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    If it's got tits or tires, it's gonna cost ya!


      Sonny your persistence is inspiring. I am going to need a lot more popcorn than last time.


        you where on e30tech?


          Originally posted by LowR3V'in View Post
          you where on e30tech?


          I posted on e30t more than here back in the day...RIP.

          Transaction feedback: Here, here and here. Thanks :D


            Spent the past few days out riding with a friend.

            I'll cross post with the motorcycle thread, but it's too far down.

            And people read this thread.

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            I do things.


              that looks about like rural lousiana. ever do the mardi gras in Mamou where drunk farmers chase chickens all over the countryside on horseback?
              Gigitty Gigitty!!!!

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                Originally posted by ForcedFirebird View Post

                I posted on e30t more than here back in the day...RIP.

                me too i was gigashadow on there.:o
                you can still go through the forum but all that info is very old.


                  God I miss my motorcycles.

                  But every time I consider getting another one, I come across a fatal accident.

                  Not to kill the vibe, but it's true. Been down 3 times myself, including a deer at about 70mph and walked away from each with minor rash. But I've pulled up on 3 fatal accidents that had just happened, witnessed another one, and watched another guy dump his on the freeway. (I stopped to check on him, which is more than anyone can say when they watched me high side.... fuckers.) Also lost a friend to the dragon shortly before my Wedding. Crazy part is I was supposed to go with him on the trip but cancelled at the last minute. I was going to ask him to be a groomsman but never got the chance.

                  I am starting to wonder if I'm just destined to die on a motorcycle. I've ridden all my life, and hung it up after the last accident about 10 years ago. But, it still calls and I find myself browsing the classifieds for supermotos quite often.
                  No E30 Club
                  Originally posted by MrBurgundy
                  Anyways, mustangs are gay and mini vans are faster than your car, you just have to deal with that.


                    Awesome road trip Melon. I am stunned so few comments on the resurrection of Sonny! I note, it did not last too long.


                      my friends dad lost a leg because someone side swiped him coming out a driveway.
                      also a friend broke a leg being side swiped. i don't fuck with street bikes.


                        i sold my 2003 r6 that I had for 11 years about three years ago. I just had a feeling that i needed to sell it.

                        right now im typing one handed as the little one is in the other hand....

                        we took a trip, via plane, up to Reston Virginia. our first time to be up east.

                        im here for work, training for my new job in the company
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                        g260 (1987 325is 5spd tranny)


                          Went to check out e30tech since it's been a while that I've looked on there cause of it being down then up and back down.. Went to log in and redirected me to another site. Looks like the new site is ran by Yoshi. Browsed around and looks like alot of the info from e30tech is transferred over. Which is good cause no need to lose all of the years of info.

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                            Originally posted by MR E30 325is View Post
                            Would do that often on my old R6 with a buddy or two. Enjoy yourself!
                            Originally posted by e30RS View Post
                            Have a safe trip Melon! Awesome victory for the Blues.
                            Thanks! I did, although, long distance riding isn't for me, I need to lose weight. I'm sore and exhausted.

                            Originally posted by roguetoaster View Post
                            As long as you don't become a journalist overnight you'll be fine.
                            I'll leave that to Yammi Noob

                            Originally posted by Stanley Rockafella View Post
                            What kind of bike do you have?
                            The KTM 950

                            I seem to have an affection for orange German things.

                            Originally posted by rturbo 930 View Post
                            WTF? It's a dog, not a child.
                            It's easier to adopt a child than it is a dog/cat.

                            Look for someone giving away puppies, unless you want a specific pedigree. But, the best pets I've had are strays/mutts.
                            Currently don't have a dog, but my Siamese cat Ollie is my boy. He was a little dude who needed a home.

                            Good luck in the search, and I always approve of someone giving a furry friend a home.
                            I do things.


                              Originally posted by flyboyx View Post
                              that looks about like rural lousiana. ever do the mardi gras in Mamou where drunk farmers chase chickens all over the countryside on horseback?
                              The photo with the houses is in Natchez, most of the ride was between Natchez and Jackson MS.

                              Haha, I have not.

                              However, I did drop acid during Mardi Gras in NOLA.
                              That was an experience.
                              I do things.


                                I've spent the last few weeks looking for a starter bike and realized that people selling bikes are generally useless. I replied to about a dozen ads and only yesterday did I find someone who would actually respond. I was looking at 2015+ CBR300R/Ninja 300/R3 or other stuff up to ~500cc but the only ad I could get a reply from was a 2009 Ninja 250, so I picked it up this morning.

                                I need to do front pads/rotor and a rear tire, but I'm really looking forward to my 10 min commute on it because my Outback 3.6R is absolutely brutal on gas.
                                Originally posted by priapism
                                My girl don't know shit, but she bakes a mean cupcake.
                                Originally posted by shameson
                                Usually it's best not to know how much money you have into your e30