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How much have you spent on your BMW?

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    Originally posted by e30m3s54turbo View Post
    I been in E30’s for 31 years. I lost track what I spent on my E30’s. I doesn’t bother me what it cost me.
    I've spent plenty! But I view it as just the cost of enjoying my hobby of choice. Some guys spend more on greens fees and Ping golf clubs than I do on my E30. I just prefer to tool around in the garage on the weekends vs golfing, scuba trips or polishing a wrist watch collection. LOL

    That said, I've spent little less than $30k on my E30 since I bought it as a $600 beater back on 2011. According to my spreadsheet, it's about $13.5k on 249 parts, $14k on paint & body work, and a bit more on labor for the cylinder head rebuild, tire mounting & odds & ends I couldn't do myself.
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      I just had to add everything up for insurance. Some of the stuff was bough used, so my total is probably a bit high. Then again, I forgot about several things that I've done over the years, so maybe it comes out even?

      Anyway, bought the car for $500 in 2010, put about $12,460 into it until April of 2021.
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