. 109k miles. Sterling Gray on black sport interior.

                            As they come: 400hp V8, 6spd, Nav, sunroof. The best wheels BMW has ever made (Style 65. Runner up: E34 Throwing Stars). But this one also has ParkDistanceControl that will annoy the hell out of you. And Sport mode, that won't. (Really, BMW's Sport Mode is one of the few manufacturer's Sport Modes that actually does a damn thing.)

                            This car starts, idles, shifts, and drives perfectly.
                            NO CHECK ENGINE LIGHT. No secondary air system BS. Passed Texas Emissions in April.

                            New Sachs OEM clutch, flywheel, rear main seal installed October 2014. I'll give you the old ones too when you buy. I don't know why I keep that shit.

                            New ABS module in March 2016. All the ABS modules in E39s go to crap and need rebuilt. If you don't know that, stop reading here, this isn't the car for you. Plenty of stanced Civic Si's out there for you.

                            New battery put in last month.

                            Michelin Pilot Sport tires have plenty of tread still on them.

                            Interior is exceptionally clean.

                            Comes with all keys, including the little plastic emergency key.

                            No mods, no "stage 2" upgrade BS. No one with a flat-brim Monster hat has ever touched this car.

                            Clear title and Clean Carfax. I am the second owner. Texas car for most of its life. No rust anywhere.

                            "So jackass, what's wrong with it then?" Glad you asked...

                            Light, multiple little hail dings to the top surfaces. It's Texas. Hail is gonna get you sooner or later.
                            Good news for you is, they absolutely won't show up in pics, trust me I tried to take pictures of them. So that means you can Instagram and Tweet and Snapchat and forum/facebook brag the car like it's factory fresh. Cause really, why else are you buying this if not to 'Gram it immediately? #///Mpower #Bimmerlife #E39M5 #Mcrew etc. etc.

                            That new ABS module I put in it? It needs reprogrammed. Worst case scenario you don't recode it and you have no traction control, and non-ABS, but still really good, brakes. With 400hp on hand, that could lead to some exciting Code Browns when you decide to go hot out of a turn. Normal case scenario, you take it to a dealership or your buddy with the programmer, the computer talks to the module, and Bob's your uncle. Nanny state re, uh, instated.

                            The fuse for the driver side power seat and steering wheel adjust is blown. It's fuse 13 in the glove box. I don't have a spare or I would have changed it. Well, I might have changed it. The seat and steering wheel are set exactly as I want them so I wasn't really bothered when the fuse went. But you're probably taller or shorter than me and would like to adjust. So, it's fuse 13.

                            The info screen under the gauge cluster is starting to pixelate. Another very common problem with E39s. You can still read it, but if you're OCD or whatever it's gonna bother you. It's also very temperature dependent. The cooler the ambient temp, the better it looks. Over the winter it's actually perfect. When it's hotter, it looks worse.

                            There's a handful of little rock chips to the hood and front bumper. Some have been touched up, some haven't. Normally I wouldn't even mention them, but maybe it answers a question before it's asked.

                            That's all I can think of that's wrong with the car.

                            Here's the thing. The car is $12500. Search Autotrader, search Craigslist, search Ebay. For a 2002 M5 with 109k, that's cheap. Really cheap. And not cheap because of the state of the car, the car really is very nice--It's because my time is worth than the money.
                            I want it sold with as little PIA as possible.
                            So, that being said...
                            I won't take a deposit. If you are interested, come ready to buy.
                            I am not driving it somewhere for your dad/friend/mechanic buddy/some you met online playing Forza to check out. You're a big boy/girl you can make the decision for yourself.
                            I won't wait for you to get paid in mid-November, and I won't wait for you to sell your other car.
                            I am not taking it to a shop for them to do a "PPI", which really means, "Coming up with things they hope you bring it in for" after you buy it.
                            I won't take your personal check, but I'll be happy to meet you at your bank with clean, clear title in hand.
                            I am keeping the license plates. You will need to register the vehicle immediately. Has current safety inspection.

                            So, $12500. That's less than wholesale money for a 2002 M5.

                            But I swear, if you buy this and slam it/stance it, murder it out, put 20s on it, install carbon "faux"ber trim or accents, or do any number of other automotive atrocities to this car...well, I'll be fine because those are mistakes *you'll* have to live with.

                            If all this looks good to you, text me and buy my M5. I really am a pretty nice dude in person.

                            Thanks for looking!
                            R135 /// 1990 Alpinweiß II 325is
                            └┼┼┘ /// 1993 Black/Black Convertible (sold)


                              Found this on kijiji just now... $70K in Canuck dollars.

                              What say you, R3V?

                              1986 BMW 325, Alpenweiss ~ "Elsa"

                              Need a photographer, come visit my site:


                                Needs to ditch the ghey eyebrows.
                                "Leafeon" '92 Lagunengrun 325i Vert (Daily Driver/Project)
                                The stickers make it go faster. :nice: