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    Turbo 325

    Hey from Aus,

    I considered updating my last build thread but since the demise of photobucket turning it into mush I figured may as well make a newy.

    Its been a while and this cars been hiding more than its been out. Basic history; I've owned this car a smidge over 10 years. It WAS bronzit, auto, tired, and its had a few different looks
    over the years. I think I've said this cars finished twice now.. but then I get an idea and snowballs into the below
    Click image for larger version

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    So its one of those square body German VLs with a better engine. Car was built at home exception to colour and clear, intercooler piping (altho I designed the system) and tuning the haltech elite 2000
    in the photo above its still an unopened M20b25 with head studs and nothing more.. made 350rwhp on a garret GTX 3071R @ 18psi with a flame throwing gate. Has all the engine monitoring fruit
    to make the tune as reliable as possible, wideband, knock sensor, full seq ign and injection, intake, water, oil sensors ect.. All of which can be monitored by the CAN gauge in the vehicle on the fly.

    It boogied.. and it didn't die. Which is weird when you consider that engine did 340k KMS and I bolted on the one thing that should of turned it into a burning sausage.

    One night at 11pm I was browsing ebay and I accidently purchased a small counterweight crank that had stroking abilities from Lithuania.. yep Lithuania and you're right the freight was a bit rude lol
    TBH I expected to get a picture of a crank in a big box, but seeing I actually got one I decided then I guess I'm building an engine.

    So basically building what will be close to a 2.9 with a very strong bottom and top end so I can jam as much fun into it as possible. I really just need to finalise bearings and some HD rocker arms and il be ready to start with machine work.
    Aiming for around 25-28psi but to be honest if the power gets to 480rwhp that's probably where I will draw the line, the car was pretty darn hairy at 350rw and really I think only another 100hp is needed to make me question my sanity in that car.

    so yes enjoy car​
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    Boris - 89 E30 325i
    84- E30 323i

    picture of the things that make it stop

    Wilwood 6pot fronts and 4 pot rears
    Ally hat rotors

    disassembled, custom powder coated with clear and reassembled to match the gold pinstripes.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	20220416_161428.jpg Views:	0 Size:	168.7 KB ID:	10093066
    Boris - 89 E30 325i
    84- E30 323i




        Man this is a clean setup. Beautiful car my man.

        88' Seta 2.7i Zinno


          Very nice. good to see a proper ECU and setup running it. Must go like a rocket.


            Love the turbo decals on the outside, very 80s.
            Looks like a pretty clean setup, glad you colourmatched the engine bay.

            What's your full brake setup to go with the bigger rotors and calipers? Master/booster/prop valve?
            How does it feel compared to stock?


              Thankyou, so the kit was put together by a bm specialist workshop here in Aus "brintech customs" for ref - couldn't fault the kit at all, very high quality brackets, hardware and lines

              the calipers were sized to work with the factory booster and master. Just has a full set of braided lines inc up under the fuel tank. Pedal feel is better than factory and bite pretty hard with a bit more extra foot pressure. Very controllable if you show people how hard it stops. The car felt so much more like a package when I drove it the first time, It stops as well as it goes. Pedal isn't like standing on a block of wood like brembos are, still has a natural bite point driving around until you push a bit harder and you get reminded.

              I purchased this kit in particular as it complies with engineering standards which will make things a lot nicer if the need ever arises to get them passed by my states transport authority. I think it took longer to choose the colour combo I wanted than to fit them, needed to tie in with the car. Black calipers just looked dull.

              Originally posted by Panici View Post
              glad you colourmatched the engine bay.
              Yeh the whole car was stripped to a bare shell, has a new sunroof and cartridge frame under the roof skin, new plenum panel under screen, all rust was taken out of it.


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              Boris - 89 E30 325i
              84- E30 323i


                Originally posted by e30davie View Post
                Very nice. good to see a proper ECU and setup running it. Must go like a rocket.
                It did, although a bit unbalanced to be honest but I cant expect too much from that old motor. First gear started to build boost and didnt really ever get too crazy, second gear instantly near on made you change lanes and accelerated quite aggressively to limiter. Issue I found was when it went into third. It really needed a bit more RPM/Air to keep that turbo going to maintain continuity into third . I mean sometimes you could get a pretty wild ride from second to third if conditions were right, but most of the time the boost had to build again. I dont want to beat on the gearbox THAT MUCH.
                It was just lacking air and didnt feel right.. pretty confident the new engine will fix this issue.

                dyno below - the 216 hp @7psi is on my nanny switch incase I need to drop it off for a wheel alignment or something.
                Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot 2023-05-11 215536.png Views:	0 Size:	159.1 KB ID:	10093452
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                Boris - 89 E30 325i
                84- E30 323i


                  I suppose on an m20 you are limited by ~6300 or so. So when you change gears you drop the rpm quite low and as you say potentially out of the fast spooling area of the turbo.

                  In hindsight would you have gone for a smaller turbo and driven it harder?

                  also noticed quite a dip on your curve at 4750, any ideas whats the cause?


                    i probably would of gone a step down on the rear housing if I was keeping it the same power, the dip there I believe is boost assist winding back as it pulls to 22psi initially, the torque does drop off a bit on paper. Cant feel it in the car tho
                    Boris - 89 E30 325i
                    84- E30 323i


                      Interesting. Going to keep the g260 with the new setup? There are getting few and far between over here in Queensland...and when they do come up they are $$$. Im tempted go look at other gearboxes even just for peace of mind.


                        Looks great! I'm also in Aus (Brisbane). Did you end up having to run a spacer with those front brakes? Wheel fitment is a nightmare when they get that big.
                        '90 318is


                          Na no spacers, yeh keeping the 260 for now but I'll try keep it going with this setup as long as possible even if it runs Into issues.
                          Boris - 89 E30 325i
                          84- E30 323i


                            Very nice car, sounds like you're quite limited by your tires. I'm not sure what tires those are but it sounds like it needs to go up a performance class with the new engine

                            Originally posted by bangn View Post
                            haltech elite 2000...
                            Has all the engine monitoring fruit to make the tune as reliable as possible, wideband, knock sensor, full seq ign and injection, intake, water, oil sensors ect.. All of which can be monitored by the CAN gauge in the vehicle on the fly.​
                            I'd love to see some more of that. Custom wiring harness, knock sensor install. Very nice. That's a lot of work, speaking from the experience of having done it on a simpler car of my own years ago. That's a very similarly sized turbo to my 60 trim T3/T04E which I run with a 0.63 AR housing and 57mm turbine. Your peak torque is later than I expected given the stock camshaft. Mine peaks somewhere between 4,500-5,000rpm with an IE 272 cam.

                            IG @turbovarg
                            '91 318is, M20 turbo
                            [CoTM: 4-18]
                            '94 525iT slicktop, M50B30 + S362SX-E, 600WHP DD or bust
                            - updated 3-17


                              Tyres are Advan Neovas AD08R 235/40r17, It was a toss up between those and Proxes R888 but at the time there was zero stock available of the R888s. 235s in a 40 are pretty hard to come by and don't leave a lot of choices. Theyre the biggest tyre I could get under there without smashing guards or liners when turning. Fenders are rolled too. Tyres grip really well and become exceptionally sticky during summer.

                              Yeh i'm running a .82 rear housing so likely why. A .63 would of been perfect on a this engine. I have a shrick 272 for the engine I am collecting parts for, really trying to increase my midrange this time

                              Wiring is going to get a revamp, initially I made a harness to keep it looking OEM, but ive now decided I want to reroute things to make it look cleaner. Its possible I will be running a IC7 dash, DBW, traction control and flex fuel shortly and I would rather just build a harness thats ready to go to have those features and I can just plug in to the systems when im ready. Only annoying thing is I will need to buy an elite 2500 for the DBW.
                              Boris - 89 E30 325i
                              84- E30 323i