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$880 to replace exhaust hanger?

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    $880 to replace exhaust hanger?

    Is it in any way possible that it would take a shop 3 hours to replace an exhaust hanger (3 hangers)? Just got charged $880, (including $120 for "diagnostic" and $120 for "lift fee"). Is this something that could plausibly be cause for complaint to local DMV/BBB?

    As a mechanic myself, that is retarded.

    120 for diagnostics and a 120 lift fee???

    Go do a different shop.

    As for the complaint, don't waste your time. It's a business, they can charge whatever they want, but it's your choice to pay it or not.
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      Thanks for the confirmation—I just can't imagine how that could take 3 hours.

      They didn't give me an estimate before doing the work. When I called back, they said it was done, and that the total cost was $880. When I complained, he said "no problem, I'll just hold on to your car." My mistake was telling him that I needed it done today in order to leave town tomorrow; my regular shop was filled up.
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        Sounds like the 'desperation surcharge' has been applied to the job.

        If it's merely replacing the rubbers I would have thought a couple of hundred bucks.
        Maybe more if there's welding involved.
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          "They didn't give me an estimate before doing the work. " They saw you coming it seems, A bit dishonest, but unfortunately that's how the world is. If they did yours ASAP which required them to take someone elses off the lift, then maybe there would be a justification there for a lift charge.

          I think you should have expected to pay a preimium, but 880USD seems excessive. Getting the money back is going to be difficult with no agreed price. What you did get for free though was some lessons learnt.


            Damn, that's highway robbery right there. Shouldn't take a competent muffler shop more than 1hr including misc welding and fabbing. Sorry they got you.
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              We charge a 1hr minimum diag fee that is waived if the work is done in the shop. The hangers should be about .25-.5 each "if" they separated the costs, but that is shady when the car is already hanging on a rack. So, if they didn't waive the fee, figure 2.5hr total plus parts. If your shop is $250/hr and they are charging full retail on parts, "maybe"....big maybe.

              Sounds like they don't like repeat business.

              If it was all 3 metal hangers (two on muffler, one on trans) plus rubber bushings, parts would be high.

              What was the break down on the invoice (parts/labor)?

              We are over $100/hr as an Indy shop, local BMW is $230/hr. Can be a big spread pending location.
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                Actually re-read the comments after OP.

                1hr rush fee (lift fee) if they had to move a job to accommodate isn't out of the question, but at my place, would just use jack stands and a creeper (which I have been flamed by customers for doing).

                Interested in hearing more of the story...
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                  Name of said shop?


                    Ah the old BMW owner pricing. Reminds me of being told german cars require more adjustment when getting a $200 over-the-phone quote for an alignment.
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                      If I saw a "lift fee" on my bill, I'd be tempted to walk over to the nearest lift, pull the lock, and lower any random car, and ask for a de-lift un-fee. That's retarded.

                      A "rush fee" maybe. But you would have had to pull up hot and said "I NEED THIS RIGHT NOW!!!" "I NEED EXHAUST HANGERS, and I can not wait 30 mins - I NEED THEM NOW!" - and that's never happened in the history of humanity.

                      These guys f-ed you. Welcome to NYC.
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                        I feel cheated when I have to pay the stealer fees when I'm getting covered warranty work done. I don't feel so bad now. I can only imagine the depths you're wallowing.


                          Yeah I’d like to know the shop too since I’m local.

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                            In many states a written estimate is mandatory and without one the shop can go piss in the wind. I'd also check to see if a signature is required before they can perfect a mechanics lien.
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                              Wow, this is a new level. That’s outrageous Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk