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August 2022 Car of the Month: AWDBOB

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    August 2022 Car of the Month: AWDBOB

    ***Editors Note: I've been bugging Bobbie to do a Car of the Month for years... and now that he finally has a car thats worthy, its off to a new home. Luckily we will get to feature this and it doesnt really count towards his Car of the Month because he has a sexy car and a POS car that I wouldnt mind featuring either of them... Anyways, if you've been here and are not living under a rock you probably know about 'Linda' and her journey to perfection. Glad to have it as COTM for August. Congrats to Bobbie for one less distraction and to Linda for getting a feature!***

    Factory options: 1990 BMW 325iS


    Interior color: Natur Leather

    Engine modifications:

    M20b31 using the following parts:

    Cylinder Head:

    -731 Head Ported by RHD Engineering
    -2mm Oversized Stainless Valves
    -RHD Valve Springs/Retainers
    -284/280 Billet IE Cam
    -IE HD Rockers
    -Head Refinished by HeadSolutions before Install
    -Custom 86mm Cometic MLS HG
    -ARP Studs

    Bottom End:

    -Late Model M20 Block
    -S52 Crank/Rods
    -Custom 4032 Alloy Pistons designed around 731 cylinder head/cc by Steve @Top End Performance
    -Custom Teflon Crank Scraper
    -Rebuilt Oil Pump


    -SSSpacer M20 Intake Spacer
    -Riot Racing BBTB
    -Dbilas M20 Airbox
    -MS2 PnP Tuned on SpeedDensity by ClassicDaily
    -Full R134 A/C Conversion using Sanden Compressor and Custom Lines
    -Rebuilt/Refinished Alternator
    -Cruise Control Retained with custom bracket


    -IE Stage 2 Long Tube Headers
    -Dual 2.25” into single 2.5”
    -Vibrant Ultra Quiet Resonator
    -Magnaflow 14815 Muffler


    -Low Mile DOT-R BMW Replacement G260
    -Rebuilt Linkage
    -RHD 7# Flywheel
    -Sachs “618” Pressure Plate with stock Sachs Clutch Disc
    -Z3 1.9 Shift Lever
    -Timbershift Mushroom Knob



    -Ground Control Coilovers 450f/650r
    -GC Camber Plates
    -GC Rear Strut Mounts
    -IE Rear Strut Tower Brace
    -Z3 “731” Rack
    -E30M3 Solid Rubber Offset CABs
    -Garagistic Reinforced F/R Subframes
    -Poly 70a Subframe/Trailing Arm/Diff Bushings
    -Eibach/Vortlag Swaybar Kit


    -Maxilite 15x7 et24 Euroweaves
    -Yokohama S Drive Tires - 205/55r15

    Exterior modifications:

    -Euro Grills
    -Euro Hella Smileys

    Interior modifications:

    -Crack Free Dash
    -Continental Bluetooth Radio
    -Momo Prototio Wheel
    -Reupholstered Sports Seats
    -Rear Headrest Rear Seat
    -Leather Shift and Ebrake Boots

    Story behind the car:

    Ages ago when I (AWDBOB) discovered E30s, I found a photo of a red late model coupe with shadowline trim, perfectly lowered with BBS RG wheels. It became the epitome of what I thought an E30 should be, and had always dreamed of building one in a similar spec with a hot naturally aspirated M20.

    Early on I had several iXes (hence the AWDBOB) that got me addicted to E30s, and decided to move to the midwest from southeastern PA. This required me to liquidate my parts/cars and put my last nice iX (Heidi) away in storage while I pursued other things- to say I was burnt out from cars at this time would be an understatement.

    Fast forward a few years and I was living in Indiana, perusing R3V, when I saw a “Cali Car” Brilliantrot 325iS in Ohio for a good price, and it was a match made in heaven. The goal (see the first page of Linda’s build thread) was to build a simple car to drive and enjoy, for once, rather than spend all of my time and money building rather than enjoying. Needless to say, I did the exact opposite, and this turned into a passion project from 2016-2022 building that dream E30 I had always envisioned.

    The car was in a really good spot in 2019(?) or so, running great with a healthy refreshed M20b25. An M20b30 fell into my lap from a friend, and after finding out some not so great details about it, I tore it down for a full rebuild into the M20b31 that is in the car today. We all dream of these n/a M20 builds, and I had the perfect canvas to do all of the things I wanted to do.

    Around this time, E30s and E30 parts started to fall into my lap left and right. This is around the time I got the opportunity to buy out Zionsville Autosport’s used parts inventory. Jake came down to IN for Reggie’s open house in 2020(?) and we got the car running on standalone at 3am before the event and tuned it on the way there in the morning- it was an absolute riot.

    After this, the E30s and parts acquisitions continued to absorb my time. I saw it fit to send Linda up to Jake’s (ClassicDaily) to finish the car off because I didn’t have the time to do so on my own. I didn’t know what the future held for Linda, as she was the brain child of what I’ve always wanted an E30 to be- my E30 soul mate. Jake then set off to finish the tune, fabricate cruise control and airbox mounts, finish off my r134 conversion with custom lines and a Sanden Compressor/Bracket, and paint the car.

    I had helped my buddy Tyler (CompleteCustoms) find a shell a few years back and supplied him with several parts to complete his E30 vision for the shell. Tyler got busy with life, and lives in GR, not too far from Jake. Tyler and I had been chatting about what it would look like for him to own Linda after his life became filled with family life and home repairs, not leaving enough time to build the shell as he had hoped. Fast forward to mid July, 2022, I drove up to Michigan to finish off Linda with Jake, and Tyler and I shook hands.

    This was a bittersweet ending to my Journey with Linda, but the capital has allowed me to dive full time into the E30 Parts Business, and with Linda going to a fantastic home I have peace.

    It is the end of an era for me (AWDBOB), and a start of a journey for Tyler (CompleteCustoms).

    The car made good power (190whp/200tq), but we found that the stock Intake Manifold was far more limiting than anticipated.

    Tyler plans on enjoying the car regularly, adding his creative, personal touches, and eventually adding ITBs to the car. He allowed me to keep the sentimental items such as my redrilled E38 Style 5s and Italvolanti wheel that will live on in my hoopte30 for the foreseeable future.

    The future is bright for Linda, and I can’t thank you all enough for riding along, up to this point.

    Stay tuned for Tyler’s Journey of Linda.

    Current Car:
    -2017 i3 REx, 21st Century E30
    -1975 Alfa Romeo Giulia Nuova Super 1300, the never-ending name & project

    Make R3V Great Again -2020

    Beautiful car Bob! Do you have a dyno graph? I had never heard of the SSSpacer but now I am intrigued.


      Digitalwave Sorry, forgot to add it
      Current Car:
      -2017 i3 REx, 21st Century E30
      -1975 Alfa Romeo Giulia Nuova Super 1300, the never-ending name & project

      Make R3V Great Again -2020


        Wow, gorgeous. Just lovely build and the red absolutely pops.

        I think we should have videos included in COTM, I'd love to hear that 3 liter M20 sing.
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          Better than factory. Beautiful car brother.

          88' Seta 2.7i


            2mAn, honored to have Linda featured as COTM! Thanks for posting the dyno sheet.

            Digitalwave, the SSSpacer is designed to even the intake manifold flow between cylinders. Cylinder 3 is notoriously quite bad in regards to flow through the stock intake manifold, and the ssspacer helps even it out. Even with the spacer, however, cylinder 3 still had the richest reading on the plugs when tuning, but Linda is taxing the stock intake manifold quite a bit, so I'm sure the problem is exacerbated in this instance.

            From his website:

            vanilla-flow-m20b25 by Bobbie Morrone, on Flickr
            ssspacer-flow-m20b25 by Bobbie Morrone, on Flickr

            DEV0 E30 ask and you shall receive! There is footage of a 1-3 pull in this Instagram post.


            It's Soda Not Pop thank you, sir!! That was the idea.... take things a little bit further without destroying the character of the car. I would say it's OEM+, but OEM+ is an oxymoron, lol.
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            1989 Zinnoberrot M3 Build Thread


              Congrats and gorgeous and simple.
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                I wonder what the power difference on the dyno would be? With the spacer and without. What would area under the curve look like?

                88' Seta 2.7i



                  monty23psk thank ya sir! that was the goal.

                  It's Soda Not Pop there is a dyno on squids website!
                  1990 Brilliantrot 325iS Build Thread
                  1989 Zinnoberrot M3 Build Thread


                    Originally posted by AWDBOB View Post
                    monty23psk thank ya sir! that was the goal.

                    It's Soda Not Pop there is a dyno on squids website!
                    Yeah after I asked I went to the site and saw.

                    88' Seta 2.7i



                      well deserved Car of the month! Bobs E30s are always top notch & tastefully done

                      '05 BMW M3 - Silver Grey/Imola Red
                      '90 BMW 325iX - Sterling Silver/Houndstooth sport(5-speed converted)
                      '15 Mini Countryman - Blazing Red/Carbon Black

                      '01 Audi Allroad - Light Silver/Platinum Saber Black
                      '88 BMW 325iX - Diamond Schwarz/Silver sport *Sold*
                      '01.5 1.8TQ - Brilliant Black/Nogaro Alcantara ...after 8.5yrs, *Sold* =(
                      '90 BMW 325i - Schwarz/Tan sport *Sold*
                      '89 BMW 325ix - Diamond Schwarz/Black sport *Sold*


                        Sounds great!
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                          What an absolute beauty..Your car is my aspiration for what I want my Bronzit coupe to look like!
                          1988 E30 M3


                            What a great clean OG Machine. Sometimes you can't beat the basics.

                            An E30 like that rowing threw some gears makes my day. Shes got some torque!

                            I was up above it, Now I'm down in it ~ Entropy - A Build thread.


                              audiquattrot thanks man! we must never forget Heidi. I wish I never sold that lachs iX.
                              DEV0 E30 it has a very unique sound, even more so in person. Sounds killer in the car!
                              Shadye30 thanks- keep it simple and it all works out!
                              moatilliatta nothing like a simple, clean setup that works well. The car was an absolute blast to row through the gears in! The torque curve was the knight in shining armor of the HP figure.
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                              1989 Zinnoberrot M3 Build Thread