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rear axles... whats out there thats strong.

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    It's possible that there is another spec that BMW wanted from Lobro, and that Lobro also manufactures a slightly different product to sell directly, but I don't know how we would realistically check that. Either way, most GKN stuff seems fine.


      Manufactures change design over time probably to pinch penny’s, and make in different plants.

      Genuine and OEM can vary.. unfortunately..

      Maybe even new BMWs could be different than original equipped units.


        From some basic looking around it looks like there are three main suppliers in the E30 axle market.

        GSP - Sub $50 (off brands - can be had for as little as $32 shipped)
        -pretty sure they are a contract manufacturer, they also appear to sell seconds
        Wonh-Wonh - $50-100 (FEQ, Cardone, Duralast)
        -direct manufacturer
        GKN - $200
        -both direct manufacturer and contracts out production

        I'd be really interested to see who is making the CV sub-assemblies for each primary manufacturer, but I don't think I care that much.


          Poking around Lobro is also the OEM equip for BMW,VAG , MB, and many others. They basically are the "ZF" or "Getrag" of half shafts.

          Sure, every market has penny pinchers, that's why an m20 has real forged rods and the m52 and later has snapped cap powder forgings etc.

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            Oh, and there are more aftermarket axles. Drive Right comes to mind. Those were/are sold through Auto Zone and actually are decent quality, but they used the wrong sized outer boots and are known to rub on the rear shock with suspension droop.
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              On an E46M I supported for a few years we broke an axle at Sebring. I Made the decision to run DSS axle after considering the UNKNOWN for Genuine "REMAN" axles. You have no idea the abuse the reman axles have gone threw. Its not like they are going to Xray the shafts on rebuilds....

              Food for thought. I'm Not sold on New GKN E30 axles though. Ill post of the squished boot when I get a chance.


                The GKN axles are the best that's out there, in my experience, too.
                I had one boot fail, too, which I attributed to abuse-
                I re- booted it with a GKN boot, and the replacement boot was heavier and much more supple.
                3 years later, it looks new, if I clean all the grime off it.

                YMMV, but maybe not by much...

                now, sometimes I just mess with people. It's more entertaining that way. george graves


                  so we should buy new GKN axles and immediately replacement boots and swap them for best longevity causes the replacement boots are better than one that come with the axle? i say this in jest but seems to be too many boot issues for a new product

                  i recall reading that some axles in the aftermarket causing the boot to rub, i assume this is the el cheapo ones only and the GKN are ok?
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                  new build thread


                    Nope. I'm just saying that if, by some extreme bad luck, one fines oneself HAVING to buy a new axle, the GKNs are probably the best bet.
                    Likewise, I think I've replaced 3 or four boots ever in my lifetime, (not including E46xi front boots) and the 2 times I used non- GKN boots,
                    I ended up replacing them within a couple of years.

                    That's all.

                    das boot.
                    now, sometimes I just mess with people. It's more entertaining that way. george graves