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e30mclow's e30 #14 - Going 1JZ + 6 Speed

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    The white e30 is the one car to serve all purposes.

    Last weekend I drove 250km to a drift event, then drove home. 8 wheels + a lot of tools all shoved into the little e30.
    I mounted the tires by hand as usual

    Fast forward a week and it is now sitting on the meatiest tires it has ever seen. 225/45r16s.
    Auto-X double header this weekend

    Some persuasion was required



        looking great ! sounds like is a blast to drift around haha


          Some kind people took some nice photos of the car at Auto-X this weekend.

          I've also started mocking up a hydro handbrake that should be for the most part quite well hidden. I know most people like it between the wheel and the gear lever, but I want keep the cable handbrake while not bumping my long legs or elbow off a master cylinder.

          I will be making an adjustable pushrod and will ultimately mount the master beneath the handbrake surround panel. That will give as linear a stroke as possible, once I manage to bleed it.

          I can then return the original handbrake back to stock.


            awesome build thread!!
            Build Threads:
            Pamela/Bella/Betty/325ix/5-Lug Seta/S60R/Miata ITB/Miata Turbo/Miata VVT/951/325xi-6


              Found the breaking point for the OEM diff mount.
              Over the winter I'll be beefing up the rear and fitting an e36 medium case dual mount cover.

              Prior to the loud bang I had found some more wheels
              It was the sticky tires and a dirty 3rd gear clutch kick that ultimately killed it lol

              The grey car is coming around though


                Damn that's some carnage
                Originally posted by priapism
                My girl don't know shit, but she bakes a mean cupcake.
                Originally posted by shameson
                Usually it's best not to know how much money you have into your e30


                  damn , that ripped for real !

                  grey is looking amazing!


                    I just read your whole thread. What a great project. love the DIY attitude, especially on paint. Must be a riot to drive.


                      did you just hammer in the lips on the fenders? white car looks incredible on that setup


                        Originally posted by e30davie View Post
                        I just read your whole thread. What a great project. love the DIY attitude, especially on paint. Must be a riot to drive.
                        Thanks. Yeah, the thing is fantastic. The handling, the power, it all just works so well as a package.


                          Originally posted by s-thetikz View Post
                          did you just hammer in the lips on the fenders? white car looks incredible on that setup
                          To fit the 225/45r16s with the Pontiac wheels? Yes, I had to roll/massage the lip as flat as possible then add an extra pair of spring pads in the rear to raise it more, since the adjustable spring perches were maxed out.

                          I find the big rubber mallet to work well once the lip is partially rolled already


                            Man you have one hell of a stable.

                            88' Seta 2.7i



                              it is time to fix my torn backside.

                              After some measuring, I found that the 2" square tube that I bought socketed perfectly into the original diff support beam pockets.

                              I then decided to use these as a guide, before heavily reinforcing them.

                              Using an e36 medium case diff cover that I bought off of RockAuto, I started mocking things up.
                              Have never actually welded before using a real MIG, it was a wonderful step up from the $90 Amazon Flux Core that I'd been wasting time with for years.

                              Once I was happy with the alignment/position, I started strengthening it and adding new rear anti roll bar bracket locations.

                              With everything double checked, I pulled it out and painted it. It would be too difficult to do a good job once it was welded in.

                              I then dropped it into place for the last time and welded it home.
                              For the OEM perches shown earlier, I added strengthening place to the bottom to spread any forces.

                              Running out of time, I decided to make a barbaric panel to close things up.

                              I roughed in some 1.5mm sheet and then went to town beating "bead rolls" into it with a 1/2" extension and rubber mallet.

                              That added a tremendous amount of strength, which will help.
                              I then gave the underside many coats of rubberized under coat for good measure.

                              Since I was doing so well, I decided to treat the car to new axles. The ones that were in it had torn boots and I didn't trust them now that everything else was going to be so strong.
                              To help avoid stretch of the boots, as well as the CVs being extended to the ends of the splines with how low the car is, I also bought some axle spacers from Seems Legit Garage.

                              That should all make for a pretty robust rear end ahead of what will be an awesome road trip this coming May!


                                That's a rad trip, I've always wanted to go to Targa Newfoundland.

                                I didn't know stretched axle boots were a problem?
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                                I was up above it, Now I'm down in it ~ Entropy - A Build thread.