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    Finished installing the rear seats today: Starting to look more and more like a real car. I cleaned up the passenger side Natur Beige rear interior panel I had: Just another firm reminder as to how bad the interior was, and to how long the car actually sat. Will be calling a local shop tomorrow to get a quote on a new top and leather for all four seats tomorrow. It’s so close. I got the exhaust wrapped up, sounds pretty good being as it’s still a stock E30 325i exhaust from the cat to the muffler. Forgot to snap a pic, but it’s on. Need to tighten the O2 sensors a bit more. Check panel shows progress. An ivory driver’s side panel was painted to see how close it could get to Natur Beige Waiting on a bunch of crap from FCP to ship. Major things that still need to be addressed: Speedometer (used cluster shipping tomorrow) Accelerator cable (E36 cable coming soon?) Driver’s side seatbelt (shipped coming soon) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


      Just posting this here since I'm at work.

      Common Part Numbers:
      • E30 hood bolts - 07119915121
      • M52 motor mount nuts - 07119915558
      • E36 accelerator cable - 35411163228
      • E30 cabriolet handle cable cap - 51181823474
      • E36 A/C line bolts (hose to compressor, unconfirmed) - 07129904067
      • E30 cabriolet cover hinge shock clips - 07119932815
      • E36/M52 exhaust flange nuts (headers to collectors) - 18301737774
      • E36/M52 exhaust gaskets (headers to collectors) - 18301716888
      • E30 interior black plastic/trim nut - 16131176747


        I was finally able to get the convertible top handle to play nice and release. A lot of fiddling and alignment to get the handle in there right. I also got another cluster and set the mileage to be accurate to when the old odometer stopped. I received a plastic dash cap, thought it looked pretty good. This is a pic of it just sitting on top. Bled the brakes and I am currently getting the clutch bled. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


          I drove it last night after confirming my electric fan works. Kicks on pretty damn late, with the temp gauge on the 3rd mark. Did the same thing in my coupe. Brakes were non-existant, even after bleeding. Retackled that today and bled all four corners 4x times, with 12 pumps of the pedal per bleed. Got more air out, and got all of the old fluid out of the system. Feels much better, but did not get a chance to drive. ABS does work, as confirmed by running it in gear and braking on jackstands.

          D72A29AA-D316-4B3F-BBD2-6EA52093C3B3_1_105_c by keaton.burleson, on Flickr

          C1FB44C0-7DB1-4FBE-AD74-5C85B95ECBD6_1_105_c by keaton.burleson, on Flickr


   Finally drove it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk