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I don't like white cars, yet I bought one. Story with pictures of my AW 325e

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    ...and I did change it.

    Now I have a rubbing issue - front right rubs the plastic lower well liner on a left turn. Found out the right wheel has way more castor than the left one. Car drives great, no pulling whatsoever. Looked at old photos - it has been like that before the alignment. Shouldn't the guy have caught that?
    Anyway, will look into it, cause it was late yesterday and I was tired.
    '85 Alpine Weiß 2-door with m20b30 ground up build


      Control arm bushings are just as they should be. Next is to check the LCA if it got mangled in some way after all the tow rides, they always tied the car down by the right LCA. Would be a shame, it is a brand new Lemförder unit.
      Pic for attention.

      '85 Alpine Weiß 2-door with m20b30 ground up build


        You may not have liked white but Alpineweiss is my favorite color for E30s and your car is a fine example of it. I like how the MTech 1 valances and thin (european spec to me, normal to you) bumpers make the car look longer and give it a lower profile look from the side.
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        '91 318is, M20B25, T3/T04E 60 trim (15psi), megasquirt, coilovers, Z3 rack, cold AC
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          Thank you! As a matter of fact, white really grew on me to the point I wouldn't have it any other color. Maybe I should change the title one of these day.
          Same happened with the MTech 1 - at first I thought it would look worse, but now I love it and can't wait to have enough piece and quiet to mount the side skirts.
          '85 Alpine Weiß 2-door with m20b30 ground up build


            Beautiful car. I really like the wheels in the latest photo.


              Thanks, Mike! Yours is also e beaut!
              Onto some not so fun stuff.
              Before leaving for vacation with the GF, we went to a track day. Managed to knock off more than a second off my personal best time. However, when swapping back from track to street wheels/tires, the DS wheel rubbed against the back metal inner fender badly when turning left. Turned out, my powerflex LCA bushing turned 180 degrees, causing less caster and hence rubbing. Bummer, but couldn't fix it on the track, so I drove like that. Until last night. Up on the lift, swapped the LCA bushings for normal OEM ones - both wheels rub in the back of the fender while turning. Swapped in offset M3 LCA bushings. DS is better - no rubbing, but PS rubs like crazy against the front of the inner fender while turning left. And I have another "issue" - DS wheel sticks further out from the fender lip although it has more camber. PS is tucked under the fender lip, has less camber and rubs the front plastic inner fender while turning left, as mentioned. Measured the LCAs, they appear to be identical.
              Any ideas what I could check next? I plan on swapping in another LCA on the passenger side just to see if there is a small difference that I missed.

              Now, some more not so good news. After the track day, the engine developed a rattle, which sounds like a loose eccentric on one of the rockers, and started leaking oil from the valve cover gasket. So I get to adjust valve clearances over the weekend and use the opportunity to clean up the mess and put in a new gasket.

              Also, while on the lift, I noticed why my engine was dancing around.

              I'm sure I had tightened everything up, but oh well. Put in a self locking nut this time instead of the OEM one.
              Last thing I did yesterday eve was put the car on the newly acquired car scales, keep in mind those are in KGs:

              This is with a spare wheel and a bit shy off half a tank. Not too bad for a street car.
              Thanks for checking in and don't hesitate to give any advice on the wheel position issue :)
              '85 Alpine Weiß 2-door with m20b30 ground up build


                In regards to the bushing rotating, you can drill and tap a hole and fit a bolt in, grind the end down to a point and it'll bite into the bush and keep it located

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