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    Originally posted by noypi2 View Post

    I have a Mtech 1..PM me if you are interested.


      Looking for a passengers side front grill and a glovebox


        Got a valance
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          WTB kidney grill in good condition PM me with pics and your price please/thank you.


            WTB Driver side splash panel break dover and both left and right breast ducts.


              WTB front driver’s side seat belt Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


                Some bare lollipops and a good used M20 intake boot. $20 each.

                Click image for larger version

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                  Oil pan for an m20. Ireland engineering oil pan baffle installed. Mishimoto magnetic drain plug and a fresh oil pan gasket. Never ran this set up so everything is new with the exception of the pan. It’s sprayed high temp red. I’m looking for $240. Shoot a text if you’re interested
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                    Clearing house, everything E30 and OBO, picked up 90815.
                    Full set of sedan seat belts. Front driver webbing has some wear. Works as they should. $100
                    Black sedan rear seats. Good condition, no rips or large issues. Typical small scuffs from being 30 years old. Material is still plyable. $300
                    Sedan B pillar trims. Similar condition. $50
                    318ti rear trailing arms. with brakes, and including a subframe! OEM 5 lug swap. $350 for everything
                    Also have a couple sets of regular e30 trailing arms.

                    We're in deep now boys
                    1988 325i SETA - Daily driver
                    1988 340iL - Track car
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                      Any one selling a CPS for a 325i/s in the OC area? Mine got caught by the timing belt, need one ASAP!


                        Randy's Garage Clean Out - Random 1989 325is Parts For Sale

                        Pick Up Only in El Segundo (i'm not able to ship any of this stuff, must be picked up)

                        All removed from my creampuff '89 325is that got broadsided in late 2000 with 138,926 miles on the odometer

                        All parts have been in storage since stripping the car in early 2001 in case i ever needed them, but i no longer have an E30.

                        All the parts are in very good to excellent condition

                        I have pictures of most of this stuff but they're too huge to post.

                        I can send or take pics as requested, and i figured out how to resize them small enough to upload into a PM or Text.

                        I have limited access to forum's due to work restrictions, but i'm replying to PMs and Texts and Emails the same day usually


                        Coupe Door Seal (Left side, has a 1" tear in the bottom rubber, for the door opening surround in the body) $130

                        Coupe Door Seal (Right side, for the door opening surround in the body) $150

                        Coupe Upper Door Seals (Left and Right, the one that attaches to top of door) $75 per side

                        Coupe Electric Window Lifts '89+ (Left and Right) $100 each

                        Front Side Window Glass (with aftermarket tint, Left and Right) $100 per side

                        Map Light Mirror (has the threaded anti-vibration post, but the electrical connector
                        plug is detached from the wires) $150

                        13 Button OBC Module (but is missing the white Light Bar Housing) $60

                        Three "Non-Working" CM5908 Pyramid Radios in very good cosmetic condition, with codes, each were removed from car after
                        developing issues and have since been in storage for at least 10-15 years. Good cores that can be repaired or refurbished. $150 each

                        CM5908 Radio #1 "Non-Working", with Code. A Cassette Tape was stuck inside, so i was unable to listen to the radio. No static when
                        listening to the tape though. I later opened the radio and removed the tape. Radio might still work - just don't stick a tape into the slot. $150

                        CM5908 Radio #2 "Non-Working", with Code. A Cassette Adapter was stuck inside, so i was unable to listen to the radio. No static when
                        listening to MP3 via the adapter. I later opened the radio and removed the adapter. Radio might still work - just don't stick a tape into the slot. $150

                        CM5908 Radio #3 "Non-Working", with Code. Had Static on the right channel speaker, but Tape Player played tapes just fine (but with
                        same right channel static as on radio) $150

                        Overhead Check Control Module $80

                        Rear Defroster Switch $20

                        2-Button A/C Control Switch $40

                        Knob set for A/C (3 sliders & 2 rotating) $20

                        Ashtray (has a crack on bottom, clean, never touched by cigs or ashes) $30

                        Cigarette Lighter (Like New - Never been used at all) $30

                        Glove Box w/latch & lock & a working key $80

                        Light for Glove Box $10

                        Center Console (but with cracked right arm foam, glueable, covering is intact though) $80

                        Rubber Accordian Boot Cover for Handbrake Lever $30

                        Front Seatbelts w/Retractors (Left & Right) (No Seat Receptacles though) $60 each

                        Bottom Threshold Seatbelt Slider Rails (Left & Right) $20 ea

                        Plastic Door Sill Scuff Plate Cover (Left & Right) $30 ea

                        Third Center Brake Light (Surface Mount, Tan) $60c

                        Interior Reading Light $20

                        Overhead Grab Handle $10

                        Alpine White Fuel Door (has small chip in edge) $40

                        Alpine White Brake Duct Inlets (yellowed from age) L&R $60 each

                        Plastic Inner Brake Duct Tubes w/temp sensor $60 for the pair

                        Fog Light Assemblies with bulbs and sockets (pitted lenses) L&R $120 pair

                        L&R Headlight Grilles $50 each side

                        Pair of Horns $30 for both

                        Trunk Floor Mat $60

                        Trunk Plastic Threshold Cover $60

                        Trunk Inner Left and Right Rubber Side Liners $60 per side

                        Trunk Battery Cover Tray (i have 2 of these) $30 each

                        Cover for the Battery Cable in the trunk $30

                        Tool Kit, excellent condition $100

                        Light for License Plate $10

                        Under-Hood Sound Deadening Mat $60

                        3 Chromed Center Cap Waffles for 14" Basketweaves, and some cap parts $60 for all

                        Brand New Fuel Pump Assembly (spare, Never Installed) from BMW Dealership (# 16 14 1 179 992) $300

                        Momo Hub Adapter for steering wheel (Excellent, Complete, Stamped K 2006) $80

                        Momo Hub Adapter for steering wheel (no screws, no button ring, Stamped C 2006) $60

                        Brand New in Box K-Mac Stage 1 Camber / Caster Adjuster Bearings $300

                        1 Set of Ronal Security Screws with Tool $40 per kit

                        2 Front Ground Control Springs, used, 450 lb rate (Eibach # 600.250.450 2.5" ID) $100 /pair

                        Mid-Pipe with worn Catalytic Converter (had failed 15 mpg CA smog test with a slightly high HC reading).
                        Might be able to clean the core with CRC Guaranteed-To-Pass to get the numbers lower (this worked
                        on my E36), or use it to have an aftermarket cat welded in. $150

                        I also have a worn Mid-Pipe from a 1997 E36 M3 that failed smog. Maybe can be cleaned, or use to weld in Aftermarket Cats $100

                        Pick Up Only in El Segundo (i'm not able to ship any of this stuff, must be picked up)

                        SOLD - Pair of Drip Rails, Complete, left and right sides $200 SOLD
                        SOLD - Pair of Sun Visors $60 SOLD
                        SOLD - Pair of A-Pillar Trims, left and right $60 SOLD
                        SOLD - Ellipsoid Headlights Complete Set $200 SOLD
                        SOLD - Rebuilt Driveshaft $300 SOLD
                        SOLD - 4.10 LSD M3 Diff $450 SOLD
                        SOLD - Aluminum Lower Window Trims, left and right $60 SOLD
                        SOLD - Side Mirrors, Alpine White, $200 /pair SOLD
                        SOLD - Tail Lights, like new, w/covers, $200 /pair SOLD
                        SOLD - LSD Diff 3.73 $400 SOLD
                        SOLD - Front Valance, Alpine White $150 SOLD
                        SOLD - Front Fenders, Alpine White $300 /pair SOLD
                        SOLD - Hood, Alpine White, immaculate $200 SOLD
                        SOLD - Alpine White Trunk Lid $200 SOLD
                        SOLD - Manual Transmission SOLD
                        SOLD - Pair of rear quarter pop-out windows, $300/pair SOLD
                        SOLD - CM5908 Pyramid Radio, (#4 of 4) Non-Working, excellent cosmetic condition, w/code $100
                        SOLD - Knee Panel under steering column $60 SOLD
                        SOLD - Two New-in-Box OEM Rear Wheel Bearings from Dealership $40 each SOLD
                        SOLD - Battery Hold Down Bracket w/long bolt, like new $10 SOLD
                        SOLD -
                        Rubber Seals for Pop-Out Rear Quarter Windows (Left and Right) $60 per side SOLD
                        SOLD - Latch Assemblies for Rear Pop Out Quarter Windows (Left and Right) $50 each SOLD
                        SOLD - Set of 4 Brand New Original Genuine German Ronal ACT-LS Wheels 15x7.5 ET25 (2003 production) $1,100
                        SOLD - 1 Ronal ACT-LS Center Cap - Brand New with ACT Badge and Sealing Ring $80
                        SOLD - 1 Ronal Center Cap - Used, good condition with some small nicks, w/ Ronal badge and Sealing Ring $60
                        SOLD - 2 Ronal Replacement Snap-In Inserts (that badge would be glued to) $20
                        SOLD - 2 Sets of Ronal Security Screws with Tool $40 per kit
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                        Randy Walters

                        88 325is (w/89 bumpers, recently sold)
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                          Looking for a good condition working stock booster/master setup. I don't think theres any differences, but for a late 318i I guess. I know someone has one sitting around that they pulled out for their 24v swap.


                            Looking for IS Lip. Thank you


                              Originally posted by e30james325 View Post
                              Looking for IS Lip. Thank you
                              Have you seen the new garagistic ones? My friend just ordered one so I’m not sure yet on quality and fit and such



                                Looking for rear valance panel. Mine is rusted out any color but prefer zinno. Located in SD thanks.