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    Built this one earlier this year when my overclock on my e2200 finally gave out and my video card died at the same time.

    AMD FX-8120 (slower than i7 and idgaf cause 8cores)
    ASRock 990FX Extreme4
    G.Skill 8GBSR @ 1066mhz 9-11-10-27
    XFX GeForce 9800GT (warranty replacement for 9600GT, which was a warranty replacement for an 8800GTS)
    SeaSonic X750 Gold
    Antec P180 (modded for behind mobo cable routing)
    WD Black 1TB SATA
    2x NEC 3550A IDE DVD/RWs

    I actually could have installed my Sony floppy drive too, but I opted to use the single 3.5" slot for a dual USB 3.0 thingy, because I actually use that.

    Picture is fully wired, video card was on warranty RMA at the time and I don't actually need those black cables coming out of the bottom; left them there for future PCIe powered video cards.

    The only thing I regret was installing the stock cpu heatsink. It's not very quiet, could have put my GeminII on there but it would have left my previous mobo+cpu without a heatsink.
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      Originally posted by CreamE30 View Post
      Hey all, bit of a novice here when it comes to the computer world but, I am considering upgrading my laptop. Currently I have a Macbook Pro early 2008 model and I want to upgrade from 2GB to 4GB ram and maybe get bootcamp so I can run windows. Honestly, the main reason I want to do this is so I can enjoy all the fruits of Steam. I'm sick and tired of my buddy telling me he got this or that game or whatever on sale for 6 bucks. I'm fed up with my xbox and I can't get much out of a steam account running just OSX. I figured if i upgraded the ram and got windows I could actually use this computer for more than just a glorified typewriter.

      Thoughts? Basically I'm debating if its worth it even. Or if I should just wait till I'm out of college and build my own computer.
      I have an early 2008 Macbook as well (Penryn model). You can upgrade them to 8GB of RAM for cheap! ($50.00) check out

      You'll really want that extra ram especially running windows 7/8 in bootcamp.

      Originally posted by Chrisv006 View Post
      Have you considered encoding down to ~8gb? I have approx. 140 HD rips encoded down to this size...quality is still very very good but its way more compact and easier (cheaper) to store/backup. I fit all my movies, TV series, DVR'ed shows (HDhomerun), music, documents, family photos/movies and backups (whole computer backups for my other 6 systems) on 6tb + 6tb NAS for backup.

      I do need an offsite storage for 'mission-critical' data
      I've thought about compression a lot, I'm still on the fence, I haven't found a lossless compression format that looks good on the 60" LED yet. The problem is that compression is better for streaming and I'm generally gone at least half the year. It's a hard decision.

      I use Dropbox for all my critical data backups. I have a separate account setup to backup all of my client's websites and databases using Dropbox. It's great!


        Originally posted by codyep3 View Post
        Originally posted by Chunter View Post
        I don't see anyone laughing.
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          I bought an AMD Phenom 2 955 Black Edition a few years back. Apparantly it took them 3 tries (or revisions) for them to get it right. I got stuck with the 2nd revision, which sucked, very unstable, and they refused to recall/replace the shitty first and second revisions. Couldn't even overclock it 300mhz without it crashing. Never again buying AMD.

          Also to comment on the Nvidia 580gtx I bought, not impressed. Hardly an upgrade coming from 2 9800gt's in SLI, I was expecting way more.

          Some specs:
          AMD Phenom 2 955 Black Edition (crap)
          ASUS M4A97T Deluxe (sorta crap)
          8GB Corsair 1333mhz
          Nvidia 580gtx OC 830mhz (not worth the money)
          Samsung 830 120gb SSD (best upgrade ever)
          500gb HDD
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            just bought new comp
            i7 3770k ivy bridge
            Asus 24" hd led back lit LCD
            his iceq hd7850
            asrock z77 extreme4
            Kingston hyperx 120gb SSD
            corsair vengeance 16gb ddr3 1866 2x8gb
            Seagate barracuda 1tb 7200rpm 64mb cache sata 6
            600w corsair ps
            fastest cd burner
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              Damn some serious systems in here!

              My new setup, first actual gaming rig I've built.

              Asus P8Z77-V Lk mobo
              Intel i5 3570k
              Asus GTX660ti video card
              Corsair Vengeance Blue 2x4gb
              Crucial m4 128gb SSD boot drive
              WD Caviar Black 1tb
              XFX Pro750 PSU
              Coolermaster 212+ heatsink
              Coolermaster haf 912 case
              Asus ve247h 23.6" LCD
              Corsair k90 keyboard
              Razer mamba wireless mouse

              Case is functional but uglier than sin and cheaply made, will be swapping both it and CPU cooler for corsair pieces in the future. Black Friday if prices are right! Would like a second match monitor as well.




                  thats a cool case, and is that an radiator for a computer?
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                    It is, self contained water cooling for the CPU. Not the same performance of a true water cooling setup, but superior to most if not all air heat sinks. I'm at the stock clock right now with my 212 but I intend to see what kind of gains I can get and how much I can get out of my 3570k, so may as well cool it properly! $79 after rebate, down from $119.



                      IS this a good starter setup? Ill probably pick up a Corsair water cooling setup eventually if I want to overclock, Case isn't the cheapest but it has carry handles, very nice built in wire routing, and looks really sturdy.

                      Doing AMD for the GPU because its cheaper for the time being and comes with 5 games, I can also buy another and sell the games and run crossfire.
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                        I was gonna build a setup for some webcasting stuff I do for church, but then I found this, and it was more than what I could have built for the cost. Toss a copy of Wirecast on it... First time I've bought software that costs more than I paid for one of my e30's. Now I intend to put a few Blackmagic cards in, and hook up some better cameras.



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                            just built my first Pc.

                            64bit Windows 7
                            Micro Atx MSI -FM2 A75
                            AMD A10 5800k - Overclocked to 4.4ghz
                            8gb G.Skill Ares 1800 - Overclocked to 2300
                            500gb HHD Seagate
                            Corsair 430cx
                            7 fans. Blue Led 2 200mm 5 180mm
                            Nzxt 210 case
                            Nzxt Fan Controller
                            Asus Wireless receiver
                            Asus 24x burner

                            23in Asus VS239H IPS monitor wall mounted

                            Works well for a budget build. With monitor I came in around 650. Would have been around 500 without accessories.

                            Should of bumped up the power supply, but I'll save that for the next build. Way better than most PC's ive found in the price range.

                            Bought a couple pieces used or like new condition no problems.

                            Got a used Netgear N600 router. I rate as a decent router for 40$ used. I can stream 720p easily & play games online with the kids in the other room on Xbox live. No lag issues. Have about 5-6 devices connected. Ipads - laptops - phones - pc - xbox

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                              Ordered all the parts for a budget 600$ build. Im excited.


                                ugh, I need a dedicated laptop for tuning. Don't want to never update anything again on my main laptop, but I need an x86 version of java for romraider for MS41 (which doesn't seem to work on win 8) and now that I've tried that, I can't get tunerstudio to run.

                                edit: I guess I needed to remove the java 1.7 updater, so we're all good on the TS front.
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                                Usually it's best not to know how much money you have into your e30