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    Could be worse. Could have that stupid plastic widebody kit screwed onto permanently hacked up fenders, instead it's a cavalcade of perfectly reversible and at least not trite mods.

    IG @turbovarg
    '91 318is, M20 turbo
    [CoTM: 4-18]
    '94 525iT slicktop, M50B30 + S362SX-E, 600WHP DD or bust
    - updated 3-17


      Shaggin' Wagon

      1977 Dodge B200 Van - $22,500 (Lenox Township)

      Click image for larger version

Name:	00s0s_5mwhA1RllgSz_0CI0t2_600x450.jpg
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      1977 Dodge B200 shorty van. Slant 6, mural painted on and cleared over. New wheels, tires, side pipes both are functional. Interior is painted and blank. Comes with bar inside. Super solid, turns heads. No rust, no bubbling, no stories. Price is firm. These don’t come up often, this is a turn key van. Needs nothing but interior of your choice. Clear Michigan title.
      R135 /// 1990 Alpinweiß II 325is
      └┼┼┘ /// 1993 Black/Black Convertible (sold)


        Euro-spec M-Tech 5-series. I haven't many of these.

        BMW M 535i E28 1986 - $9,000 (Royal oak)

        Click image for larger version

Name:	00m0m_8tByOIU7QBVz_0CI0t2_600x450.jpg
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ID:	10032005

        Rare imported 1986 BMW M535i Euro specs. M tech body and interior. 218 hp 10:1 ratio motor. All original except wheels are from later model BMW. Starts and drives. Clean Michigan title. Car is not perfect. Need some cosmetics, love and care. If you need more photos please let me know. Complete for restoration or driving as is. Only 10k cars were produced.

        R135 /// 1990 Alpinweiß II 325is
        └┼┼┘ /// 1993 Black/Black Convertible (sold)


          Who would pay anywhere near this asking price?

          1992 Honda Civic DX - $10,000

          Click image for larger version

Name:	00W0W_lkwVEzAyD0uz_0t20CI_600x450.jpg
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          Selling my 1992 Honda Civic DX Sedan. I am the third owner. It has been meticulously maintained over its 29 year lifespan. You will not find another example in this condition with this low mileage.
          Opal Green Metallic exterior
          Brown/Tan Interior
          5 speed manual
          A/C System replaced July 2020
          Blows cold/ Heat is excellent
          Clutch replaced July 2019
          No ABS
          Radio/sound system does not work properly
          Manual Windows
          Manual Locks
          3 keys
          Replaced black trim pieces on doors
          New Mirrors
          Fantastic gas mileage
          Come check out this legendary piece of Honda history & reliability

          R135 /// 1990 Alpinweiß II 325is
          └┼┼┘ /// 1993 Black/Black Convertible (sold)


            Someone, sadly.


              it'll never be worth asking no matter how old it gets


                Given the fender damage, I don't think anyone will pay that, not even the most delusional honda collector.

                IG @turbovarg
                '91 318is, M20 turbo
                [CoTM: 4-18]
                '94 525iT slicktop, M50B30 + S362SX-E, 600WHP DD or bust
                - updated 3-17


                  Nice price for a clean Euro sedan. I like how the rock chip happened with the previous owner. Does it matter? LOL

                  1988 BMW 320i (Euro Imported E30) OBO - $6,800

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	00L0L_iMsuHOhTo0bz_0CI0lM_600x450.jpg
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                  88 E30, privately imported into the US in 1989, everything is in German, Kilometers, etc.
                  This model, 320i, was never sold in the US.

                  Clean Title
                  Recently Inspected
                  2.0L M20B20
                  Never saw winter
                  Garage kept
                  No rust
                  Front Suspension and brakes rebuilt
                  Stiff handbrake
                  Sunroof seal replaced
                  OEM rims are in a very good condition
                  I have parts for a shifter and guibo joint rebuild, they will be added with the purchase of the car.
                  Dashboard has one very small crack (1/2 inch), other than that the dash is in perfect condition.
                  OEM radio is in the car, but is not working properly.
                  Engine Coolant sensor goes off once in a while, but doesn't cause any issues.
                  Small rock chip on the windshield from the previous owner.
                  Blower motor recently died, needs to be fixed.
                  Throttle cable is a little loose
                  Small tear on the driver seat, but everything else is perfect.
                  Door window seals are a little old, need to be replaced soon.

                  There are no other problems other than the ones listed above.

                  Serious buyers only, no joyrides.
                  R135 /// 1990 Alpinweiß II 325is
                  └┼┼┘ /// 1993 Black/Black Convertible (sold)


                    heres your S52 swaped E30 bro...

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	243250684_4303735353028281_5858639701494931966_n.jpg?_nc_cat=111&ccb=1-5&_nc_sid=c48759&_nc_ohc=hzp7Im4voEkAX_A0jyg&_nc_ht=scontent-lax3-2.xx&oh=7e2fc33c2d20693095f17f0ad7a5f957&oe=61641D4B.jpg
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                    91' 318is 90' 325is

                    Originally posted by Sonny
                    Buy the E30s, they ain't gonna last long
                    E30 can make you, E30 can break you
                    "He who controls the Nova's, controls the Boomers"


                      interior like a crack den
                      Originally posted by priapism
                      My girl don't know shit, but she bakes a mean cupcake.
                      Originally posted by shameson
                      Usually it's best not to know how much money you have into your e30


                        Good price for a parts hauler - even with the possible trans issue.

                        1993 Eurovan GL - $1,900 (Lake Oswego)

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	00S0S_bcpiRWUDuZ7z_0CI0t2_600x450.jpg
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ID:	10033862

                        1993 Eurovan GL clean and ready to drive.
                        Clean title
                        169K miles
                        Tags good 2023
                        5 speed manual
                        Tow hitch
                        New battery
                        Original steel wheels with hub caps (extra- comes with van)
                        Newer exhaust system
                        Both front and rear heater core replaced

                        May need transmission work (runs and drives fine but some sound coming from it)
                        Coolant and gas gauge work intermittently (use trip meter for filling gas)
                        Oil leak
                        Small coolant leak (easy repair)
                        AC not working missing motor

                        It's been a great van for our trips over the last 5+ year but time to let it go. Would be a great camper conversion prospect.
                        R135 /// 1990 Alpinweiß II 325is
                        └┼┼┘ /// 1993 Black/Black Convertible (sold)


                          Originally posted by Northern View Post
                          interior like a crack den
                          The whole car is like a crack den. That's gotta be the most half-assed S52 swap I've seen. It doesn't even have an M50 intake

                          Current used car market has some guys straight up delusional.

                          IG @turbovarg
                          '91 318is, M20 turbo
                          [CoTM: 4-18]
                          '94 525iT slicktop, M50B30 + S362SX-E, 600WHP DD or bust
                          - updated 3-17


                            Would love to daily this:

                            1991 Toyota Crown Wagon Hearse-JDM - $9000.00 (Sacramento)

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	00h0h_7NhOjxOn4VSz_0ak07K_600x450.jpg
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ID:	10035403

                            Part hearse, part temple, all the attention you could ever want. What you see here is a Japanese "miyagata" hearse; lavishly decorated to resemble Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. Once popular conveyances for honoring loved ones and paying final respects, only 500 miyagata are reported to still be in active service in Japan. Some countries have found other uses for these glorious works of art, using them as mobile temples to serve rural and far flung communities. This particular example is exquisitely ornate with engravings and figures of dragons and birds, a metal roof, and a glistening interior compartment complete with lighted chandeliers. One thing's for sure - I'm looking forward to meeting its new owner and hearing what they have planned for it. This hearse was imported from Japan in February 2021 and is offered for your consideration.

                            -54,282 miles (87,359 kms)
                            -1G-FE 2.0 liter, straight 6, 24 valve, fuel injected gasoline engine
                            -Automatic transmission
                            -Rear wheel drive

                            -Premium upholstery
                            -Crown branded floor mats
                            -Air conditioning
                            -Power adjustable mirrors with retract
                            -Power windows
                            -Power door locks
                            -Factory AM/FM/cassette
                            -Roav FM bluetooth adapter
                            -PA system with external speakers
                            -Locking glove box
                            -Rain/wind deflectors on front windows
                            -NEW Achilles 122 tires in 185/80R14
                            -Spare tire
                            -Original jack and tool kit
                            -Rear interior chandeliers with working lights
                            -Coffin rollers

                            Maintenance and upgrades:
                            -NEW Napa battery
                            -Brakes bled

                            Known Defects:
                            -Rear bumper is slightly tweaked
                            -Scratches/paint cracks along passenger side rear quarter panel

                            Sold with the following original import documents - CBP 7501 (stamped by US Customs official), EPA 3520-1, DOT HS-7, Export Certificate (title), English translation of export certificate, Commercial Invoice, Bill of Lading, Notice of Arrival, and a Bill of Sale. 100% federally legal. State and local laws regarding the registration of imported vehicles vary. It is the buyer's responsibility to determine if they can legally register this vehicle in their home jurisdiction.

                            *Please note, this vehicle is subject to CA sales tax (however, this typically can be applied as an offset against sales tax in your state). Sales tax is NOT due if delivery of the vehicle is taken outside of California.

                            This vehicle is not eligible for registration in CA and cannot be sold to a CA resident unless they intend to keep and register the vehicle out of state or use it strictly on private property.

                            Year: 1991
                            Make: Toyota
                            Model: Crown Wagon
                            Trim: Hearse
                            Mileage: 54202 mi
                            Engine: 1G-FE
                            Transmission: Automatic
                            Drivetrain: RWD
                            Fuel Type: Gasoline

                            R135 /// 1990 Alpinweiß II 325is
                            └┼┼┘ /// 1993 Black/Black Convertible (sold)


                              cheap, looks straight. Someone stop me from buying something I don't have space for.


                                Originally posted by ElJimo View Post

                                cheap, looks straight. Someone stop me from buying something I don't have space for.
                                Do it!!!!
                                sigpic84 325e