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    Sorry for the delay guys, was gone to H2Oi for a week.

    Originally posted by brutus87 View Post
    Hey Mystikal,

    Thinking about 16x8 et20 wheels all around.
    Car is a late model 325is on IE3 springs and konis all around with m3 offset bushings.
    What would be the most tire I can use without rolling/pulling? Fenders are not rolled or pulled.

    205/50 or 205/45 or something else? Will all these choices have major stretch? Im trying to avoid that.

    Thank you so much. You are a great asset to this community.
    205/50 should just work. It'll be a minor stretch, more of a bubble.


      Originally posted by Rhys View Post
      Thanks Jay, you rock!

      So you are saying no front fender roll is needed?

      Thanks again!


        Originally posted by Wishno87 View Post
        17x9 et26 in the rear with 20mm adapters? On an early body with fenders rolled flat. Hopeing to fit at least a 215/40.
        I think it's just a touch too much. A 205/40 has a good chance of working though.


          Originally posted by CAPO THE BARBARIAN View Post
          Im lookin to get new wheels for the girlie and im thinkin xxrs but dont know which ones yet . i do know that im going to be getting 17's but dont really know the difference(if that noticeable) in 17x8.25 or 17x9.75 .. im pretty new to upgrading my car and ive read over a bunch of post but still dont really understand it .. like what is a 17x8.25 +20mm ?! lol ive got an 87 325is with gc coilovers with 2 in off the struts with 450/650 and would very much please like some guidance
          17x8.25 +20 all around and 215/40/17 tires will fit and work well.


            Originally posted by DDKing13 View Post
            Just got a staggered set of wheels, but i'm a little concerned about the rears. The rear wheels are 17x8.5 et 41. Will these fit on the car? I also need to get adapters, so I will probably be buying the thinnest adapters that 42draftdesigns has available. If somebody could please help me out with these asap, i'd appreciate it!
            With 18mm adapters you will be at +23, which is pretty much perfect.


              Originally posted by strang3majik View Post
              Mystikal...first off, I appreciate any help you can give in advance...

              but, I am going with an m60, so, I want some wide tires to hold the power, also, I'm going with e46 m3 brakes and a 5 lug swap, so, I will need at least 17" wheels.

              So, 17" wheels with the widest tire possible. The rear will remain at stock e30 placement, however, the front will be 12mm further outward from stock e30 placement due to the hub adapters.

              I can raise the car if need be, but, I'm trying to run a 245 or 255 on the rear and a 235 up front...

              what offsets can you recommend and are my tire size goals with 17s out of the question?

              My rear fenders are already rolled, fronts can be if needed.

              Thank you.
              17x8 +35 235/40 front (effective +23)
              17x8.5 +30 245/40 rear


                Originally posted by econti View Post
                I'm lining up a set of 16x8 +20s. I'm running a reasonable amount of neg camber (actual amount not known), unrolled guards. Not that low.
                I should be able to fit 225s all things being equal, yeah?
                225/45s at the tallest and with rolled rear fenders. Unless it's an early car then no roll.


                  can I run 15x8's without spacers?
                  If it's got tits or tires, it's gonna cost ya!


                    Got a late model e30, looking to run redrilled e39 style 5's with a 10mm spacer. Will 215 40 17 tires be fine with a roll?
                    Originally posted by csermonet47
                    Vlad, you are handling this quite unprofessionally.

                    Also, you are a cock with tacky taste.

                    That is all.


                      Originally posted by Stanley Rockafella View Post
                      can I run 15x8's without spacers?
                      If it's +20 or lower, yes.


                        Originally posted by blck325is View Post
                        Got a late model e30, looking to run redrilled e39 style 5's with a 10mm spacer. Will 215 40 17 tires be fine with a roll?
                        No, 205/40s are ideal for that fitment.


                          Just for interest's sake, I bought some 16x8 +20s last night. The lip of the wheel on the front is about 5mm away from the strut. Is this normal?

                          (clicky on piccy to get to thread)


                            cool link

                            If it's got tits or tires, it's gonna cost ya!


                              I have some 17x8.5" et13 wheels. Will these fit with a E30 M3 five lug swap? I was thinking either 225/35 or 215/40, going on an early model with only a mild drop.
                              My Feedback


                                Undoubtedly answered prior....

                                BBS RC090's 17x8 et20 will be running 18mm adaptors. Lowered real good on coils.