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    Originally posted by Motheye99 View Post
    I'm sure it's very minor on E30's but isn't a rear lip also designed to keep a car stable at high speed, not in the way of down force. But increasing the drag on the car in a predictable way. I'm not very knowledgeable on car areo but we use devices very similar on rockets to increase "base drag".

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    it *decreases* drag - it doesn't increase it.

    Fun fact: facelift E30s were actually wind tunnel tested. :rofl:
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      I know Alpina did a lot of Aero testing on the early E30's with both their front and rear spoilers. The Alpina front spoiler definitely does make a difference at highway speeds, but I have't tried my B6 on the track yet - will do it the next open track day I think just for S & G.
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        Originally posted by nando View Post
        it *decreases* drag - it doesn't increase it.

        Fun fact: facelift E30s were actually wind tunnel tested. :rofl:
        Yeah, by detaching the turbulent air from the rear of the car somewhat better.
        That may, in fact, stabilize the car, if the turbulent air is generating lift or
        buffeting on the rear end.
        Or it may not, depending.

        It would be fun to see the wind tunnel test results-

        I've seen pix of 2002s in wind tunnels, but that doesn't mean BMW did any DEVELOPMENT in them, just stuck the cars in and said,
        "hmmm, very interesting. Bratwurst or Knockwurst for lunch today, Hans?"

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          on wikipedia a wingless mk4 supra is .33
          and with the big ass factory turbo wing .34
          so the e30 sport rubber strip probably is just to make it look sporty.
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