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Is this damage repairable??? Delphine Grey Metallic E30 down:((

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    Pay to get a set-up alignment or an alignment. If the wheels can easily aligned and money is not a huge issue for you you could probably put a new door and quarter panel on and blend the paint into the front fender.


      Originally posted by Obito22 View Post
      The roof has a small dent , I upload a picture of it ^ but the trunk opens fine but the gap on the crashed side is slightly bigger but on the passenger side there is no dents or anything. I know the I’ll probably have to buy another E30 and just swap everything over , I have a full built engine stroked to a 2.7 with a full suspension upgrade, it’s a street legal track car but the Delphine metallic is the original paint and both the welds on the front fenders are in tact meaning they have never been removed before. The car is in good condition and it really means something to me but how hard will it be to find another Delphine coupe ??
      The roof is dented because the roof structure has been pulled out of shape and wrinkled your roof. I get that you have emotional attachment to it, but the car is totaled, and I don't think anyone telling you that it's fixable is doing you any favors. Is it fixable? Technically yes. Is it realistic to fix it? No, it's destroyed. It'd have to be worth a couple hundred thousand to even consider fixing that.

      You sound young so I get why you're attached to it, but I think as you get older you'll understand better that at the end of the day it's just a hunk of metal, and you won't care as much, especially once you get a car to replace it. That looks like it was a hard hit, I'd be glad just to have walked away from that uninjured.


        Yeah I’ll probably just buy another e30 and swap everything over , the only reason I was so attached to the car was because of the color which is my favorite E30 factory color , but we’ll see how it goes with the insurance and I’ll probably have to start looking for another coupe


          OP, at best your car is a future race car, as a street car it's done. Don't be a poser, also consider four doors, especially after you get boned by the insurance payout.


            It could make a great demolition derby car once you strip it?
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              From a financial perspective this car is fucked. The cost of bodywork will be immense from a money perspective if you have a shop do it and from a time perspective if you do it yourself. I would just capitalize on this mishap by taking the insurance money, parting it out if you have the space to do so (if you don’t look into renting out a public storage unit). Then use the money to buy another E30.
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              Greed is Good


                Id get on a frame rack and see if its a banana. Let this be a determining factor if money is no issue. After money isn't and issue, then it comes to logic.

                And if you were to go down the rabbit hole, who do you spend that money with to make it right... Seems hard enough to get someone to paint a fender right.

                If you're betting on fixing it from the funding of other people pockets, Id set my expectations lower.

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