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Major Score At Lowes

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    Major Score At Lowes

    This is completely off topic, but I feel obligated to report it anyway.

    I went to my local hardware store (Lowes) to buy some toilet repair parts. I picked up the parts, paid for them and was walking out the front door.

    On the front sidewalk was a Craftsmen 3300i generator. (It's actually a Generac, with a Craftsman badge on it.)

    The important part is that it had a sign on it that said: "For Parts only, no Returns. $25"

    I ran back into the store and gave them the $25 and took it home.

    To shorten the story, all it needed was a new spark plug, ($3.50) and two disconnected wires plugged it.

    IT RUNS!

    I just had to tell someone.

    Thanks for your patience.

    This is my big win for October.

    Anybody got a better deal?

    Nice score!... I just wonder how long until this gets spammed
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      Awesome deal! Pays to be handy.
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        that's awesome. I would have done the same thing! I'm sure you could have resold it for more than $25 even if you couldn't get it working yourself.
        Build thread



          A few other details I forgot to include:

          1.) The engine had never been run. The top of the piston was a clean as it was when they installed it in the engine. This unit is brand new!

          2.) The retail price for this unit is $900!

          I need to go to the garage and start it up right now, just to hear it run.


            If it really is 5am where you are, I would discourage this. You should be doing it at about 230am with random nuts and bolts on top of it to "Heighten the experience"


              Good score!

              Nothing much here other than faulty new parts not at scrap prices.

              I was up above it, Now I'm down in it ~ Entropy - A Build thread.


                BTW, If anybody needs a loaner Generator, please let me know. This one is available.

                It's probably too heavy to ship, but anyone local can just come and get it.


                  I bought an elliptical machine off Craigslist. $100, "not working". Mind you, this was an $1800 machine.
                  Sure enough, it wasn't working. The electronics all seemed Ok, but the incline wouldn't go and up and down.

                  Turns out the grease on the jackscrew had hardened and 15 minutes with a stainless toothbrush and some paint thinner fixed it. We've been using it for the last 2 years now.