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    Car: 1990 325i coupe
    Suspension: Jom coils
    Wheel: JNC15x8 et20 4x100
    Tire: 225/50/15 or 205/50/15
    I'm going for fitment, I'd like it tucked if possible would this work?
    85% of the time i have no idea what I'm doing


      Year: 92

      Model: vert

      Suspension: airlift e36 front struts with e30 camber plates, rear is e30 airlift with z4 hubs.

      wheel stats: konig ultraforms 17x8 5x120 et35

      Tire Size: I want meat, minimum 225/40, 235 preferably, and open to 245 and up.

      other info: willing to roll my fenders, like a fat chick on top of a hill.

      just need to know what size spacers I need?
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        Hey guys, wondering if anyone has any insight on fittinf 17x10 et20s in the rear. I want to pull them off but my suspension set up is not very aggressive. I’m on IE3 springs and soon-to-be 80a bushings all around. I’m debating whether I should go with 12mm riser bushings or not (don’t wanna go with weld-in tabs). Currently, I have -2.5 degrees of rear camber with the Ie3s. I’m scared that if I go with the riser bushings, I will have problems with the fenders riding on the tire because the camber would probably increase to about -2 degrees or so (I’ve already rolled the fenders). I’m also not really willing to go with too much of a stretch, I’m thinking 245/40s?
        if anyone has any insight, please let me know! This fitment game is stressful lol
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          Looking for fitment advice on an E30 M3 with H&R race springs. I have a set of APEX ARC-8 wheels that are 17x8.5" ET20 that im trying to decide on tire size and determine whether or not I will need camber plates upfront. The tire size recommended is 215/40R17 but says may require some negative camber upfront depending on suspension setup. Since the H&Rs are so low but also pretty common I wanted to see if anyone else has experience fitting these or if there are other options


            Looking for some wheel fitment tips. I’ve been out of the E30 world for a number of years and am finally coming back. My heads filled with Nissan wheel fitment so I need to refresh my brain.

            I’ve got an 88 325is. I’m going to order a set of front and rear lowering springs and bilsteins to go with. I’m thinking about BBS RS wheels in a 15x8 size but might consider a 16x8. I want to fill the wheel wells nicely and have a flush fender fitment. What size, offset and tire size should I be looking at?


              Hey guys, out of curiosity anyone here run MiM rims? I have 1900 15x7 offset 13 and running 205-50-15, I was wondering if it would be problematic running 205 60 15 or 215 55 15 on the car im running stock suspension at the moment also would that that same fitment fit once i get lowering spring or coilovers?
              Also have some 16in style 4 16x8J ET23 re-drilled to 4x100, I know i might need spacer on the front however not sure if anyone out there tried this, my question is how big do i need to get the spacers in order to make it work I heard 5mm would do but not sure( btw im running stock suspension)