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    AHEM. "Clears throat"

    March 2020

    Progress? Not bad.

    Wiring is always a big job. Once you can let your mind calm down to all the task involved, I think its pretty relaxing.

    Sorting out how and if this E46 Fuse box idea would even work. But Looking good!


    Meanwhile my 3:25 REM polished 4 clutch setup has arrived, One quirk about having a Ti. I was able to install it in there and break it in easy on the street.

    Sorting wires, The last wire snipped from the E30 fuse box felt almost like when you close your browser of 50 tabs... Then 5 minutes later, everything is better.

    Chugging along, Was quite frustrating to get replacement terminals and housings for most he interior connectors, So, I just starting replacing everything in Deutch DT and DTM connectors..

    Replacement Indicators

    I got so lucky to sort a Euro Spare Aluminum wheel in the US. Mini spare isn't a big deal, hopefully get me to the next destination, maybe slower. A nice weight saving compromise.

    And a new spare tire, Continental, Made in Germany.

    I can do this...

    Things are starting to make sense again

    Fusebox starting to fill up!

    Just for fun

    Houston, We have lights

    Speaker, wiring and sorting

    GPS Speedo

    Years of hoarding motors and crap, I was able to send some core throttles in for a small credit towards my Bigger bored Throttle. Future pics of that.

    OH, And the NON AC HVAC box cover will fit the AC HVAC box if you delete your ac, Future pics


    Finishing up another car / wiring job

    Bolt bin saves my but so many times, Id like to go through and organize it more

    After years, finally got another BMX bike!

    Hmm, Whats Covid, Who knew this was the beginning
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      That wiring job looks intense!


        Intense, and very satisfying. Nice work.

        I am very much looking forward to the E46 M3 ABS install... please post the details!
        '89 325i OBD2 S52 BUILD THREAD


          +1 on the ABS details
          Originally posted by priapism
          My girl don't know shit, but she bakes a mean cupcake.
          Originally posted by shameson
          Usually it's best not to know how much money you have into your e30


            Ditto on the ABS details.
            How to remove, install or convert to pop out windows

            Could be better, could be worse.


              APRIL 2020 - PT.1

              We spent over 7 Years building the Race car E30 you see at Road Atlanta, Finally! Were doing it and well. We never meant to win. Just finish. Last year we had some hurdles that we couldn't get a rolling. This year felt different, but then all the events started canceling... Watkins Glen was to be next.. So it looked like I was able to allocate some time back to lachs!

              While wiring, Trying to take care of all the little bits also.
              New side mirror motors!

              The connector for my amp, I hope I can find a replacement to crimp in

              Vac BBTB has returned

              Sorting out my OBDII location, Yes I love the globe box flash light, But the OBDII port seems about perfect here

              Fuse box coming together

              Things are starting to tidy up!

              Precision sound

              Shortened up the wiring to the doors, Getting speaker wire ran, Had to rewire all the interior lighting.

              I fought for a while of where to put the ABS unit, I Really wanted to put it on the passenger side... But to get right the engine has to come out to sweep 6 lines over. Also future S54 carbon airbox planning architecture was in mind. So I was like this should work.

              Even fits my front strut tower tie in idea.