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November 2018 Car of the Month: D.Martijn

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    November 2018 Car of the Month: D.Martijn

    ***Editors Note: Who doesnt like a SUPER clean Touring? I think everyone here does, and this one is a strong candidate of how to do it and make it look factory brand new. I figured this would be a nice transition into Winter, especially since my original choIXes werent able to come through, but maybe for December. Congrats Martijn, and thanks for keeping the Touring looking great!***

    Factory options:
    L801A National version Germany/Austria
    S240A Leather steering wheel
    S288A BMW light alloy wheel, cross spoke 29
    S314A Door mirror / driver's lock, heated
    S320A Deleted, model lettering
    S354A Green windscreen, green shade band
    S400A Slide/tilt sunroof, manual
    S428A Warning triangle and first aid kit
    S494A Seat heating driver/passenger
    S498A Headrests, rear, mechanically adjustable
    S510A Headlight aim control
    S530A Air conditioning
    S556A Outdoor temperature indicator
    S570A Reinforced power supply
    S655A Radio Bavaria C Business
    S681A Roof antenna
    S690A Cassette holder
    S940A special equipment BMW Individual

    Lazurblau metallic (294)

    Interior color:
    Anthrazit cloth (0269)

    Recent swap/refresh to/of 885 cylinder head
    Kolbenschmidt camshaft
    IE HD rockers
    Cooling system refresh
    Ignition system refresh
    Fuel lines/hoses & fuel tank replaced


    Fluid refresh

    Fluid refresh

    Stock (Rear Viscous LSD 3.91, front open 3.91)
    Fluid refresh

    Transfer case:
    Fluid refresh
    Thicker guibo mod

    Stock springs
    Sachs shocks

    BMW Style 5 7JX15 ET:20 (Summer wheels)
    Hankook Ventus Prime 2 205/155/R15
    BMW Style 5 7JX15 ET:41 (Winter wheels)

    Exterior modifications:
    New OEM front iS lip

    Interior modifications:
    Carpet & seats deep cleaning
    Map light rear view mirror
    M-Tech II steering wheel
    Illuminated leather shift knob

    Story behind the car:
    It all started when a friend of me came to visit with his E30 320i Touring. We made a short spirited drive and I knew I also had to have one after hearing that screaming straight six. At that time I was looking to get a daily driver anyway so why not an E30?

    After a few weeks worth of searching on the Belgian second hand websites, I had a look at the E30 motherland, Germany. I quickly fell in love with this iX Touring because of it’s fender flares and color. After contacting the seller and reviewing some more pictures. My brother, uncle and I set off to Horn-Bad Meinberg, Germany (470km drive) to get this thing. Since then my uncle also bought an iX Touring himself.

    The previous owner had swapped the original cracked 885 head with an AMC head, fitted the map light rear view mirror, refitted the original Bavaria C Business radio and overhauled the entire A/C system and converted it to R134a and some other small maintenance.

    Since getting the car home 2 years ago and this day, I’ve been quite busy replacing parts, repairing and also derusting it. My goals for the car have been quite simple, keeping it clean and original. (I’m a sucker for original cars). I do plan on refreshing the entire rear suspension & rear differential as well as replacing the clutch and rebuilding the transfer case some time.

    This whole journey with my E30 has been great over the last 2 years of owning it. I’ve met a lot of great E30 minded people and it’s always great to wrench on the car or going to a local event with it.

    Again, thanks for selecting my car for COTM!


    A couple of pictures of the iX Touring:

    Thanks again for selecting my car!
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    cars beep boop


      Wow that car is CLEAN!

      Instagram: Reichart12


        Great wagon in a great color. I actually like it at stock height. Looks good.


          YES! YES! YES! Well deserved. Congrats!


            I think I need a touring now...

            Congrats! Very well done!


              Makes me regret missing out on a clean touring earlier this year. Amazing car and well deserved COTM!
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                Thanks for the nice comments, everyone!

                Thank you again for selecting my car for this month, Simon!
                I was genuinely surprised & honored when your message showed up in my message list.
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                  Stunning example of a really uncommon E30 variant. I love the clean aluminum and lack of discoloration on the engine bay parts like the wire loom. I'd almost be afraid to drive it...

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                    I'm a huge fan of Martijn's touring.

                    Congrats belgian friend!


                      Hard to beat this one. Beautiful color and that engine bay is minty


                        Originally posted by dishwab View Post
                        Hard to beat this one. Beautiful color and that engine bay is minty
                        ugh tell me about it!... Im always looking for cars to feature and its been getting harder lately
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                        -1999 996.1 911 4/98 3.8L 6-Speed, 21st Century Beetle

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                          i would be so proud...
                          nice rig...

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                            Wow, what a beauty! Well deserved.

                            Now i'm missing my touring.


                              Thanks again for all the great comments! Really appreciate them.
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                              1980 Volkswagen Golf mk1 1.1
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