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    Originally posted by Wschnitz View Post
    I dont know where your getting that LiIons have more risk then LiPos, Lipos are basically controlled bombs, but if it gets to hot or even a pinhole appears through the metal soft casing it will explode, no question.
    Yes, what you've said is true.

    However, my battery is Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4), which is not the same as a Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery.
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      LiFePo4s are going to actually be worse then a lipo for your application, since it charges at a .2C rate instead of a 2C rate. At least if its a standard charge rate battery. Id get that amp monitor in there stat.
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        Originally posted by Wschnitz View Post
        LiFePo4s are going to actually be worse then a lipo for your application, since it charges at a .2C rate instead of a 2C rate. At least if its a standard charge rate battery. Id get that amp monitor in there stat.
        I contacted the tech support from the site I bought the battery, and they say it does support a 2C charge rate.

        I took out the battery and put the lead acid one back in, until I have a current monitor in place :)

        Cleaned out the battery pocket while I was there.
        Found a little more rust, thankfully nothing near as bad as the driver's side pocket.

        I also washed the car by hand again. I try to focus on one new detail every wash. This time I removed the hood seal and cleaned out the side and top drains/gutters around the hood. There was a solid layer of dirt in there beforehand.


        Yesterday, I wired in an additional 12v outlet that is hidden beside the driver's seat. The idea was to have a hidden charging hookup for my phone. Unfortunately the power coming from the alternator is pretty dirty, and I get lots of noise when playing music through an AUX cable.
        I'm going to explore cleaning it up. Maybe a Capacitor right by the alternator? Should clean up the power for the entire car.

        Also, off topic, but my girlfriend put a deposit on an '02 Jetta 1.8t the other day. I talked them down to 40% below their asking price. Picking it up on Saturday. Remains to be seen if it will pass safety and etest, but for what she paid, we can't go wrong!

        Gotta love boost, even if it's a tiny stock turbo! Apparently they made 180HP when new. I test drove it, and it's certainly faster then the ~110HP civics that were also in the same pricerange. Oh and it's a 5-speed.

        16/09/15 Update

        Had my girlfriend's sister and her two friends in the back of the car the other day.
        Pretty sure it's the first time I've used the back seat.
        By the end of our brief drive, these 17-year-olds all thought the car was cool. Nice to see the car is liked by young non-car people as well.

        Also, finally got an alignment (at a Toyota dealership of all places). Recommended to me by a friend who used to work there. Turns out the tech who ran the alignment rack has an E46. The tie-rod ends turned easily with a small pipe wrench. I guess me hitting them with PB blaster a few times in the past helped.

        Had the front toe set to Zero, and the steering wheel is finally straight.

        Also, got my girlfriend's Jetta 1.8T on the road, she got the hang of the 5-speed pretty quick! I'm so proud!
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          Not much new with the car.
          It's been running well, except for my windshield washer squirters that stopped working. Turns out the wires (where they met the original connector) had corroded and one had broken.

          Of course my parts car used a different connector. I was able to modify some female bullet connectors from a computer power supply, and took the time to solder and heatshrink everything.

          Took some random pictures for fun while I was waiting to pick up my girlfriend from work.
          (Replacing the clutch master+slave and hydro hose on her Jetta, waiting for parts.)

          I kind of like the contrast of the red AUX cord. Got it from eBay iirc.
          I do tuck it away whenever I'm not playing music.

          My radio delete panel is looking pretty haggard. I have a replacement already, when I get around to putting in the oil temp+pressure gauges.

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            Temps dropped off quickly and early this year. I actually got some freezing rain on me yesterday when working on my sister's car.

            So i put the E30 away for the winter today. I put more effort into prepping it for storage this year.

            Here's my list (mostly for my reference so I can do the same next year)
            -Top gastank with Shell 91 (no ethanol to break down), add fuel stabilizer, idle car to get stabilizer in all the lines.
            -Wash car by hand
            -Air up tires to max sidewall
            -Vinylex dash
            -Sun shade for windshield
            -Close outside airvents
            -Chock tires, leave in Neutral with e-brake off
            -Bounce dryer sheet in airbox
            -Bounce dryer sheets in interior, and trunk
            -Steel wool in intake and exhaust
            -Closet moisture remover on passenger side floor
            -Pull battery
            -Cover car

            Unfortunately my car cover isn't the best (I got it for free with an E39 parts car I had), but it's better then nothing.
            I did tie the sides together in three spots.

            And the last few pictures until the springtime.

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              Nice Storage check list, getting ready to do the same for mine

              Where did you get that wood shift knob?? Is it a screw on or snap on type?

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                Originally posted by pcrbmw View Post
                Where did you get that wood shift knob?? Is it a screw on or snap on type?
                It's from my parts car.
                I believe it is originally from a BMW 2002.

                It's a snap on type, but one of the clips is broken. Even though I wrapped it with a little electrical tape, it keeps coming loose. Need to do something about that.
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                  Early spring update:
                  • My E30 is still sitting (covered) in my parents driveway for the winter. Will probably stay there until the end of April when I'm done exams.
                  • Had a good look at my VIN build sheet, and realized my car was originally spec'd with a leather interior (with heated seats).
                    • I'm not sure when it was swapped, but I'm glad that it was!

                  • Picked up a set of bottlecaps for cheap.
                    • I now have 3 full sets of bottlecaps sitting in my garage. I think I may have a problem!

                  • Bought an E28 535is heckspoiler from a guy in the states. It should be here next week.
                  • I've got a garage full of spare parts (from my 325e) that I need to sort through.
                  • I'm in the process of figuring out what parts I need for my rear subframe & trailing arm refresh, which will happen this spring.
                  • Looking at paint options to colormatch the rear spoiler.
                    • Also will be painting my iS airdam, that has been sitting off the car for the two years I've owned it.

                  • Bought a set of 15" Euroweaves for $400.
                    • Never thought I'd find a set for that price locally.
                    • The spacers I would need to run my iX 'weaves at this offset like I had planned would have cost me ~$300.
                    • They could use some TLC but are in good shape.
                    • Unfortunately they didn't come with centercaps.
                    • There is slight lug recess damage from the Honda guy running ball seat lugs, should be fine though.
                    • Tires are 12 years old, will need to be replaced.
                    • I now have a set of 14" 'weaves, 15" iX 'weaves, and 15" Euroweaves. Comparison shots of all three to come this summer!

                  Here's a link to the epilogue of my 325e build thread for more pictures of its end of life experience.

                  When E30 is life. (Yes, this is my bedroom)

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                    Small update.

                    E28 535is Pfeba Heckspoiler came in today.
                    Bought it from Shawn (r3v username: bmwextremeguy).

                    I can't wait to paint and install this!

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                      My wife, cannot believe I sent you the picture of all the shit in the back ground with the rear spoiler! lol and she saw your original post of it when we were in the hospital that night. I told her it's in the garage and my only work space! And you were excited to find one in decent shape.
                      I am glad your cat likes the spoiler as well as you, in the pictures, and that my wife went on for over 20 mins tonight on how your cat looks just her mother's cat! Let me know if you need anything else beside what you already sent me and I will be glad to ship to Canada again.


                        Originally posted by bmwextremeguy View Post
                        My wife, cannot believe I sent you the picture of all the shit in the back ground with the rear spoiler! lol and she saw your original post of it when we were in the hospital that night. I told her it's in the garage and my only work space! And you were excited to find one in decent shape.
                        I am glad your cat likes the spoiler as well as you, in the pictures, and that my wife went on for over 20 mins tonight on how your cat looks just her mother's cat! Let me know if you need anything else beside what you already sent me and I will be glad to ship to Canada again.
                        It looked like a normal work space, my garage looks like that half the time!
                        I took the picture down since you mentioned it. I have better ones posted now.

                        I'm glad your wife liked the picture of Ozwald! He's two years old, and an excellent cat.

                        Thanks again for finding the spoiler for me, I look forward to doing further business!


                          Oh my pleasure, and thank you for the kind words on feedback thread, I was teasing about the picture, you didn't have to take it down! I rather do honest good work and have a shit up table then it be clean fancy and be a scammer! I take great pride and doing the best I can for BMW customers! If you can get to Florida I can hook you up with parts and BMWs you want cheap!


                            Mid-April 2016
                            I'm almost done writing my final exams, the weather has just started to get nice. The E30 is still hibernating at my parent's house until after I'm done with exams.

                            Meanwhile, I have been working on some E30 stuff as study breaks.

                            Firstly, I picked up a can of Duplicolor Trim Paint, and set about reconditioning one of the spare grille sets that I have.

                            My only prep before painting consisted of a brief washing with dish soap and a scrub brush. I then applied four coats of the trim paint. In total it took me about an hour.

                            So far I am impressed with the results, time will tell if the paint holds up.

                            Before washing:

                            Washed and dried:

                            Four coats and some drying time later:

                            I also picked up a used set of Hella US Ellipsoids.
                            Unfortunately the adjustment screws are all very rusty, and one of the high beam lenses is cracked. I did get them for a decent deal and he threw in a set of unknown HIDs (which I'm not planning on using)

                            One of the ellipsoid buckets was siliconed into place pretty roughly, so after applying some PB Blaster to the adjustment screws, I tore into it. I wasn't very careful and destroyed some of the adjustment screws in my haste.

                            I ended up getting it all apart. I got all the silicone off, and washed up the plastic frame (which was undamaged).

                            As for the other side, there is no silicone kludging, just very rusty adjustment screws. I soaked them all in PB blaster, and am going to let it sit overnight before I attempt to take it apart. I'm going to be more careful taking the second light apart, hopefully I can save some of the adjustment hardware.

                            To put it all back together again, I've ordered a full set of 12 bushing clips (63121378369) from eBay for ~$5 total.

                            With a quick google, it looks like the adjustment screws are expensive ($15usd each) brand new. My plan right now is to buy four new adjusting screws from the dealer and use these with the ellipsoid buckets.
                            I'll then use the four best rusty adjustment screws for the highbeams. Hopefully I can clean them up with some PB blaster and TLC.
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                              I just bought an adjuster setup because my headlight was bouncing around and once I took the light apart, I found the plastic was broken, not the adjuster. I have a brand new adjuster I dont need ;)

                              ps my rear shock mounts should be here this week so yours should be on their way next week.
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                                April 25/16
                                Just finished my last exam two days ago.

                                Some small updates:
                                • Took the other ellipsoid apart and cleaned everything up.
                                  • I was able to save / piece together four of the rusty adjusters that I'll use for the highbeams. I'll have to buy four new ones for the lowbeams.
                                  • Everything else is in good shape!
                                • I'm in the process of restoring some taillight bulb holders with built in trunk light "windows". AFAIK these were in pre-1986 early cars.
                                  • I'll be writing a DIY
                                  • I'm also doing a partial LED conversion, which will be in the DIY.
                                  • Waiting on parts from eBay
                                • I brought the first half of my bottlecaps to my parents house.
                                  • I ended up having to move some of the load into the cargo area, as the low pressure zone behind the tires wasn't allowing the rad to cool on the highway!
                                  • I tuned up the pressure washer which hadn't been used in 6 years (still need to take apart the carb and make sure all the jets are clean), and used it along with some wheel cleaner to clean these 7 bottlecaps before storing them in the basement.
                                • Ordered a bunch of parts I need for my rear-end refresh

                                Next job is to clean and de-clutter the garage so it can be used as a workspace. Hopefully I'll also get the car uncovered tomorrow (for the first time since October) and put in the spare painted grille bits.

                                Also, I weighed the Auto Trans and some supporting parts the other day:
                                A/T (no bellhousing) - 95lbs
                                A/T bellhousing - 4lbs
                                A/T torque converter - 33lbs
                                =A/T total - 132lbs

                                AT driveshaft (no CSB) - 15lbs
                                (unfortunately I don't have a weight for the M/T shaft.)

                                When compared to numbers I found online for the M/T parts:
                                Getrag 260 - 78.6lbs
                                Single mass flywheel ~15lbs

                                If you count all the hoses and bits, it looks like I took out ~40lbs by doing the transmission swap.



                                50/50 shot. Left is only soap+water. Right is soap+water+magic eraser


                                April 26/16

                                Cold day today (39f), didn't get a whole lot done.
                                • Uncovered the car
                                  • It's dirty but doesn't seem worse for wear.
                                • Swapped the grilles and kidneys for the ones I painted.
                                  • Notice the difference in air openings. I seem to have three different styles of side grilles here, and two different kidneys.
                                  • I miss the chrome kidneys already. I'm trying to reserve my judgement until I can wash the car, and paint the bumper trim to match.
                                  • I believe I have another spare kidney, I may mask the chrome and paint that to match.
                                • Interior still looks like when I put it away in the fall. No new cracks in the dash (thank god)
                                • Have a small leak around the driver's side tail light. Need a replacement light and gasket.
                                • Rust on passenger door has gotten worse. Will need to address this soon.
                                • Vacuumed a bunch of seeds from the engine bay. They must have blown up from underneath.
                                • Removed the firewall insulation from behind (and under) the fusebox to prevent water being trapped. Thank god there isn't any rust to speak of there.


                                April 27/16

                                Did a lot of running around today.
                                • Ordered parts at the dealer.
                                  • Subframe bolts, elipsoid adjusters, tail light gaskets, fuel filler hose
                                • Had three spray cans made up (at a local place) of Lachssilber Metallic (203).
                                • Bought a sandblasting gun and copper slag media.
                                  • Going to attempt to strip trailing arms and rear subframe.
                                  • My compressor is most likely too small to get any useful work done.
                                • Brought my good condition driver's tail light (with a crack in it) to my parents place.
                                  • I'm going to attempt to repair/plastic weld the crack and install on car
                                • Brought 535is heckspoiler to my parents place. Going to paint with the front iS airdam.
                                • Picked up a bunch of rear end refresh parts from a semi-local guy. Two hour round trip saved me some money on import and border charges.

                                Still need to source a couple of new subframe nuts. Dealer would only bring in a box of 10 :/


                                April 28/16

                                Another day of single digit temperatures. Unseasonably cold for this time of year.

                                Rolled the car back two feet as the front of the hood was being consistently hit with bird droppings. Hopefully there won't be any new ones tomorrow.

                                Picked up those parts I ordered from the dealer.
                                Plastic welded my spare rear tail light lens, and installed with new gasket. It isn't pretty, but should keep the water out!

                                Also, I'm now on the hunt for a set of MINT early euro tails which have the proper reflective coating inside the rear fog lens. It seems that some North American early rear tails have the reflective coating (on the passenger side of this pic) while others do not have the same level of reflective coating (driver's side of the pic).

                                Both of these had the rear fog hole blocked off which is standard for NA tails.
                                In person the difference in reflectivity is noticeable if you are looking for it, or if the tails are hit with a camera flash.
                                Perhaps i'm being a perfectionist.

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